You can’t trust the Tories. But did their lies manage to convince you at the election?

The Tories lied blatantly to win the 2019 general election, according to research from King’s College, London. Tactics to mislead the public included  altering a video of Sir Keir Starmer and posing as a fact-checker on Twitter during a leaders’ debate. The clip was edited to show the current Labour leader, then shadow Brexit secretary, failing to answer a question on the EU when in fact he had responded to it in a live television interview. The report said the Tories also deliberately shared “poorly formatted and low-quality” posts on social media, including…

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The Labour leak made a big fuss of the 2017 election – why aren’t we talking about last year’s?

We’ve all heard the claims from the leaked Labour report into factionalism in the party that interfered with anti-Semitism investigations – it also stopped the party winning the 2017 election. Nothing was done about the right-wing faction that was said to be sabotaging Labour’s election hopes. While some of the faces changed, we may take it as read that the same attitudes prevailed in Labour HQ – even after last year’s Panorama documentary, Is Labour Antisemitic?, revealed the rot at the heart of the party (although the perpetrators were claiming to be…

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If Labour gets another right-wing leader the party will be unelectable for a generation

At long last, the Labour leadership election is about to end. Members have been voting since long before now, so This Writer won’t be influencing the result by pointing out: If a right-winger like Keir Starmer or Lisa Nandy is elected, the party will be unelectable – and here’s why: It’s attitude will be wrong. You see, right-wing Labour is small-minded and vindictive, and also unimaginative. In policy it is too close to the Conservatives – and we already have them, so Labour won’t win more votes from that party than…

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Tory highlights ‘widespread abuse of postal votes’ – but his government won’t do anything about it

How nice of Conservative Steve Baker to admit that the Conservatives won the general election via corrupt practices. I understand many people have complained that the number of postal votes in the 2019 election was far out of proportion with those in previous polls. And we know that there was something dodgy about it because the BBC’s Tory propagandist Laura Kuenssberg was caught saying the Tories had most postal votes – at a time when they shouldn’t have been opened, let alone counted. Right? Now here’s a Tory telling us…

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Was this the moment Boris Johnson ensured that LABOUR will win the election?

Do you remember when Gordon Brown referred to “that bigoted woman” after talking to a voter in the run-up to the 2010 general election, having forgotten that he was wearing a microphone and it was switched on? The recording – and his reaction when it was played back to him in a radio studio – went viral and may well have ensured that Labour lost that election. We ended up with a hung Parliament and the infamous “Con-Dem Coalition” of Tories and Liberal Democrats that created the conditions that are…

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Billie Piper begs voters to reject the Tories with T-shirt slogan

Gotta love Billie Piper. She’s one of UK TV’s greatest assets and now she seems to be expanding into politics with a call for voters to turn their backs on the Tories: In support of her t-shirt, which cheekily imitates the Tesco logo, she wrote: “Cannot get behind a man who shames single mums and their children, uses casual racism, gambles with the NHS and gives zero f***s about our children’s future.” That’s a sentiment we should all be able to get behind. I’m a bit less happy about her…

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Want to know why the media – and the Tories – are lying so hard about Labour and Corbyn? Watch this

Have you wondered why the Establishment – the mass media in step with the Conservative government and the suits behind them both – is so desperate to smear Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite (or whatever they’re saying today) and Labour as unfit for government? It’s because they have a lot to lose if a government is elected that will end the exploitation of the wider public and the domination of industry and the economy by a tiny few billionaires. All of this is laid out in a very short film.…

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Benefit ordeal of man with no limbs shows nothing changed in nine years of Tory rule

Years ago, in the early days of This Site, I used to use an image of a young lady with no arms or legs. It was captioned with something like, “Every six months they call me to another interview… IN CASE THEY’VE GROWN BACK.” This story proves that nothing has changed in nine years of Conservative rule – despite their many, many protestations that they have changed. It concerns Kevin Donellon, 58, one of 2,000 people who were born with severe deformities and disabilities caused by the morning sickness drug Thalidomide.…

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Will Labour take Hastings & Rye after Conservative candidate’s disablist remark?

Hastings & Rye? That’s Amber Rudd’s old constituency, isn’t it? The one she held with an advantage of just 346 votes over Labour’s Peter Chowney in 2017? Well, it looks like he’ll take the seat this year! Why’s that, you ask? Well, it’s probably got something to do with the current Tory candidate being hugely prejudiced against disabled people. Sally-Ann Hart was met with cries of “shameful!” after she told people at a local hustings that people with learning disabilities should be paid less than fully-able people because they “don’t…

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Boris Johnson has fuelled racism in football says Gary Neville after Manchester derby incident

A racist incident at a football derby between Manchester City and Manchester United was fuelled by Boris Johnson’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, according to Gary Neville. He was speaking on Sky Sports after Man City said the club was “aware of a video circulating on social media which appears to show a supporter making racial gestures”. And he said: Powerful statement from @GNev2 condemning Boris Johnson's shameful record of fuelling racism. — Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) December 7, 2019 He’s absolutely right – and for the reason, I’m going to hand you over…

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