Starmer’s bid to engage Armed Forces is a pale shadow of Corbyn’s

Isn’t it strange how Keir Starmer is attacking the legacy of Jeremy Corbyn in public while failing to offer anything better than watered-down versions of the former Labour leader’s policies? Today is Armed Forces Day, so Starmer has rolled out a weak-ass offer to the UK’s serving men and women, under the banner of the existing “Friends of the Forces”. It comes with absolutely no offers at all – just an undertaking to “listen” to the views of forces personnel. Shadow defence secretary John Healey said he wanted to hear…

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Hancock’s had his half-hour – he has pulled out of Tory leadership race

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has given up his attempt to be Conservative leader after attracting only 20 votes in the first round of the Tory leadership election. Perhaps he wants to concentrate on privatising the National Health Service so we can’t rely on it in the nightmarish future that will be carved out by whoever wins. Pole position was taken by Boris Johnson, who has declared that he will appear in a televised debate in what the pundits on the BBC’s PoliticsLive seem to think is a challenge for all the…

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The candidates: Is Boris Johnson really worthy of being prime minister?

I’ll answer that question straight away: Probably not. Theresa May has announced her resignation, and the launch of an election procedure for the leadership of the Conservative Party (and the prime ministership of the United Kingdom), starting on June 7. Several prominent Tories have thrown their hats into the ring but, while they may be popular in party circles, that does not make them ideal national leaders. #ToryLeadership #TheresaMayResignation #PrimeMinister — Richard Corbett (@RichardGCorbett) May 24, 2019 In fact, some commentators are saying previous incumbents, like Mrs May and…

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RUMBLED: Agony for Auntie as BBC bid to host Brexit debate is canned

Wow. And only a couple of days ago we were discussing Theresa May’s mid-air hissy fit. That was nothing in comparison with this! After Jeremy Corbyn gave the BBC’s proposed format for a TV debate on Brexit the bum’s rush, the BBC News press team has dramatically withdrawn its offer to host the event. Representatives of the Corporation said they weren’t interested in hosting a straightforward, head-to-head confrontation, as demanded by Mr Corbyn. Based on this evidence, it would be hard to believe the BBC was not acting as a…

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Never mind Sky – has Rupert Murdoch bought Theresa May?

Has Rupert Murdoch bought the UK prime minister’s complicity in his business dealings? We’ll know soon enough, with his bid to take over the 61 per cent of Sky that he does not yet own. Mrs May met Mr Murdoch during a flying visit to New York in September – a meeting that many political commentators considered curious, as she is not normally close with the mass media. Since then, the right-wing media have been hugely supportive of the Conservatives while highly critical of Labour – which is nothing unusual. But…

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Crowd-funding bid to tackle government over pensions

A group of women has launched a crowd-funding bid to pay for legal action against the government, claiming that its changes to the State Pension are unfairly prejudiced against women born in the 1950s. The group, calling themselves Women Against State Pension Inequality, say they were not appropriately – or personally – notified when the Conservative Government of 1995 introduced plans to increase the women’s State Pension age from 60 to 65, and that they were hit again when the Coalition Government brought in a further change to the pensionable age,…

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Will the government really penalise GPs whose patients opt out of data sharing?

It seems the government has found a way to dissuade GPs from letting patients opt out of having their medical records sold to private firms – the threat of penalties or even an investigation into the way they run their practice. Vox Political revealed earlier this month that the government is planning to make a profit from selling the private records of NHS patients in England to healthcare and pharmaceutical firms. The records are said to be ‘anonymised’, but in fact anyone buying your details will be able to identify…

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‘Flawed’ rail deal from a flawed government

This morning we heard that the controversial decision to award the contract to run the West Coast Main Line to FirstGroup has gone south – by which I mean the franchise award was scrapped by the government after it found “significant technical flaws”. Three civil servants have been suspended – typical of David Cameron’s government to sack the help. Bids were made by four companies – Virgin, FirstGroup, Dutch train operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen, and a joint bid from French companies Keolis and SNCF. The flaws were found in the way…

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