Old anti-doctor story revived to take the heat off the Tories during NHS winter crisis – claim

“This same article came out in the middle of junior doctors’ strikes,” wrote Dr Lauren Gavaghan when she retweeted the article quoted below, on Twitter. “Now middle of NHS crisis. “It might just help,” she added, “to make the NHS a more attractive place to work, so doctors and nurses wouldn’t want/need to leave. “But no…let’s drum up some bad press for doctors.” Poor show, Torygraph. You’ve let the side down. Junior doctors who go abroad to work after benefiting from £220,000 worth of world class training should be forced to…

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Warmonger Fallon wants the UK to sell arms to anyone who wants them

The man who once tried to claim that the UK had a moral responsibility to bomb people in the Middle East is now saying he wants the UK to become the world’s biggest armaments marketplace after Brexit. Yes, Michael ‘Bomber’ Fallon, speaking at the World’s largest arms fair (which is, to all our shame, held in London), said demand was going “through the roof” because of increasing war and terror. How insensitive of him, at a time when it is known that the UK provides weapons to Saudi Arabia, which…

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NHS Wales should be praised for employing agency nurses to keep care standards high

A Freedom of Information request by the Welsh Conservatives has revealed that NHS Wales had to spend £190 million on agency doctors and nurses in the last four years. Shame on NHS Wales, right? Well, no. This merely demonstrates the cack-handed way the Conservatives have been running the health service since taking office as part of the Coalition Government in 2010. Does anybody remember reports last year that the Conservative-led Coalition Government had dumped 4,000 senior nurses since 2010, considering them to be “disposable” and “a quick way to save money”?…

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Cameron’s terror tactics hold no fears for the fanatics

So “British jihadists who travel abroad to fight could be prevented from returning under new powers” outlined by David Cameron, could they? Whose stupid idea was that? Not everybody who goes to the ‘danger’ countries is going to be a threat; they could have perfectly legitimate reasons for going. In fact, the vast majority have been proven to have no interest in violence at all. But anyone who goes out could have their passports taken away for two years, unless they agree to be escorted back here and then undergo…

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How do we wrestle fairness from a rigged economic system?

It’s terrific when an article makes you think. Why Capitalism needs unemployment, by Cheltenham & Gloucester Against Cuts, tells us that unemployment is used as a weapon against the workers – with the threat of it used to force pay cuts on employees, while we are told to fear inflation if unemployment falls. So fatcat company bosses win either way, it seems. The article commented on Margaret Thatcher’s ideological mentor, Milton Friedman, who “understood that low levels of unemployment give confidence to workers, who can fight for better pay and…

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How can we believe the government’s ‘health tourism’ statistics?

A speech by Iain Duncan Smith is immediately reminiscent of a wasp negotiating its way through a bulldog’s digestive system; there’s a lot of droning and implied pain, but through it all you know exactly what the outcome will be. From this starting point, one may liken a speech by Jeremy Hunt to a hippo having an unhappy bowel movement as a result of an unwise dietary choice; much clumsy blundering in the wilderness and a fair amount of distress – which may be transferred to any poor creature unlucky…

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Why does Gove want to sell school places to foreigners when there aren’t enough for British children?

The revelation that Michael Gove has a plan to sell places in academy schools to students who currently live overseas came less than a week after the BBC reported that a shortage of school places was likely to harm the quality of education here. England needs to find 250,000 primary places – within two months – and this means that schools that perform poorly may expand to accommodate the need, even though the education they provide is substandard. It is into this environment that Michael Gove apparently wants to introduce…

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