Johnson sets up secret Whitehall task force to excuse him from Covid-19 mistakes

Isn’t it strange that Boris Johnson can tell us it isn’t time to have a public inquiry into his Covid-19 strategies – but then orders one to be carried out in private? The claim is that the Department of Health team will examine lessons to be learned and recommend action. But I think somebody on Twitter summed up the reality of the situation much better: “Johnson isn’t looking for the facts. He’s looking for something he can tell Parliament.” That’ll be something to excuse him from any wrongdoing. Source: Boris…

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Tory back to work plan may endanger millions of people with disabilities

Bearing in mind that two-thirds of all the people who died of Covid-19 had disabilities, I reckon they know what they’re talking about when they say Boris Johnson’s latest plan puts them in danger. But then, killing people with disabilities was the plan, wasn’t it? So shielding – where people with serious illnesses or disabilities are given extra help to stay isolated from the rest of the population – is going to end on August 1, meaning many more of these people may be exposed to the virus. And with…

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Boris Johnson’s plan for Covid-19 ignores one significant detail: reality

Boris Johnson has announced a plan to return the UK to “significant normality” by Christmas but there’s just one problem. If Covid-19 behaves like other betacoronaviruses – and there’s no reason it should not – then it will certainly break out again, all over the UK, in the autumn (around November). As Johnson is doing everything he can to get everybody back to work again before then – he has just announced that his “work from home if you can” edict will expire on August 1, allowing employers to force…

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Floundering Johnson outflanked over publication of ‘Russia Report’

Any hope Boris Johnson may have had that he could further delay or hide the revelations in the so-called ‘Russia Report’ on interference by that country in UK politics must now be gone. And that’s a good thing for British democracy! A panicking Johnson furiously threw Julian Lewis out of the Parliamentary Conservative Party after he joined Labour and SNP members of the new Intelligence and Security committee to get himself elected as its chair instead of Johnson’s choice, the incompetent Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling. And it seems Johnson is considering…

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Russia report: new intelligence committee chair loses Tory whip but gains respect

This is very funny indeed – but we may all have cause to be grateful for what has happened. You will recall that concerns were raised when Boris Johnson nominated Chris “Failing” Grayling – widely held to be one of the stupidest individuals ever to be voted into office – as the chair of Parliament’s important Intelligence and Security Committee. This is the group that would be responsible for publication of the so-called “Russia Report” on interference by that country in UK politics. The concern was that Grayling would mess…

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Johnson’s ‘herd immunity’ is a nonsense: Covid-19 antibodies fade within months

Boris Johnson’s entire strategy for coping with Covid-19 has been proved to be useless  – according to the science. Oh yes, yes – Johnson appeared to give up on ‘herd immunity’ when he put the UK into lockdown in March. But for lockdown to succeed, we all had to stay away from possible infection until the virus had no way of reproducing and passing from person to person. Johnson’s strategy ensured that there were always people circulating who could be exposed to it. Think about the NHS staff with their…

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Priti Patel bullying claims aren’t as dead as we’ve been led to believe

Isn’t this interesting? Way back at the end of April, we were all being told that Priti Patel would be cleared of all allegations that she bullied civil servants in three separate government departments Yes, the claim prompted condemnation of the Cabinet Office inquiry process, which is conducted in secret and offers no recourse for complainants. And Boris Johnson has already been criticised for compromising the process by insisting, before the inquiry had concluded, that he would continue to support Patel. When This Site published a story about it, I wrote…

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I was in Bosnia in the 1990s. Boris Johnson’s comment about Muslims there is an outrage

I don’t care if he wrote it 23 years ago – Boris Johnson should have been apologising to Bosnian Muslims ever since. Writing about the Srebrenica massacre, which happened 25 years ago today (July 11), Johnson stated in 1997: “They weren’t exactly angels, these Muslims.” It’s yet another example of England’s Shame being unable to hold his tongue, therefore proving his imbecility to the world. Let’s go over the details for those who may not be aware of them: a quarter of a century ago, Serbs led by Ratko Mladic…

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Blame shifting Tories accuse BBC over end of free licences for over-75s

This is stomach-turning hypocrisy from the party that hoodwinked the UK into giving it an 80-seat Parliamentary majority. The Independent explains what’s going on: The BBC is to end free TV licences for most over-75s from 1 August, after the plan was delayed by two months because of the coronavirus pandemic. The broadcaster was due to introduce means-testing at the start of June. The policy changes mean more than 3 million households will need to pay the £157.50 fee from August, according to the BBC. That’s bad enough, and you might think…

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Tories STILL have no strategy to provide PPE in coming second wave of Covid-19

The UK government does not have a clear strategy to acquire and distribute the equipment needed to protect clinical and care workers in a second wave of coronavirus, parliament’s spending watchdog has warned. Here‘s The Guardian: The public accounts committee on Wednesday insisted that ministers should return after the summer with a detailed explanation of how they plan to stock the NHS and care sector with gowns, masks, eye protection and gloves. MPs on the cross-party committee said they were “extremely concerned” by shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the…

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