Band calls on fans to help the homeless. Will you?

This Writer has always liked The Levellers and now I like them more. The band is using its current tour to help homeless people in the towns where the tour will be stopping. Here are Charlie and Matt to explain how it works: I’ll be seeing the band at Llandudno at the end of this month and I intend to help. If you’re a fan, check the lists on this Facebook page to see what you can bring. Levellers have a new album, called Peace, out on August 14. Here’s…

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Buy the latest Christmas charity song, with a naughty title – and a serious message {EXTREME LANGUAGE]

Campaigners are hoping to rebuild an atmosphere of “inclusivity, representation, love, acceptance and kindness” – by getting a song to the top of the Christmas charts called C*nts Are Still Running The World. A Facebook group has been launched to get the song to Number One and it seems that people are joining the campaign in a big way – as a comment on the Conservative general election victory earlier this month. And the great news is that all proceeds will go to Shelter, to help relieve the huge homelessness…

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More on the Madness election song – check out what they’ve done with the artwork!

Even the cover of the new Madness song, Bullingdon Boys, is a jab at Boris Johnson and his colleagues – including former PM David Cameron. Mr Cameron is depicted in the mask worn by serial killer Michael Myers in the Halloween movies. And Mr Johnson’s face is replaced by that of Porky Pig. Other club members are depicted as a red-eyed reptile, the Devil, and an S&M fetishist (as far as I can tell). According to NME, the song is the first Madness have released in three years, and is described as a “barbed…

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New song by Madness attacks the Tory elite – and it should be a chart-topper

Chart veterans Madness have just released a new song. It’s called The Bullingon Boys. Can you guess what it’s about? I’m guessing the band is asking us not to vote Conservative in this year’s general election, with a warning about what we can expect. Or is the lyric about being taken off life-support too complicated? It’s a terrific song, in the mould of the great Madness hits of the 1980s. Share it – and its message – around. Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims…

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