POLL: with the second Covid-19 wave well under way, shall we pre-empt the Tories and lay blame?

Who can disagree with this? I think it’s fair to say that the second wave has begun. Looks ready to rise as fast as it did back in March now. pic.twitter.com/pU807TicQt — Ken. 🐝 (@_ken91) September 7, 2020 It does indeed. And the Tories seem keen to spread the blame, offering several candidates for us to accuse already. But we don’t have to believe them! It’s time for a poll: Who do you think is responsible? #SecondWave pic.twitter.com/jdDvW0yEHB — The Agitator (@UKDemockery) September 7, 2020 Have YOU donated to my…

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Hysteria as ONE poll puts Starmer Labour level with Tories. Why isn’t he 20 points ahead?

Apparently The Guardian reckons Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has gained 26 points in the opinion polls to draw level with the Conservatives on 40 each. This is nonsense. In fact, I think it’s a flat-out lie. My reasoning is obvious: Labour has not fallen to 14 points on the opinion polls this year. When Starmer took over as leader, I am reliably informed the party stood on 32 points. So, if The Guardian was right, Labour should now be 18 points ahead. And that’s still not the 20 points ahead that Labour right-wing cuckoos…

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Humiliation for centrists: Starmer falls nine points behind Tories when they said he’d be 20 ahead

It has all gone horribly wrong for the Labour centrists and their figurehead Keir Starmer. His plan to fool left-wing, traditional Labour supporters into electing him as leader and then push them out of the party succeeded a treat. The problem is, the rest of his strategy – to ditch the left-wing policies he used to woo those voters as no longer needed, replace them with centrist (read right-wing/sub-Tory) policies and win support from Lib Dem/Tory voters – has failed utterly. In what should be his honeymoon period, Starmer’s new…

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Isn’t it his own influence – rather than public opinion – Johnson is spending a fortune on?

It is good that someone is asking why Boris Johnson is spending £2 million this year on opinion polling – even if it is only Parliament’s toothless public accounts committee. Critics have claimed the Tory – and his government – has been trying to understand public opinion in order to follow it, in order to gain our approval by doing so. But isn’t it more likely that he is trying to use these polls to tell us what to think, rather than for us to tell him what to do?…

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Starmer gets approval rating boost – courtesy of Tory and Lib Dem voters

How humiliating for new New Labour leader Keir Starmer. A survey by Tory-run pollsters YouGov has given him an approval rating of +23 – higher than that of Boris Johnson – partly courtesy of people who vote Conservative or Liberal Democrat and have a vested interest in duff Labour leadership. It is no reason for anybody associated with Labour to feel proud – and certainly doesn’t bode well for the party’s election chances. New Labour leader Keir Starmer has been given a boost thanks to YouGov polling today that shows…

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Poll shows public trust in Tory handling of coronavirus pandemic has plummeted

How interesting that this came out the day before Boris Johnson traipsed back to work. Yes, the latest poll says the public has lost faith in the way the Tory government has handled the coronavirus response in the UK. The Opinium poll for The Observer showed: 57 per cent of people believe the government has handled the key issue of coronavirus testing poorly; only 15 per cent thought it had been handled well. 71 per cent think the level of testing was not enough – while only seven per cent thought…

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DWP hires opinion poll firm to survey benefit claimants who challenge decisions. Why?

Our friends at Benefits and Work pose an interesting question: why has the DWP hired an opinion poll company – Ipsos Mori – to quiz PIP mandatory reconsideration claimants? The rogue government department has been caught out recently, after a Freedom of Information request revealed that assessors from private contractors Atos and Capita have falsified around 7,300 benefit claims in order to deprive vulnerable people of money that is due to them. Appeals against PIP decisions currently enjoy a success rate of more than 70 per cent, which tends to support the…

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Starmer early favourite for Labour leadership – according to poll by Tory-run organisation. Trustworthy?

‘Centrist’ Keir Starmer, who has taken much of the blame for Brexit policies that are thought to have lost Labour the general election, is now the top candidate to become the party’s new leader, according to a poll that should not be trusted at all. Why shouldn’t it be trusted, you ask? Because it was produced by YouGov, the polling organisation co-founded by current Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi. Who would have an interest in getting public support behind a leader likely to alienate Labour’s more left-wing supporters? I’d suggest that…

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Labour has surged in the opinion polls – but there’s only one poll that counts

This is great news – exuberantly delivered by ‘Chunky’ Mark McGowan: ‪Come on!!! 🌹‬‪We can do this 😱 +4 up to 36%‬‪Dec 12th Vote to Stop Boris Johnson and the horrific Tories‬‪Believe Believe Believe 🔥‬ Posted by Mark McGowan on Saturday, 7 December 2019 Here’s the evidence: Westminster voting intention: CON: 42% (-)LAB: 36% (+4)LDEM: 11% (-1)BREX: 4% (+1)GRN: 2% (-1) via @SavantaComRes, 02 – 05 DecChgs. w/ 03 Dec — Britain Elects (@britainelects) December 7, 2019 Great news, right? Well, yes – because the pollster is a right-wing organisation…

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Polls flip-flop over which party takes the lead. Who do you believe?

Shortly after YouGov – often labelled a Tory puppet pollster – claimed Labour was fourth-placed in the opinion polls, even though it was only six points behind the Conservatives, the party came on top of a new poll by our most accurate polling firm. Survation put Labour’s support at 29 per cent – a whopping 11 per cent above its placing in the YouGov poll. The Conservatives were languishing on 23 per cent, a point below where YouGov put them. NEW: General Election voting intention in England, Scotland and Wales, 10th…

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