Coronavirus: trust Iain Duncan Smith to try to wreck our chances of survival

It had to be him. Iain Duncan Smith, creator of the huge increase in poverty in the UK since 2010, has spoken out against a plan to keep people from financial ruin during the coronavirus crisis. His prime minister, Boris Johnson, said he would consider introducing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to help people hit by the financial impact of social distancing measures he has introduced to fight the spread of COVID-19. It has been suggested that the idea would cost the Treasury £260 billion – less than the £330…

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Call for Budget boost to tackle poverty and boost incomes is naive political optimism

Give the SNP its due: at least the Scottish nationalists are keeping Tory impoverishment of the public in the national conversation. On the eve of the Budget 2020 statement, they are calling on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to boost the incomes of the poorest people. But it’s never going to happen. Not under a Tory government, anyway. Tories like keeping people poor. They planned a strategy to make us all poor, back in the 1970s – and have been following it faithfully ever since. Did you think the attack on trade unions…

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The Tory government has refused to lift the Bedroom Tax from victims of domestic abuse

The Tory government has confirmed that it will not lift the Bedroom Tax from victims of domestic violence, after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that it was an act of discrimination. A cross-party group of MPs had written to demand that the government should lift the Bedroom Tax from such people. The letter, signed by 44 MPs, was organised by Labour’s Stella Creasy and follows a decision by the European Court of Human Rights. The Tory government had imposed the Bedroom Tax on a rape victim who had…

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Who’s laughing now? DWP loses six-year fight to discriminate against victims of domestic violence

Remember when Iain Duncan Smith laughed with pleasure at putting a rape victim in fear for her life? He had used the Department for Work and Pensions to persuade a court that she had to pay the Bedroom Tax on a panic room installed in her house to prevent further attacks against her. As a result of the ruling, she was evicted from the house and Duncan Smith laughed with joy when he heard the news. Since then, the people of Chingford and Woodford Green have re-elected him as their…

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Huge rise in homelessness among ill and disabled people is no accident

The Tories have been stepping up their hate campaign against sick and disabled people, with a 53 per cent increase in homelessness over the last year. People with long-term illnesses who can’t work can claim Employment and Support Allowance, but the government has tightened criteria to the point at which assessments might as well start with an official telling the claimant they are lying – or deluded – about being ill. Disabled people can claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP), even if they can work – but the Tories have tightened…

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Chorus of derision greets announcement that Iain Duncan Smith is to be knighted

Former Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith is to be knighted – presumably for his services to genocide and eugenics. This is the Tory who made changes to the assessment procedures for sickness and disability benefits that assumed anybody claiming them was either lying or deluding themselves. Result: Countless deaths (literally. The Conservatives have point-blank refused to count the number of deaths caused as a result of these policies). Mr Duncan Smith – IDS, as he is sometimes called (or RTU on This Site; he was in the army…

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Will Bedroom Tax eviction leave this man threatened with a freezing death on the streets?

This is despicable – and shows the depths to which the Tory government sank when it imposed the Bedroom Tax on unsuspecting tenants. The Bedroom Tax is not extracted from pensioners and Ken May, 65, is due to retire next month. He had been living with his mother in his childhood home in Gateshead – but her death three years ago meant he became eligible to pay the tax on “spare” bedrooms until the date of his retirement. He has struggled to do so, and is now £1,200 in arrears…

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Labour will hold an inquiry into all the benefit-related deaths overseen by Tories. VOTE LABOUR

At least 130,000 people have died as a result of victimisation by the Department for Work and Pensions – on the orders of the Conservative government (helped by the Liberal Democrats during the Coalition). That is the bare minimum as the Conservatives no longer respond to Freedom of Information requests on the subject and those responses we have are incomplete. I have been writing about the deaths incurred as a result of Tory/DWP benefit denial, practically since I started This Site nearly eight years ago. I knew there was never any…

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Don’t believe Boris Johnson on benefits – he is only offering more poverty, misery and death

Boris Johnson has finally published the Conservative manifesto amid a stink of embarrassment – and, for benefit claimants, a hard slap of insult. Mr Johnson offers just one promise to benefit claimants – to reduce the frequency of Personal Independence Payment reassessments –  and I don’t believe it. If Tories target a disabled person to lose their benefit, they will find an excuse to do so. Scheduled reassessments may be cut – but Mrs Mike has been threatened with random reassessments on many occasions, triggered by any reason the DWP…

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Promises on disability and social security show Labour has listened

The Labour Party has paid attention to the people and published a manifesto that promises to end many of the injustices that the Conservative government (with the Liberal Democrats between 2010 and 2015) introduced. This Writer feels duty-bound to tell you that reading the chapter on Social Security was an uplifting experience on many levels, as so many of the subjects This Site has highlighted have been tackled. Labour will scrap the Department for Work and Pensions. This Site said the DWP had become so badly damaged by the culture…

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