Flake on a plane: Theresa May’s mile-high hissy fit

Poisonous prime minister Theresa May launched herself into a tantrum at 40,000 feet during a plane flight to the G20 summit, when some poor soul asked whether she would resign if her fudged withdrawal deal fails to win the support of MPs. Clearly the matter has been preying on the PMs mind because she couldn’t keep her cool. According to the Mirror, Mrs May had a “mid-air meltdown”, the most lucid part of which went as follows: “Look, I have been asked these sorts of questions before.” In that case, she…

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Labour ‘fiscal charter’ rebels are ignoring the evidence

The shock and anger professed by some Labour MPs at shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s decision to oppose George Osborne’s Charter for Budget Responsibility – in line with Labour’s anti-austerity policy direction – defies belief. Mr McDonnell has claimed his decision was triggered by a meeting with steel workers in Redcar, where the factory is to be closed down after the Conservative Government wouldn’t lift a finger to save it. He said: “Originally what I said to people was, ‘This charter is a political stunt; it is a political trap by…

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David Cameron’s dream: a Britain without hope

Here’s an article that brings home the truth about David Cameron’s “Hopeless” Britain. It’s entitled ‘This cruel welfare system is steadily crushing lives – where is the anger?’ Read it and weep. Having read it myself, I’m glad to see that at least one Guardian contributor appears to agree with my opinion of Liam Byrne, as expressed in my blog back in January. I believe I can answer the question posed by this article. There isn’t any anger because the prevailing emotion is DESPAIR. John Harris correctly deduces the government’s…

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