Labour’s rail plan – what we need, rather than what we want?

The Labour Party seems to have a real problem with offering the public what the public has demanded. Faced with demand for the railways to be renationalised, they seem set to announce a plan in which private firms compete with a public service for franchises. The promise of privatisation had been that the new franchise-holders would keep prices down, and any investment should be made by the companies concerned. In fact, fares and taxpayer investment have rocketed since the railways were privatised by the last full Conservative government in the…

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Public sector – good/private sector – bad

Many of you may be aware that I live in a large county called Powys, that has a small population. This means that the amount of money the local authority receives from central government and local taxation is always stretched very thin, in order to provide the services required across – what is it? – 6,000 square miles. Given that context, it should come as no surprise at all that some of the information I have been receiving about the way that money is being spent has raised concern. It…

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