You can’t trust the Tories. But did their lies manage to convince you at the election?

The Tories lied blatantly to win the 2019 general election, according to research from King’s College, London. Tactics to mislead the public included  altering a video of Sir Keir Starmer and posing as a fact-checker on Twitter during a leaders’ debate. The clip was edited to show the current Labour leader, then shadow Brexit secretary, failing to answer a question on the EU when in fact he had responded to it in a live television interview. The report said the Tories also deliberately shared “poorly formatted and low-quality” posts on social media, including…

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We KNEW Tory ministers were warned about coronavirus in 2019. Now we have damning details

There is nothing new in the Guardian headline that UK (Tory) ministers were warned last year about the risks of the coronavirus pandemic. One day This Writer will tire of mentioning this, but my blog article of March 30 – gosh, nearly a month ago, now! – made this abundantly clear: Boris Johnson was first briefed about a new virus causing havoc in Wuhan, China, in November 2019. He did nothing. Okay? The details now reported by the Graunare damning: The recommendations within it included the need to stockpile PPE (personal…

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The Labour leak made a big fuss of the 2017 election – why aren’t we talking about last year’s?

We’ve all heard the claims from the leaked Labour report into factionalism in the party that interfered with anti-Semitism investigations – it also stopped the party winning the 2017 election. Nothing was done about the right-wing faction that was said to be sabotaging Labour’s election hopes. While some of the faces changed, we may take it as read that the same attitudes prevailed in Labour HQ – even after last year’s Panorama documentary, Is Labour Antisemitic?, revealed the rot at the heart of the party (although the perpetrators were claiming to be…

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Was this the moment Boris Johnson ensured that LABOUR will win the election?

Do you remember when Gordon Brown referred to “that bigoted woman” after talking to a voter in the run-up to the 2010 general election, having forgotten that he was wearing a microphone and it was switched on? The recording – and his reaction when it was played back to him in a radio studio – went viral and may well have ensured that Labour lost that election. We ended up with a hung Parliament and the infamous “Con-Dem Coalition” of Tories and Liberal Democrats that created the conditions that are…

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Want to know why the media – and the Tories – are lying so hard about Labour and Corbyn? Watch this

Have you wondered why the Establishment – the mass media in step with the Conservative government and the suits behind them both – is so desperate to smear Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite (or whatever they’re saying today) and Labour as unfit for government? It’s because they have a lot to lose if a government is elected that will end the exploitation of the wider public and the domination of industry and the economy by a tiny few billionaires. All of this is laid out in a very short film.…

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Labour has surged in the opinion polls – but there’s only one poll that counts

This is great news – exuberantly delivered by ‘Chunky’ Mark McGowan: ‪Come on!!! 🌹‬‪We can do this 😱 +4 up to 36%‬‪Dec 12th Vote to Stop Boris Johnson and the horrific Tories‬‪Believe Believe Believe 🔥‬ Posted by Mark McGowan on Saturday, 7 December 2019 Here’s the evidence: Westminster voting intention: CON: 42% (-)LAB: 36% (+4)LDEM: 11% (-1)BREX: 4% (+1)GRN: 2% (-1) via @SavantaComRes, 02 – 05 DecChgs. w/ 03 Dec — Britain Elects (@britainelects) December 7, 2019 Great news, right? Well, yes – because the pollster is a right-wing organisation…

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Former Tory PM calls on voters to ABANDON Conservatives over Brexit ‘fiction’

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has sensationally called on the public to vote AGAINST the Tories because Boris Johnson’s Brexit is “the worst foreign policy decision in my lifetime”. Sir John, who led the Conservative Party between 1990 and 1997, is backing rebel candidates standing against Boris Johnson loyalists in a hammer blow for the PM. He has endorsed three former ministers, who were expelled by Mr Johnson in September, stating: “Let me make one thing absolutely clear: none of them has left the Conservative Party, the Conservative Party…

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Diplomat’s searing resignation over Brexit confirms Corbyn’s claims about Johnson’s lies

It’s couched in diplomatic language, but when a diplomat quits over “misleading” arguments and a “reluctance to address honestly” Brexit, you know she’s calling Boris Johnson a liar. Alexandra Hall Hall’s unequivocal statement that she can no longer “peddle half-truths”, coinciding so closely with Jeremy Corbyn’s release of Treasury documents showing that Mr Johnson has misled the UK on the substance of his Brexit deal, can only confirm it. Revealed as a liar, his Brexit deal simply the latest permutation of the old story about the “Emperor’s new clothes”, Mr…

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While we argue about who should run the country, homeless people are dying

  Were you horrified yesterday (December 3), when a homeless man froze to death on the coldest night of the year? Well, guess what? In Tory Britain, a homeless person dies every 19 hours. That means it is a statistical probability that one has died since This Site published that story – and another 10 or 11 will pass away before voting ends on December 12. It’s hard to get accurate figures because official data can be difficult to locate and acquire. But to give you an idea of what’s…

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Electoral battle lines: no nudity, according to Our Man in the ‘Nam

Cheltenham, that is. In an election characterised by corruption and lies, let’s have a bit of fun. This Writer’s good buddy CJ reports from Cheltenham as follows: “I live in a battleground! I woke up this morning and heard we are a battleground constituency, and now I believe it. Half the Amazon rainforest has been sacrificed to Lib Dem election pamphlets, and vast tracts of Siberia deforested to make Conservative bumph. Vice even ran an article on how uni students might swing the vote here, and Alex Chalk lose his…

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