Files on #GrenfellTower cladding ‘lost forever’ after deletion from laptop. How convenient!

Emails, documents and design drawings relating to the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower that put highly flammable cladding on its walls have been lost forever after being deleted from a laptop, the inquiry into the 2017 disaster has learned. Design manager Daniel Anketell-Jones, who worked for cladding specialists Harley Facades until March 2016, told the hearing he erased his work computer of all files after agreeing to keep the device despite leaving the firm. Harley managing director Ray Bailey said… “Daniel Anketell-Jones… left Harley some months before the fire. “By that…

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Jenrick says Grenfell recommendations will be implemented. Get ready for ANOTHER u-turn

How can we believe a Tory claim that the recommendations of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry on safety for people living in flats will be put into practise? For a start, Robert Jenrick is the one making the claim and he’s as crooked as a nine-bob note (in This Writer’s experienced opinion)! The recommendations required flat owners or building managers in England and Wales to: Share information with their local fire service about the design of external walls and the materials used Carry out regular inspections of lifts and individual flat…

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Brexit – and Grenfell – reveal two faces of Theresa May within a single day

Former prime minister Theresa May seemed to have developed a backbone when she stood up to Boris Johnson over his Brexit u-turn – but that’s only if you haven’t noticed her betrayal of the dead of Grenfell, that happened less than 24 hours before. As the Johnson government introduced new legislation into Parliament, contradicting the withdrawal agreement that Johnson himself negotiated and signed, Mrs May had this to say about it: Former Tory prime minister Theresa May furiously tell her own party, 'You are big fat liars, so why would…

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The idiocy of Robert Jenrick – he’s a bigger danger to the public than the young people he’s attacking

Robert Jenrick, who is still the Conservative housing secretary despite a strong of corrupt misuses of the role, appeared on the TV news programmes today (September 8) to patronise the public about Covid-19 safety. Reading from a script set out by Matt Hancock yesterday, he tried to claim that young people need to stick to the Tory governments rules for not spreading the virus. There is still no evidence to show that people aged 20-29 are spreading it in the same way their counterparts in Europe were found to be.…

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United Nations warns UK could be breaking international law over cladding

What do you think the Conservative government will do about this, considering it is now three years since the Grenfell disaster and the Tories haven’t lifted a finger to replace flammable cladding on thousands of other tower blocks? This Writer is willing to bet we’ll hear a load of flannel about the UN not doing its job properly – or misinterpreting its role in some way, and some minister – probably Robert Jenrick – will make some sabre-rattling suggestion that it should keep its foreign nose out. You know how…

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Tories mark third anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy with a staggering display of hypocrisy

What a strange mob these Conservative brutes are turning out to be! It seems they think everyone can be fooled by a bit of public relations jiggery-pokery. So on the third anniversary of the Grenfell Tower blaze, they lit up 10 Downing Street in green, took a photo of it and gave us some flowery words about a commitment to uncover the causes of the disaster and ensure it never happens again. Did it work? Don’t make me laugh… Fuck me but this is hypocricy on steroids with hundreds of…

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Johnson humiliated again as woman he appointed to Grenfell inquiry resigns over corrupt link to cladding firm

Remember Benita Mehra? This Site tagged her up as a sign of Boris Johnson’s corruption when it was revealed that he had appointed her to sit on the panel of the Grenfell Tower inquiry. She has links to the company which made the cladding blamed for accelerating the blaze. I said her appointment was a sign that Boris Johnson, who now has a huge Parliamentary majority and may impose any changes to the structure of the United Kingdom that he sees fit, is rubbing our collective nose in it. And…

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This is the kind of corruption you can expect from Boris Johnson and his cronies

Welcome to the age of corrupt Conservatism. Now that Boris Johnson has a large majority in the House of Commons, he knows he can do what he likes – so he’s rubbing our noses in it. This Writer is willing to bet that the decision to appoint someone to the Grenfell Tower inquiry who has links to the company which made the cladding blamed for accelerating the blaze is a deliberate signal. He’s saying the inquiry will find no fault with any of the organisations that created the conditions that…

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This election, for all those who no longer have the chance to vote, please make yours count

Those are strong words from the Wear Red – Stand Up and Be Counted Facebook page (above). For those who can’t read image files, it says: “Up to 130,000 people have died because of austerity who aren’t able to vote on December 12. “Hundreds of homeless people have died on the streets who aren’t able to vote either. “Those from the Windrush generation who were unjustly deported aren’t able to vote. “The sick people who died in hospital corridors waiting for medical treatment aren’t able to vote. “The victims of…

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Bolton cladding fire suggests Conservatives did NOTHING after Grenfell – other than blame firefighters

Wasn’t there a warning that Grenfell Tower could happen all over again, if flammable cladding was not removed from the many other buildings across the UK that had it? I think there was. And were the residents at the Cube, student accommodation in Bolton assured that the cladding on that building was not the same as that used on Grenfell Tower? I think they were: Then, last night (November 15), this happened: #Bolton #BoltonFire huge fire in Bolton town centre at the Student Accommodation (the cube) with #GrenfellTower style cladding.…

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