Elderly man’s health failed and he died after council sent his wife to a care home

In these days of Covid-19, one might be forgiven for thinking this gentleman was worrying himself sick that his wife would catch the virus and die. But it is also a recognised phenomenon that if a couple who have been together for many years are split up, most commonly because one of them dies, then the remaining partner’s health often suffers – possibly to death. So This Writer is led to question why the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead didn’t take this into account when it split up the…

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Is Matt Hancock denying care homes Covid-19 tests to deliberately harm residents?

It seems Matt Hancock doesn’t think care home residents have suffered enough. Hancock and the Tory government promised regular Covid-19 testing in all UK care homes on June 8. The testing was considered necessary because residents’ health had been deteriorating after lockdown restrictions meant their relatives were not allowed to visit. Professor Martin Green, chief executive of Care England, said the government had promised weekly testing for staff, and for residents every 28 days. But he described the process as having “fragmented”; some care providers had received kits that had…

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What will you say when they ask what you did in the class war?

I seem to have hit a nerve when I said the Tories are waging a class war on anyone who isn’t filthy rich. In fact, two Vox Political articles touched on this class war – the first implied it, the second made it explicit. Today I opened Twitter to discover those words all over the place: The A levels are the ruling class brazenly saying – “we’ll fix society now like we always have” Only thing, this time you can see the workings Mind you, anyone who dares to REALLY challenge…

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Covid lockdown seems to have been perfect opportunity for Tory cruelty to care home residents

It seems people living in care homes were doomed, no matter what happened – the instant the Tories announced the Covid-19 lockdown. We already know that the government condemned more than 20,000 people to death by sending people with the virus out of hospital and back to their homes, which did not have the facilities to treat them safely. Now MPs have been told that the lockdown has had a brutal effect, even on healthy residents. The isolation imposed on them by the Tories has had a devastating effect on…

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‘Care’ minister who helped kill off 20,000 people is now shooing nurses out of the NHS

Helen Whately is a vacuous, propaganda-spewing incompetent – in other words, she is typical of the UK’s current Tory government. Not satisfied with having presided over the Covid-19 deaths of more than 20,000 care home residents in her role as minister for social care, she has now turned her sights on nurses. In a car-crash breakfast interview, she tried to tell the nation that nurses don’t deserve a pay rise after all the good work they have done keeping people alive in spite of her own, and her colleagues’, incompetence…

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Tories are stalling on social care because they don’t want you to have it

Is it really any surprise that the Tory response to Covid-19 in social care situations has been a massacre? They have no interest in using public funds to provide care for people who need it; they don’t think the money is meant for that. Also, of course, anything with the word “social” in its title is like garlic to a vampire for them. For example, has Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock got round to reading a report that stated – in July 2019 – that the social care system needed…

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Johnson blames care homes for Covid-19 deaths that he caused

This is what happens when you give unlimited power to do whatever he likes to an overgrown school bully like Boris Johnson: He does whatever he likes. And if he gets caught doing something that is utterly unacceptable – like, say, causing the deaths of 30,000 care home residents by deliberately sending people with Covid-19 there to infect them… He tries to blame someone else. “It wasn’t me, sir! Those other boys did it! They’re bad, not me!” Pathetic. For the record, all the Tory excuses about care homes have…

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Is NHS England boss’s social care plea just more virtue signalling?

I have a doubt about Simon Stevens’s sincerity. He has come forward to say that the government needs to put an adequate funding system in place for social care within the next year. This suggests that he supports public funding of this service. But Simon Stevens, formerly a UnitedHealthcare CEO, has been a major player in privatising huge parts of the National Health Service in England – so I’m not convinced that he’s being straight with us. Remember the big land sell-off following the Naylor Review? Remember the NHS Long-Term…

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Temporary staff caused increase in social care Covid-19 cases, survey shows

Temporary agency staff fuelled the spread of coronavirus in care homes, according to a survey. Well, of course they did. … alongside the Tory insistence on shipping Covid-19 sufferers from hospitals into homes that weren’t equipped to care for them, of course. The question is: why did they put their residents in a situation where they could not avoid catching the disease? There were more confirmed cases in care homes that hired temporary carers and other staff to cover for absences and in institutions that moved employees from one site…

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UK’s lack of social care is hitting disabled people in Covid-19 lockdown

The United Kingdom is the fifth- or sixth-richest nation in the world; we should be able to afford to handle Covid-19 while still giving the best-quality care to those who need it. But we don’t. The reason? Conservative government. A study by the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers shows 50% of disabled people with care support needs surveyed are no longer receiving health or personal care visits to their home as councils struggle under the weight of the pandemic. An estimated 4.5 million people have been forced to fill in the gap…

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