Incoming BBC chief wants to restore its reputation for impartiality. But will he?

New BBC Director General Tim Davie is set to tell staff it is now a condition of their employment to be politically impartial. It seems he has realised the Corporation’s credibility has suffered after years of kowtowing to the Tory administrations of the last 10 years. And there’s academic information showing an “Establishment” bias during Labour administrations that made it hard for that party to get a fair hearing on the UK’s most-used TV and radio news outlet. Fine words. But will they cut any ice with entrenched right-wingers like…

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Tories force £100 million payout so outsourcing giant can chase over-75s for TV licence fee

The Conservative government’s relationship with private outsourcing firms is becoming more questionable by the day. It has been revealed that the BBC is having to pay nearly £100 million to Capita so the firm can hire new staff to chase down senior citizens who fail to pay the TV licence fee. People aged over 75 had been exempt from paying the fee because the government subsidised it – until George Osborne decided that he was going to axe the subsidy for no apparent reason other than cruelty. The BBC was…

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Is the Torygraph being a snake-in-the-grass about over-75s’ TV licences?

I don’t trust the Daily Telegraph‘s advice to the elderly on the fact they’re being asked to pay for their TV licences again. “The elderly should be in no rush to pay the BBC,” the Torygraph‘s headline proclaims – and the piece itself seems to go on in confrontational manner, making Auntie out to be the villain: “TV Licensing will write to all licence holders aged over 75 with clear guidance about how to pay,” says the BBC, which is a polite way of saying, “We know where you live.” Admittedly, I…

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Blame shifting Tories accuse BBC over end of free licences for over-75s

This is stomach-turning hypocrisy from the party that hoodwinked the UK into giving it an 80-seat Parliamentary majority. The Independent explains what’s going on: The BBC is to end free TV licences for most over-75s from 1 August, after the plan was delayed by two months because of the coronavirus pandemic. The broadcaster was due to introduce means-testing at the start of June. The policy changes mean more than 3 million households will need to pay the £157.50 fee from August, according to the BBC. That’s bad enough, and you might think…

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Why did the BBC try to associate Reading terror killings with Black Lives Matter?

Is this how the Establishment undermines a movement it considers dangerous to its power – by smearing it? There was no reason for the BBC to link the murder of three people – and the serious injury of three more – in Reading with an entirely peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. Even immediately after the killings happened, police were saying the stabbings were a random terror attack and nothing to do with the peaceful demonstration. The BBC has now removed its original article, replacing with one that has a modified…

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BBC is trumpeting ‘free internet access’ from Tories – but it was ‘broadband communism’ when Labour proposed it

How two-faced of the Tory Broadcasting Corporation. Free access to broadband internet connections was an election policy of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn last year. At that time, the BBC called it “broadband communism”. But now, with the Conservatives offering it (albeit only for a brief time, through a voucher system), it’s “free internet to help poorer pupils”. Oh yes, this is an emergency measure because of Covid-19 and the lockdown – but it represents hypocrisy by our state broadcaster nonetheless. Many thousands of people have stopped paying their…

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Blue Peter – better on racism than BBC News?

When is a Nazi salute not a Nazi salute? When it’s reported on the BBC! Seriously: this is how BBC news was reporting the Nazi salutes we all saw at the far-right rally in London on Saturday (June 13) – Nazi salutes are now being described by the BBC as " raising their arms"🤦‍♀️ — Mrs Czapla (@ms_czapla) June 13, 2020 The rally – which crossed the line into rioting very early in the proceedings – was held to oppose a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration planned for that day,…

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Tell your friends to watch Windrush drama Sitting in Limbo – it’s more than the BBC will do!

Did you know the BBC is screening a drama based on the “Windrush generation” racism scandal? It’s on this evening (Monday, June 8, 2020), starting at 8.30pm and the BBC appears to have done its best not to promote it in any way. Make up your own mind on what that says about the BBC’s relationship with the Conservative government, whose racism is likely to be a major story element. And make up your own mind on whether the Corporation’s reticence has anything to do with the death of George Floyd…

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Emily Maitlis: enemy of the State?

The BBC has apologised to the government after Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis delivered a highly-critical account of the Dominic Cummings affair at the start of an edition of the late-night news show. The problem is that her monologue was accurate: Maitlis destroys Cummings in 20 seconds #ClassicDomExcuses #Newsnight — The Agitator (@UKDemockery) May 26, 2020 ‘Lefty’ columnist Owen Jones was quick to make the logical connection: My understanding is Downing Street complained directly to BBC bosses, and within hours, this happened. Newsnight staff are furious. — Owen Jones 🌹 (@OwenJones84) May…

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BBC editor’s TWITTER clarification after ‘attack’ on Sturgeon in TELEVISION report. Where’s the TV apology?

Sarah Smith should not be allowed to get away with a mere attempt at clarification of this on Twitter alone, where her words will be seen by a tiny few, compared with those who saw her report. Scottish viewers of BBC news were left fuming after Ms Smith gave a report in which she clearly stated that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was “enjoying” setting her own rules for the Covid-19 lockdown. Ms Sturgeon denied the claim: Never in my entire political career have I ‘enjoyed’ anything less than this. My…

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