Why are asymptomatic #Eton pupils getting #Covid tests that the rest of us can’t have?

It seems the timing of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s comments about “carping” over Covid-19 tests has turned the issue into a farce. As reported on This Site earlier, complaints have been rising because people have been sent miles – sometimes hundreds of miles – out of their way for tests. This Site reported a few days ago that the government seems to have ordered some testing centres to shut, even though they still had usable tests. Meanwhile, Covid-19 infections are soaring across the UK, with nearly 4,000 new cases announced on September…

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Worried that you can’t get a #Covid19 test? ‘Stop carping’ says #JacobReesMogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks we should “stop carping” about his government’s failure to set up a Covid-19 testing system worthy of even the most technologically-backward banana republic. Complaints have been rising because people have been sent miles – sometimes hundreds of miles – out of their way for tests. This Site reported a few days ago that the government seems to have ordered some testing centres to shut, even though they still had usable tests. Apparently the only way to be sure of a test in Rees-Mogg’s Tory UK is to…

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Daily #Covid19 infections are now nearly 4,000, with more than 1,000 schools infected. Do you feel safe?

The coronavirus has reached a height not seen since May 10, with nearly 4,000 people found to be infected in a single day, while more than 1,000 schools have now suffered outbreaks. 3,991 cases of CV19 in the UK today. Our highest in 130 days No ifs or buts, opening schools has been a disaster. A disaster Keir Starmer & Boris Johnson must share the blame for. — Tory Fibs (@ToryFibs) September 16, 2020 1,011 UK Schools with confirmed coronavirus infections among school population resulting from a CV19 test. —…

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Is this the real reason people haven’t been able to get Covid-19 tests?

You must have seen stories lately, saying people wanting Covid-19 tests for themsselves or (more likely) their children have been redirected hundreds of miles because centres have run out. Well, it seems there may be a reason for that, which is nothing to do with a lack of testing kits. My suspicions were aroused when I saw this story… A vulnerable Chesterfield mum has been left ‘stressed and anxious’ after being unable to book a Covid-19 test for her poorly daughter. Louise Hull-Bailey’s nine-year-old daughter Aimee, a pupil at Brimington…

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Is this plan for daily Covid testing of MPs simply to shore up support for Johnson?

Why is the Commons Speaker, who is supposed to be neutral, suggesting a plan to re-fill Parliament with braying Boris Johnson loyalists? Johnson made a fool of himself at Prime Minister’s Questions last week when his pre-scripted attack on Keir Starmer about a spurious connection with terrorism exposed him to ridicule. Some commentators said Johnson was finding it hard to stand up to Starmer without the support of hundreds of Tory backbenchers behind him, egging him on. So now Lindsay Hoyle has proposed a plan to pack the screaming mob…

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Is Matt Hancock denying care homes Covid-19 tests to deliberately harm residents?

It seems Matt Hancock doesn’t think care home residents have suffered enough. Hancock and the Tory government promised regular Covid-19 testing in all UK care homes on June 8. The testing was considered necessary because residents’ health had been deteriorating after lockdown restrictions meant their relatives were not allowed to visit. Professor Martin Green, chief executive of Care England, said the government had promised weekly testing for staff, and for residents every 28 days. But he described the process as having “fragmented”; some care providers had received kits that had…

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Covid test waiting time soars as IT failure hits private ‘lighthouse’ testing lab

Using an ad-blocker? PLEASE SWITCH IT OFF My ads don’t cost you anything but they do provide me the money I need to live. Using an ad-blocker on this site is as bad as stealing. Once again private profiteers have failed the people of the UK. An “IT systems failure” at a ‘Lighthouse’ mega-laboratory in Cheshire “resulted in a delay to the processing of results,” the government said. “In addition, the increase of tests across all routes has resulted in backlogs in some laboratories.” The labs were built in April, in…

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What will you say when they ask what you did in the class war?

I seem to have hit a nerve when I said the Tories are waging a class war on anyone who isn’t filthy rich. In fact, two Vox Political articles touched on this class war – the first implied it, the second made it explicit. Today I opened Twitter to discover those words all over the place: The A levels are the ruling class brazenly saying – “we’ll fix society now like we always have” Only thing, this time you can see the workings Mind you, anyone who dares to REALLY challenge…

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Does failure of SERCO test-and-trace mean EVERY privatised Covid-19 project has failed?

Can you think of any Covid-19-related contracts the Johnson government has handed to private firms, that have actually succeeded? I can’t. They’ve all been spectacular failures, and this is just the latest: Everyone, I'm getting sick to death of saying this. Stop saying it's f***ing NHS Test and Trace. It's a private firm. It's Serco. Failing private firms hide behind the NHS logo and our f***ing media help them. So the NHS can be blamed for private failure. https://t.co/q3xtSYKrWA — Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) August 10, 2020 Marcus is right about…

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We have no ‘moral duty’ to do anything Fat Boris Johnson says – especially about schools

Fat Boris Johnson really has a lot of cheek, hasn’t he? Trying to tell us what our “moral duty” is! Did he mention “moral duty” to his boss buddy Dominic Cummings when the latter unilaterally decided that lockdown rules didn’t count and took his trip to Barnard Castle, encouraging so many other Brits to disregard the rules in the same casual manner? Did he consider his own “moral duty” during the many affairs he’s had with women who were not his wife? Did he think about his “moral duty” to…

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