Files on #GrenfellTower cladding ‘lost forever’ after deletion from laptop. How convenient!

Emails, documents and design drawings relating to the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower that put highly flammable cladding on its walls have been lost forever after being deleted from a laptop, the inquiry into the 2017 disaster has learned. Design manager Daniel Anketell-Jones, who worked for cladding specialists Harley Facades until March 2016, told the hearing he erased his work computer of all files after agreeing to keep the device despite leaving the firm. Harley managing director Ray Bailey said… “Daniel Anketell-Jones… left Harley some months before the fire. “By that…

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Jenrick says Grenfell recommendations will be implemented. Get ready for ANOTHER u-turn

How can we believe a Tory claim that the recommendations of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry on safety for people living in flats will be put into practise? For a start, Robert Jenrick is the one making the claim and he’s as crooked as a nine-bob note (in This Writer’s experienced opinion)! The recommendations required flat owners or building managers in England and Wales to: Share information with their local fire service about the design of external walls and the materials used Carry out regular inspections of lifts and individual flat…

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U-turn and u-turn again as Boris Johnson first agrees, then refuses to meet bereaved Covid campaigners

How galling for the 14 million who voted for him to realise that Boris Johnson is such a craven coward. He can’t even bear to meet people who have lost family members due to his mistakes – so he has made up a succession of reasons not to. Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK may not have a snappy name but they do have a good reason for existence – they want an inquiry into the Johnson government’s decisions on the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK. The organisation wisely distrusts…

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Hysteria as ONE poll puts Starmer Labour level with Tories. Why isn’t he 20 points ahead?

Apparently The Guardian reckons Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has gained 26 points in the opinion polls to draw level with the Conservatives on 40 each. This is nonsense. In fact, I think it’s a flat-out lie. My reasoning is obvious: Labour has not fallen to 14 points on the opinion polls this year. When Starmer took over as leader, I am reliably informed the party stood on 32 points. So, if The Guardian was right, Labour should now be 18 points ahead. And that’s still not the 20 points ahead that Labour right-wing cuckoos…

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Home Office probe into refugee death is welcome – unless the Home SECRETARY is involved

This Writer welcomes the Home Office announcement that it is to investigate the death of Mercy Baguma. I wrote yesterday that there were unanswered questions and it is to be hoped that this inquiry will provide those answers. But I hope the Home Secretary can be kept away from it. Priti Patel, by her actions, has shown herself up, time and time again, to be a racist. I would not expect any justice for a refugee from Uganda if she involves herself. And when the Home Office makes its report on…

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Tory corruption: why hide results of inquiry into NHS Covid-19 deaths?

Who will benefit from the decision to keep secret the findings of a government review of Covid-19 related deaths of NHS staff? The deceased won’t; they are beyond worrying about these things. Their families won’t; it’s in their interests to have any mistakes made public, to get justice for the deaths of their relatives. Other NHS staff won’t; it’s in their interests to have any mistakes made public, to ensure that they are not repeated, possibly harming them. No, the only people who will benefit from this decision are the decision-makers…

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Ministers demand investigation of Covid-19 NHS and care worker deaths. What result are they after?

When you read that Tory ministers have asked medical examiners to investigate whether the Covid-19 that killed NHS and care home staff was contracted as a consequence of their work, what do you think? Call me superstitious but it makes This Writer think Boris Johnson is trying to find an excuse to say his government’s failures aren’t responsible. Bear in mind that Johnson has been heavily criticised for failing to order the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to protect NHS staff. And the Tory government’s decision to ship care home…

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Boris Johnson’s Tory racism inquiry has stalled – and he’s demanding moral authority over us

Look at the state of this: An inquiry into racism in the Conservative Party has yet to begin eight months after it was launched by Boris Johnson, prompting protests that it has been “kicked into the long grass”. The investigation has still not issued a call for evidence – three months after that was promised – amid criticism of the academic chosen to lead it and doubts over the resources made available. Johnson persuaded the Equality and Human Rights Commission not to investigate Tory racism because the party was going…

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Senior Labour staff urged to publish WhatsApp messages IN CONTEXT if they think #LabourLeaks report misrepresented them

I haven’t contributed to the so-called Forde Inquiry into the allegations in the (also so-called) #LabourLeaks report because I think it’ll be a stitch-up. My own court case against Labour will go to trial on October 2 and I’m happy to let Mr Forde QC come to his own conclusions, which I may then find easy to use against the party if my own legal action is successful. You will understand why I see no point in contributing when I make this point: if Mr Forde’s inquiry was above-board, why did…

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We knew the Tories’ inquiry into court challenges of their decisions would be corrupt; this just proves it

Typical Tories – they won’t keep their promise to test people in care homes, but they will keep one to stop us making a fuss about it. I refer to the promise on page 48 of the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto. You know the one: “We will ensure that judicial review is available to protect the rights of the individuals against an overbearing state, while ensuring that it is not abused to conduct politics by another means or to create needless delays.” It seems reasonable but actually means: We will impose a…

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