#DonaldTrump accused of launching US version of #HitlerYouth

It seems the UK’s Johnson government isn’t the only political organisation copying whole chapters from the Nazi playbook. US President Donald Trump has announced a plan to set up what critics have already dubbed his own version of the Hitler Youth – the scheme that was used to indoctrinate millions of German youngsters into Nazism in the 1930s and 40s. The plan was announced in a Constitution Day speech at the White House Conference on American History at the National Archives Museum. Here’s CNN: “We must clear away the web…

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US Congress threatens to pull out of #freetrade deal if UK undermines #GoodFridayAgreement

This is awkward for Boris Johnson. The US Congress – or at least members of it – is threatening to withdraw from any free trade deal with the UK if Boris Johnson’s Internal Market Bill undermines the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland. This is a body blow to Johnson, who has claimed that the Bill is vitally important even though it very clearly breaks international law by shattering treaty agreements with the EU and in NI. According to the BBC: US Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week…

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Nazanin to go back before Iranian court to face new charges – linked to Johnson’s blunder

Just when it seemed Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s Iranian prison ordeal was coming to an end, she’s being dragged back into court. And that country’s officials have taken great pleasure in letting us know that her plight is due to blundering Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime muppet. Johnson was the idiot who blurted out in Parliament – in 2017, when he was Foreign Secretary – that Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe had been “training journalists”. She had been doing nothing of the kind. A project manager with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, she had been doing…

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This is what Black Lives Matter meant to US police: wait a while, then shoot them in the back

So much for all the protesting and solidarity earlier this summer. American police are still shooting to kill black people for no apparent reason. It seems clear that they will continue to do so until force is used to stop them. And how can that happen when they have the guns, and the name of the law – if not the letter of it – behind them? The victim in this instance is Jacob Blake, of, Kenosha, Wisconsin, who was apparently walking back to his car after breaking up a fight…

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Is it true that Boris Johnson won’t help free Nazanin for fear of offending Donald Trump now?

Boris Johnson can say what he likes but it is starting to seem that he has some kind of grudge against Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. The British-Iranian woman, who was imprisoned in Iran in April 2016 on an apparently trumped-up charge, has been seeking the UK government’s help to release her for years. But in this effort, Johnson seems to be her nemesis. In November 2017, as foreign secretary, he told MPs Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe had been imprisoned for “simply teaching people journalism” – boneheadedly suggesting that she had committed the very act…

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Supine Sunak set to axe ‘Facebook tax’ because he’s scared of big, nasty Donald Trump

Could there be a more blatant display of the UK’s newfound powerLESSness in the world? The UK imposed a tax on tech companies like Facebook last year, expecting to bring in £500 million per year from firms that make more than £25 million each and would otherwise pay very little indeed. But now Rishi Sunak is reportedly planning to axe it, in the hope that doing so will encourage Donald Trump not to insist on sending chlorinated chicken to the UK. Sunak doesn’t even have the bargaining power to say he’ll do…

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Here’s how the Tories reneged on their promises to protect ‘our’ NHS

This Site has already mentioned the Tory NHS betrayal so let’s go over the details. First thing to bear in mind is that when a Tory refers to “our” NHS, they mean their NHS. They consider it to be their property, to dispose of it as they please. And yesterday evening it became clear that despite all protestations to the contrary, they intend to hand it over to US corporations as part of a post-Brexit trade deal that will kill free healthcare in the United Kingdom. In response to a Trade…

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Tory treachery: these are just TODAY’S reasons to regret voting ‘Conservative’

Anybody who voted ‘Conservative’ last December in the belief that they would be better-off must be really kicking themselves now. Today we have learned that the Tories took money from Russians and then looked the other way while Russia interfered with our general elections – and possibly the Brexit referendum. The arrogant Tories have said they won’t even bother with a retrospective investigation of what happened (in case it incriminates them, perhaps). Within the last 24 hours, the Tories voted to ensure that the National Health Service will be part…

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The Labour Party founded the National Health Service. Why are its inheritors so keen to let it die?

Read this: This is probably the most telling comment of the Starmer leadership. Faux patriotism counts more than stopping American corporations buying parts of the NHS. https://t.co/v5romZqLxU — Aaron Bastani (@AaronBastani) July 19, 2020 To This Writer, it is an act of shocking treachery for a senior member of the Labour Party – let alone its leader and Shadow Foreign Secretary – to hide evidence that a UK government is willing to sell the National Health Service, or at least all the parts of it that make it valuable to…

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