Corrupted morals: men who allegedly toppled Colston statue to be punished but Priti Patel goes free

People who toppled – and then sank – a statue glorifying slavery during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the summer are to be offered a bizarre punishment. The five, who pulled down the statue of slaver Edward Colston in Bristol, will have to pay a fine that would go to a charity supporting people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities in Bristol – which is more than Colston ever did. They will also have to complete a questionnaire by Bristol City Council’s history commission, explaining their reasons…

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#ToryLawBreakers launch membership drive based on their lie about a fake threat from the EU. Isn’t this fraud?

Boris Johnson is swiping whole chapters from the Goebbels playbook with his new Conservative Party membership drive. Just take a gander at the following nonsense, from a genuine recruitment campaign started in Johnson’s name on Tuesday (September 15): “Last night I voted to protect the United Kingdom, as any prime minister would do.” Any PM ought to vote to protect the UK; this is true. Boris Johnson did not. He voted to support his Internal Market Bill which endangers the union by undermining the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern…

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#CharlieElphicke sex assault sentence exposes the privilege of the ruling class

Charlie Elphicke is not the alleged “Tory rapist” who’s currently still a member of Parliament although barred from participating in debates. That matter has yet to be concluded. But his two-year sentence for sexually assaulting two women reveals several damning truths about the UK’s justice system and how it cushions convictions against the privileged few. Here’s the story: Ex-Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke has been jailed for two years for sexually assaulting two women. Elphicke, 49, the former MP for Dover, was convicted of groping the women in similar situations, nine…

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Priti Patel: ‘it’s okay for Tory MPs to break the law but I’ll call the cops if you have a garden party’

The UK has become a police state under the Tories, with them breaking the law left, right and centre while the public are punished. That is what Home Secretary Priti Patel told us today (September 15), when she said she would inform the police if she found people breaking the so-called “Rule of 6” that bans public gatherings of more than six people. She, of course, has just voted for her Tory government to break international law by overriding the EU withdrawal agreement. And let’s not forget that she was…

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Johnson threatens to remove Tory whip from MPs voting against his Brexit Bill. Deja vu?

It is indeed reminiscent of last year – but back then, Boris Johnson was trying to coerce his colleagues into voting to uphold his EU Withdrawal Agreement. Now he’s trying to coerce them into voting against it. What a vacillating political vacuum he is. He’s gambling on enough of the 2019 Parliamentary intake being so stupid that they think loyalty to their leader is more valuable than loyalty to the law. It isn’t. The fact is that anybody voting to break international law will have a stain on their reputation…

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Why haven’t police arrested Britain First thugs who raided migrant-housing hotel?

Did Theresa May intend our police to be toothless, back when she cut law enforcement numbers by more than 20,000 in 2016 or thereabouts? Coppers in the UK now seem far more interested in prosecuting parking and speeding offences than in investigating crimes of violence perpetrated against human beings. How else could one explain the inability of police services across the UK to stop people who are exempt from wearing face masks in shops from being assaulted by their fellow shoppers, who have no right to do so? And how…

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Crowdfunder by wheelchair user who was attacked in Hull hits target straight away

A wheelchair-user who was tipped out of his chair in a disablist attack by a thug has launched a crowdfunding appeal to replace equipment that was damaged – and it has already hit its target. Karl Dean asked for £3,000 to replace the talker machine he uses to communicate, along with his head switch. He also wants to put CCTV cameras on his wheelchair. This Writer can only conclude that this is to ensure that anyone carrying out attacks in future may be identified easily afterwards. The appeal has passed…

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Man thrown out of wheelchair and knocked unconscious in vile disablist attack

This is what happens when you have a government that promotes prejudice against disabled people in the media and on the streets. Karl Dean was minding his own business, making his way back from the pub in his wheelchair on Sunday, when he was attacked from behind by another man. This person threw his wheelchair over. Mr Dean, who has cerebral palsy, fell out and hit his head on the ground, the impact knocking him unconscious. It will be interesting to see if the police exert themselves There was no…

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Ex-Tory councillor thought he had the right to put metal shards in BABY FOOD. What is wrong with these people?

Is there something inherently psychotic about Tories, that they think they have a God-given right to cause harm to others? Already today (at the time of writing), This Site has published an article about a Tory who had more than 1,500 child sex images, including torture and bestiality. He walked free because he was not considered a danger to children, even though the judge stated clearly, in court, that people who consume these images cause other people to make them. Nigel Wright is a danger to children. He contaminated Tesco baby…

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This Tory had 1,500 indecent images of children including BESTIALITY and TORTURE. Why was he not jailed?

What the blazes is wrong with our courts? Former Tory campaign manager Mark Lerigo was convicted of possessing more than 1,500 indecent images of children. This was really depraved stuff including images of bestiality – sex with animals – and torture. But he walked free from Warwick Crown Court, with nothing but a suspended jail term and an order to do just 150 hours’ community work. That’s even though the judge made it perfectly clear that “any consumer of this dreadful material causes others to make it”. So Lerigo was…

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