Judging on his record: Voters disbelieve Hunt over NHS funding

Wasn’t it revealing when Jeremy Hunt told ITV’s The Agenda that voters did not believe the Tories had a plan to bridge the £8 billion NHS funding gap? He blamed media reporting of the Conservative Party’s claims; it is more likely that he himself is to blame. This very blog had cause to slap him down, as recently as January this year. He had claimed – falsely – that the number of operations performed on behalf of the NHS had increased by a million. He had claimed – falsely –…

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Tory NHS pledge is ‘fantasy funding’

The Conservative Party must be getting very desperate indeed. Faced with the failure of the plan to belittle Ed Miliband, the Tories are making a belated attempt to take some of Labour’s policy ground with a promise to provide £8 billion extra, every year, for the NHS. From where? The Conservatives have already told us they will be squeezing the economy by (at least) £30 billion over the next five years – if they remain in office. The National Health Service is ring-fenced from those cuts, we are told, but…

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