Why haven’t police arrested Britain First thugs who raided migrant-housing hotel?

Did Theresa May intend our police to be toothless, back when she cut law enforcement numbers by more than 20,000 in 2016 or thereabouts? Coppers in the UK now seem far more interested in prosecuting parking and speeding offences than in investigating crimes of violence perpetrated against human beings. How else could one explain the inability of police services across the UK to stop people who are exempt from wearing face masks in shops from being assaulted by their fellow shoppers, who have no right to do so? And how…

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Crowdfunder by wheelchair user who was attacked in Hull hits target straight away

A wheelchair-user who was tipped out of his chair in a disablist attack by a thug has launched a crowdfunding appeal to replace equipment that was damaged – and it has already hit its target. Karl Dean asked for £3,000 to replace the talker machine he uses to communicate, along with his head switch. He also wants to put CCTV cameras on his wheelchair. This Writer can only conclude that this is to ensure that anyone carrying out attacks in future may be identified easily afterwards. The appeal has passed…

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Man thrown out of wheelchair and knocked unconscious in vile disablist attack

This is what happens when you have a government that promotes prejudice against disabled people in the media and on the streets. Karl Dean was minding his own business, making his way back from the pub in his wheelchair on Sunday, when he was attacked from behind by another man. This person threw his wheelchair over. Mr Dean, who has cerebral palsy, fell out and hit his head on the ground, the impact knocking him unconscious. It will be interesting to see if the police exert themselves There was no…

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Blue Peter – better on racism than BBC News?

When is a Nazi salute not a Nazi salute? When it’s reported on the BBC! Seriously: this is how BBC news was reporting the Nazi salutes we all saw at the far-right rally in London on Saturday (June 13) – Nazi salutes are now being described by the BBC as " raising their arms"🤦‍♀️ — Mrs Czapla (@ms_czapla) June 13, 2020 The rally – which crossed the line into rioting very early in the proceedings – was held to oppose a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration planned for that day,…

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Will the UK send more riot gear to a despotic Trump? Of course. It makes a profit

Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas K. Lane UK prime minister Boris Johnson is being urged to ban the sale of riot control equipment to the United States in response to shocking images of police attacking peaceful protesters against the killing of George Floyd. Trump seems to be entirely out of control. He had peaceful protesters tear-gassed so he could take part in a photo shoot in front of a church, clutching a Bible, in what many people (including myself) may describe as a blasphemy. I’m home & still…

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Racist attacks launched on Asians in the UK – based on coronavirus fears

This is pathetic. It seems the new generation of racists that has been nurtured by the Tory governments of the last 10 years has found a new enemy. In response to the arrival of COVID-19 in the UK, they are turning on Asians living in the country. This Writer has heard people in the street referring to the disease as the “Red Death” (a reference to it having its origin in China, although it seems the authorities in that country strongly dispute the claim) – and I live in a…

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Boris’s violent Britain: homeless man has coffee thrown on him WHILE BEING INTERVIEWED

This is what happens when we elect a Tory government that likes to create false divisions between us. A homeless man named John was in the middle of an interview with a reporter from the Liverpool Echo when a passerby casually threw coffee over him, drenching his belongings and the place where he was sitting. It is symptomatic of the state of the UK today – a condition that the Conservatives have been trying to create since 2010. So they have set the able-bodied against the disabled, the employed against the…

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Court case over acid attack threat to charity trustees is cancelled – because the CPS says it’s too costly

A court case against men accused of threatening to break the legs and throw acid in the faces of trustees at a vocal charity helping people in poverty has been halted – because the Crown Prosecution Service says it is too expensive. Elaine Waugh of Humanity UK (also Humanity Torbay) said the threats, believed to be from far-right activists, were made in May last year; it has taken this long for the case to come to the Crown Court. The accused were also said to have threatened to firebomb the…

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‘Leave’ campaign’s response to Angela Merkel IS RACISM

Brexiteers have adopted a new tactic in their bid to drum up public support for their plan to leave the European Union without any withdrawal agreement. It’s called racism. After a telephone conversation with Boris Johnson in which Angela Merkel reportedly said a deal based on his current proposals was “overwhelmingly unlikely”, the campaign group Leave.EU, run by the infamous Arron Banks and Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice, released the image above. It is racist for all the reasons set out in the caption. Worse, European newspapers seem to be pushing…

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Violence against the disabled has rocketed – last year’s 41% rise is only part of the story

How soon they forget. Today’s announcement that violent hate crime against disabled people has risen by 41 per cent is bad enough, along with the 71 per cent increase in offences with an online element. But why is no mention made of the fact that disability hate crime rose by a harrowing 213 per cent – it more than tripled – after the Conservatives first came back to office in 2010? And it is also significant that prosecutions of hate violence against disabled people have been reduced. Oh – by…

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