Tories will be punished for their ‘lost decade’ and the ‘feel-bad factor’ they created

Commentators who have been holding on to Theresa May’s high-ish poll ratings for dear life are about to have a nasty shock, if this Independent article has any truth to it. Living standards in the UK are plummeting and the Conservatives cannot blame Labour for the pain. The damage has been done by Tory policies – carried out under the lie that “We’re all in this together”. Theresa May promised to govern for everybody, including the JAMS – those who are ‘Just About Managing’. Instead she will squeeze them dry.…

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Nobody likes someone who can’t make up their mind, Theresa May – especially on grammar schools

If you’re wondering why you can’t remember an announcement about £240 million going to grammar schools, it’s because Philip Hammond hardly mentioned it. The only words he uttered on the subject in his Autumn Statement speech are these: “The government’s education reforms have raised standards and expanded opportunity with 1.4 million more children now in ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ schools. “And the new capital funding I have provided today for grammar schools will help to continue that trend.” Easy to miss. Personally, I thought the grammar schools fiasco had died the…

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The Autumn (non-) Statement: Why have there been so few howls of outrage in response?

Probably because there are very few people around with the economic expertise to know that outrage is the proper way to respond. Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement – his first real contribution to UK politics as Chancellor of the Exchequer – was a long admission that the Conservative Party has ruined the country, hidden behind an attempt to blame it all on Brexit. No, Philip; your party’s policies are responsible. So it seems the UK is going to have to borrow an extra £59 billion – just to cover the cost to…

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You are thousands of pounds a year worse-off because of Conservative Government

This is the result of Conservative Government – a Conservative Government that promised to “make work pay” but knew it was a lie. Instead we have a country that has been flooded with low-paying non-jobs that mean people must claim benefits or go into debt, and a benefit system that has been continually skewed to make fewer people eligible, forcing the rest towards destitution and suicide. And Philip Hammond is no doubt planning to make that sound like an achievement in his Autumn Statement next week. After all, he is…

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Embarrassing leaked Treasury document shows Tory finances are badly off-target

An article on the UK’s financial system was on its way from This Blog when the news broke about the Treasury’s dire performance; I wanted to sharpen my claws for the Autumn Statement. We all knew the news was going to be bad – didn’t we? So I was going to say how useful it is for Philip Hammond to have a job that requires him to give speeches, simply in order to prevent the rest of us from making a natural assumption and putting him in a coffin. I…

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‘We are the builders’ says Osborne as he plants his spending plans on shifting sands

Has anybody noticed that the big giveaways in George Osborne’s spending review and Autumn Statement are based on an imagined increase in funds of £27 billion according to claims by the Office for Budget Responsibility? This is the organisation that has been wrong in just about every prediction it has made. Look at its predictions for the deficit: And these were made as long ago as 2012! Osborne’s plan is also based on a claim that the government will be more efficient at collecting taxes – after announcing that plans to…

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How will Osborne’s Autumn Statement help real earnings recover?

At the moment, real earnings stand 9.5 per cent lower than they were in February 2008. Here’s a graph showing how they have fallen: Considering his plans could involve cutting tax credits and housing benefit – both of which would have a direct effect on household incomes, it seems the important question regarding the Autumn Statement on Wednesday is this: How will this help real earnings recover… Or is this not the plan after all? Join the Vox Political Facebook page. If you have appreciated this article, don’t forget to share…

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Five things you should know about the Autumn Statement

This is self-explanatory. I’ve included only the headings of the ‘five things’ but you can read the details over at Real Media. But you should be aware of the last point, so let’s make it the first: “draft legislation to tackle aggressive tax avoidance has been pushed back due to ‘complexity’, and won’t feature in the Autumn Statement”. Well, what a surprise! Yet again the Conservative Government avoids tackling tax avoidance. You’d think ministers had a vested interest in letting it continue. Wouldn’t you? On Wednesday George Osborne will unveil…

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McDonnell: Labour Would Build A ‘Fairer And Sustainable Society’

Undoubtedly, this will go down as John McDonnell’s ‘Socialism with an iPad’ speech, but there’s a lot more to it than that. So much more, in fact, that This Writer is going to have to attempt to pull out the main points and point you to the rest. Mr McDonnell was giving his speech at Imperial College, and it was intended to be a warning shot at George Osborne, ahead of the chance(llo)r’s Autumn Statement. Here’s what he said: Technological advance is forcing the pace of change. Bank of England…

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Osborne’s biggest lie: ‘Conservatives are competent’

Georgie Orgy, nose puddings and lies Starved the poor – some of them died. When the voters have their say George Osborne will run away. It would be impossible to take George Osborne seriously, if not for the fact that his plans threaten the livelihood, health, and indeed the lives – not only of British citizens, but of the nation itself. His words yesterday (Monday), during the row with the Liberal Democrats over economic policy, certainly do not deserve any respect after the absolute nonsense he spouted to Parliament last…

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