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I was in Bosnia in the 1990s. Boris Johnson’s comment about Muslims there is an outrage

Boris Johnson: he doesn’t care about Muslims who died 25 years ago. He probably thinks they were just another bunch of heathens. But he’ll watch you die and then talk about you the same way he referred to them.

I don’t care if he wrote it 23 years ago – Boris Johnson should have been apologising to Bosnian Muslims ever since.

Writing about the Srebrenica massacre, which happened 25 years ago today (July 11), Johnson stated in 1997: “They weren’t exactly angels, these Muslims.”

It’s yet another example of England’s Shame being unable to hold his tongue, therefore proving his imbecility to the world.

Let’s go over the details for those who may not be aware of them: a quarter of a century ago, Serbs led by Ratko Mladic murdered 8,000 Muslims who had sought refuge from them in Srebrenica, which the UN was trying to protect with Dutch forces.

Even Johnson has admitted it was the worst massacre on European soil since World War II.

I was in Bosnia in the 1990s and I think I understand why he said Bosnian Muslims weren’t angels.

You see, when violence broke out in the former Yugoslavia, Muslim Bosnia had no army to call its own and therefore no weapons with which to fend off other former Yugoslav countries’ armies of extermination.

So when the tanks rolled into their towns, they dispersed into the hills…

And when night fell, they came back down and used every means at their disposal to obtain weapons. That required them to do extreme violence to their Serb occupiers – some with their bare hands, some with kitchen knives.

It was that or death.

And it was a war of attrition. As the Bosnian Muslims gained weapons, they used them to gain more – and heavier – arms until they were eventually able to force out the occupiers.

That is how the war was explained to me. It was not without risks for those Bosnian Muslims, but I notice that Johnson said nothing about the reprisals suffered by any who were caught.

I could tell you about incidents that would turn your hair white, but I won’t. Some details of genocide are best left to be told by the peoples who suffered it.

They were people facing extermination.

I cannot help questioning Johnson’s choice to lay that label on them. Was he attempting a little discreet manipulation?

You see, in saying these people weren’t “angels”, he was stigmatising all people who stand up against murderous oppression.

Perhaps he was thinking ahead to a future when a Conservative government headed by someone like himself would be gleefully exterminating people with long-term illnesses, disabilities and care needs, and demonising anybody who tried to speak up for them with a rhetoric about “scroungers” and “skivers”.

Can’t you just imagine him commenting on the latest deaths? “Appalling. But they weren’t exactly angels, these cripples.”

Source: Boris Johnson urged to apologise for Srebrenica comments – BBC News