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My mistake: Carers facing DWP crackdown don’t just save billions. They save more than £100 BILLION

Remember a few weeks ago, when I reported that the DWP is planning to impoverish carers in a crackdown intended to bring £150 million back to the Treasury?

I stated that this was an attack on people who save the Treasury more than £14 billion in the cost of providing professional care services.

It seems my calculations were a little off.

Here’s Carers UK:

“The 6.8 million people who provide unpaid care for a disabled, seriously-ill or older loved one in the UK save the state £132 billion a year – close to the cost of a second NHS.

“[There has been] a staggering increase in the value of carers’ support since 2001, almost doubling from £68 billion to £132 billion. Researchers attribute this rise to a dramatic increase in the number of hours people are caring for, combined with an increase in the cost of replacement care.

“Carers UK’s Chief Executive Heléna Herklots has warned: ‘If even a small percentage of people were unable to continue caring, the economic impact would be catastrophic. Worryingly, we are edging towards this possibility, as the pressure on families to provide more care with less support is intensifying’.”

£132 billion a year is the cost of a second National Health Service.

The DWP crackdown on carers is intended to make people unable to continue caring.

It is intended to cause a catastrophic economic impact.

So we need to ask:

What are these Tories playing it, trying to undermine the UK’s economy for the sake of a few farthings?

Source: Unpaid carers save the UK £132 billion a year – the cost of a second NHS – Carers UK