People are blaming Johnson’s government for second wave, as he introduces new Covid Gestapo

Boris Johnson seems to be introducing martial law in all but name, with the announcement of new ‘Covid martials’ to maintain social distancing in city centres. Who will these people be? What will be their qualifications? Why should we let them bully us around? What penalties will we face if we don’t? Depending on the answers to these questions, this is the equivalent of introducing secret police to keep us all following the Tory dictator’s line. Perhaps you may think that is too strong a line to take, but that’s…

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POLL: with the second Covid-19 wave well under way, shall we pre-empt the Tories and lay blame?

Who can disagree with this? I think it’s fair to say that the second wave has begun. Looks ready to rise as fast as it did back in March now. — Ken. 🐝 (@_ken91) September 7, 2020 It does indeed. And the Tories seem keen to spread the blame, offering several candidates for us to accuse already. But we don’t have to believe them! It’s time for a poll: Who do you think is responsible? #SecondWave — The Agitator (@UKDemockery) September 7, 2020 Have YOU donated to my…

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Hancock’s blame game: young people are causing the rise in Covid-19, not him. Oh really?

Did you believe our lying Sickness Secretary when he tried to blame young people breaking the rules for the spike in Covid-19 cases? Only last week, Matt Hancock was caught lying about the suicide rate in the UK. Now, as the number of Covid-19 infections reaches a level it hasn’t approached since the middle of lockdown in May, it seems he’s trying to justify refusing to lock down again by blaming it on people aged 20-29 who are breaking the rules: Speaking to Radio 1 Newsbeat, the health secretary pointed…

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A teenager DIED on the Channel and racists are revelling in it. Is this how we want the world to see us?

Yes, people in other countries see us as xenophobes and racists. A Sudanese 16-year-old was apparently trying to cross from France in an inflatable dinghy when he accidentally punctured it with a shovel he was using as an oar. His body was found on the shore at Calais. Home Secretary Priti Patel said the death of the young migrant was a “brutal reminder” that people smugglers exploit the vulnerable. But there is no evidence that people smugglers were involved. The Home Office has refused to comment on the death. Oh, and…

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The Tories crippled their own border controls. Don’t let them use their own stupidity to boost racism

This Tory hypocrisy is a little too rich for our taste. Boris Johnson’s government is whipping up jingoism against refugees secretly crossing the Channel to get into the UK: Katie Hopkins: "I would use gunships against migrants boats" Priti Patel: — Lowkey (@Lowkey0nline) August 8, 2020 Patel and the Tories are engaging in blatant racist dog-whistle rhetoric I hope the leader of the Opposition will speak up loudly and clearly for decency, humanity and the Rule of Law — Tom London (@TomLondon6) August 9, 2020 This hideous creature is…

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Tories should blame their own bad messaging for the Covid-19 deaths of poor people

Here’s another reason to abolish hereditary peerages: Lord Bethell. This Tory health minister, who inherited his place in the House of Lords rather than earning it, tried to blame poor people for making poor decisions that result in their own deaths from Covid-19. He said there were “behavioural reasons” for these deaths, listing “the decisions that people make about social distancing, about their own health decisions”. But those decisions are influenced by his Tory government’s messages! The Tory response to Covid-19 is now well-acknowledged as muddled, confusing and dangerous. Boris…

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Johnson blames care homes for Covid-19 deaths that he caused

This is what happens when you give unlimited power to do whatever he likes to an overgrown school bully like Boris Johnson: He does whatever he likes. And if he gets caught doing something that is utterly unacceptable – like, say, causing the deaths of 30,000 care home residents by deliberately sending people with Covid-19 there to infect them… He tries to blame someone else. “It wasn’t me, sir! Those other boys did it! They’re bad, not me!” Pathetic. For the record, all the Tory excuses about care homes have…

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Grossly distorted report by Starmer supporters predictably blames Corbyn for Labour election defeat

Why are the media making such a fuss about a right-wing report that blames Labour’s defeat in the last general election on the party’s then – lefty – leader? It makes the blood boil to read the distortions in this so-called report, put together by a cabal of Starmer-supporting right-wingers with an anti-Corbyn chip on their collective shoulder who have the cheek to brand themselves “Labour Together”! Labour backstabbers, more like! It should be no surprise that all the major members of Labour Together now have prominent roles in the…

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Blame game: Tories try to shift responsibility for sending Covid-19 into care homes – and fail

Pathetic, isn’t it? The Conservative government has tried to claim that temporary care workers spread Covid-19 between different care homes to cause the huge increase in deaths there. Those of us with a more rational outlook believe the epidemic was more likely caused by the Tory policy of shifting people with Covid symptoms from hospital into care homes as soon as possible – without caring whether those homes had isolation facilities. Which do you think is more likely? Bear in mind that the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive. And…

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Coronavirus blame game: when Hancock isn’t blaming NHS staff, he’s telling the public we’re taking face masks away from them!

No sooner had I finished publishing my article showing how Matt Hancock has blamed NHS workers for under-using PPE than this came down the wire: The Government has urged members of the public to refrain from wearing clinical face masks so supplies are available for NHS and care workers who need them most. While it is true that face masks protect other people from diseases the wearer may have, rather than vice versa, those who wear them are entirely within their rights to do so. They may have perfectly good,…

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