US Congress threatens to pull out of #freetrade deal if UK undermines #GoodFridayAgreement

This is awkward for Boris Johnson. The US Congress – or at least members of it – is threatening to withdraw from any free trade deal with the UK if Boris Johnson’s Internal Market Bill undermines the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland. This is a body blow to Johnson, who has claimed that the Bill is vitally important even though it very clearly breaks international law by shattering treaty agreements with the EU and in NI. According to the BBC: US Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week…

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Priti Patel: ‘it’s okay for Tory MPs to break the law but I’ll call the cops if you have a garden party’

The UK has become a police state under the Tories, with them breaking the law left, right and centre while the public are punished. That is what Home Secretary Priti Patel told us today (September 15), when she said she would inform the police if she found people breaking the so-called “Rule of 6” that bans public gatherings of more than six people. She, of course, has just voted for her Tory government to break international law by overriding the EU withdrawal agreement. And let’s not forget that she was…

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Johnson’s first Attorney General condemns his plan to betray EU withdrawal agreement

That’s scuppered the claims that the row over Boris Johnson’s plan to break international law is a last gasp of the so-called ‘Remainers’, then. Geoffrey Cox – a devout Brexiter – was Attorney General when Boris Johnson signed his EU withdrawal agreement in January. His announcement that he will not support Johnson’s Internal Markets Bill is proof that the controversy extends much further than the established battle lines. The story broke in The Times, which is behind a paywall. However, the East Fife Times has this: Boris Johnson’s former attorney general, Geoffrey…

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Brexiteers’ justification for breaking international law on Brexit is illiterate. Why hasn’t Braverman resigned?

In trying to humiliate a leading Remainer – and justify its own contempt for international law – Boris Johnson and his government have made the UK a laughing-stock once again. And our Attorney General, Suella Braverman, should be offering up her resignation. Rather than uphold the rule of law, she has sided with a government that intends to break it, turning the UK into nothing better than a rogue state. Almost as bad, she offered as justification for this lawbreaking a Supreme Court ruling that Parliament is sovereign in domestic…

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Coronavirus: NI to move to 1m distancing rule from Monday – to help hospitality firms

Apparently Arlene Foster and the NI government reckon the hospitality industry said this would help restart their businesses. Is that a good enough reason? The Stormont Executive has agreed to reduce social distancing in Northern Ireland from 2m (6ft) to 1m with restrictions from Monday, Arlene Foster has confirmed. It comes days after the prime minister said England would move to “1m plus” on 4 July, as its lockdown is eased. The proposal was brought to the executive by Economy Minister Diane Dodds. The first minister said hospitality businesses must…

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Coronavirus: the Tories are trying to blackmail other UK countries into lifting lockdown early

Never underestimate a Tory minister who apparently has mass murder in mind: No10 threatens Scottish gov with cutting off furlough payments is they don't follow No10 on lifting the shutdown I wonder if similar threats have been made to Wales and NI ? — Cirian75 #YNWA 62.5% 🇬🇧 25% 🇳🇱 12.5% 🇦🇺 (@cirian75) May 17, 2020 It seems Rishi Sunak is upset that the Scottish Parliament is more concerned with saving people’s lives than getting the economy back up and running for the benefit of a cadre of lazy billionaires,…

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No new money earmarked for NI in UK’s first post-Brexit budget

Is this a good enough reason to quit the UK? It will, at the very least, be something to talk about after the devolved government of Northern Ireland returns to duty this weekend. Sajid Javid – and Boris Johnson – may have reason to regret promising the Earth in September and leaving themselves with nothing to offer after the December election. Or will they say the Northern Irish should be glad they haven’t reneged on their September promises? And £290 million remains unspent out of the ‘bribe’ that Theresa May…

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New power-sharing deal restores NI devolution – in order to quit Johnson’s UK?

At long last – three years since the ‘Cash for Ash’ scandal that ended the last Northern Ireland power-sharing deal, it seems MLAs are returning to Stormont. The new power-sharing deal means devolved government in Northern Ireland will resume. According to Boris Johnson: This is a great step forwards for the people of Northern Ireland and for restoring public confidence in stable devolved Government and delivering much needed reforms to public services. — Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) January 10, 2020 Do you think he hasn’t realised that they’re all getting back…

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Bid to halt NI abortion law change fails. How will Boris Johnson get the DUP on-side for his Brexit now?

How interesting – last week we were told Boris Johnson’s government was working hard to get the devolved government in Northern Ireland working again, to bribe the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) into supporting his Brexit deal. The idea was that, as the DUP is firmly opposed to the legalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland – which will happen by law after the Westminster government supported it and could only be stopped if the Stormont assembly voted to do so, then the Stormont assembly must be restored. It seems clear that…

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Johnson’s Brexit proposal is a win – for the EU

It seems Boris Johnson has caved in to the EU again over Northern Ireland’s border controls. According to leaked information, the deal he has accepted with Leo Varadkar would take the whole of the UK out of the EU’s customs union – in name alone. In fact, Northern Ireland would remain subject to the EU’s tariffs regime, in order to ensure that border checks do not become necessary. Businesses in NI would then be able to negate the difference between UK and EU tariffs by offering a rebate on goods sold…

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