Do you believe this ‘four-day working week to create half a million jobs’ bunkum?

Someone’s trying to lead us up the garden path: The public sector should switch to a four-day week to create 500,000 jobs and help ease a predicted spike in unemployment following the coronavirus outbreak, according to a report. The Autonomy think tank said “the time has come” for a shorter working week as the end of the government’s furlough scheme in October is expected to cause an unemployment crisis. Research by the thinktank suggests public sector workers could move to a 32-hour week without any loss in wages at a…

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Raise taxes on the rich, voters tell Johnson. They’ll be disappointed – it was never in his manifesto

The Independent reckons Boris Johnson is facing a dilemma after a survey found voters who gave him his election landslide want him to raise taxes on the rich. There’s just one problem: That was never a Conservative manifesto promise so he’s under no obligation to do anything of the sort. Did these people not realise that they were voting for the promises the Tories put in their manifesto? Voters have never had the right to make demands on a government after putting it in power. And I know it must seem unfair,…

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‘A great deal’ for whom? The UK will haemorrhage money!

Read this, which refers to Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal: ▪️End of Union▪️Workers’ rights trashed▪️Environmental protections ending▪️Huge hit to trade▪️Huge slump in growth▪️Jobs going ▪️Chlorinated chicken▪️NHS for sale to US▪️End of right to work, retire & live in 30 countries CONCLUSION“A great deal for the UK”#BrexitDeal — David Schneider (@davidschneider) October 17, 2019 A “great deal”? Or a nightmare? Some of you will no doubt be saying, “Don’t give us all that Project Fear talk, Mike! It’s all just scaremongering to keep us as vassals to the fascist EU superstate!”…

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Nice – an ‘above inflation’ pay rise for public sector workers. But is it enough?

Forgive me if I’m underwhelmed by the pay rise that has been announced for people in the public sector. Their pay was frozen for two years in 2010, and capped at a one per cent increase every year since. That’s well below inflation. How much would this rise need to have been, to make up all the increases these people have lost, just to be paid in line with inflation? It seems to me that the Tories are trying to look generous in giving this increase now. In fact, it…

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Convicted expenses forger’s ultimatum to voters: ‘You’ve got to support me’

Disgraced former Tory MP Chris Davies has scandalised voters in Brecon and Radnorshire by campaigning for re-election with the words “you’ve got to support me”. They come at the end of an election communication full of logical contradictions. Let’s examine them – we can laugh at him at the same time. He begins: “Over 10% of residents in Brecon and Radnorshire have signed the recall petition. That means we’ve now got a by-election.” This is true – but it was almost 20 per cent of residents who signed the recall…

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Trump’s talk of a trade deal with ‘everything on the table’ should trip alarm bells

Was all the flannel spoken at the Donald Trump – Theresa May press conference intended to obscure the terrifying claims about a trade deal, made by the president and not denied by the prime minister? Mr Trump said he is looking forward to agreeing a “phenomenal” trade deal with the UK, and “everything is on the table”. Clearly, “everything” includes your National Health Service, your workers’ rights, your environmental protection rights, the standard of goods you will be expected to buy (chlorinated chicken, anyone?) and much more – all heading into…

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Brexit talks are stalling because May wants to sell the NHS to Donald Trump

What’s left of it, anyway. Jeremy Corbyn has said Brexit talks with the Conservative government are stalling because the Tories want deregulation, partly to ensure a US trade deal. Deregulation, for those of you who aren’t in the know, means a lowering of standards – in this case to allow American firms to trade their lower-quality goods with the UK – chlorine-washed chicken being the most-quoted example. It would allow the Tory government to sell off the remains of the National Health Service to American profit-making interests. And it would…

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What’s the REAL reason the DWP destroyed a report on Job Centre safety failings?

It isn’t often I disagree with John Pring of the Disability News Service, but I think he’s being far too charitable to the Department for Work and Pensions. A report on the DNS website has suggested that the DWP destroyed a report on failures by Job Centre staff to have proper regard for the safety of benefit claimants because the government doesn’t want the facts to get out. I have a simpler suggestion: The Conservatives simply don’t want benefit claimants to benefit from important information that could save them from…

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New council chief gets £55 for UNCONTESTED elections – and there’s no money for services

What a barmy contradiction! Powys is, geographically, the largest county in Wales – with the smallest population. It habitually receives the least extra cash in the annual settlement from the Welsh Assembly. As a result, it struggles to provide services – partly because private companies that carry out many of those services assume local authorities have money to burn and charge accordingly (I had that from a council officer). It must be true, the reasoning runs, because just look at the salaries paid to the council’s chief officers. And salaries…

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Grouse shooting estates: Why is Theresa May starving our public services in order to make a small number of toffs extremely rich?

Why were we funding these estates in the first place, let alone increasing that funding now? Public money is for services to which all the public may have need or should have access. Grouse shooting estates do not qualify. Mrs May needs to explain why she is depriving us all of the services I mentioned above, and using the money to make a very small number of people exceedingly rich. Theresa May says there isn’t enough money for doctors, nurses, hospitals, firefighters, so little money that she has had to cut…

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