Thugs who don’t understand the rules are terrorising people over face masks

Look at this: a woman has received abuse for not wearing a mask while out in England – even though she is exempt. The problem isn’t just that the abusers don’t understand the rules. It’s that they don’t care. They’re using Covid-19 restrictions to bully people – especially disabled people and their carers. That’s the result of 10 years of unremitting government anti-disablist propaganda. So not only do they think it is okay to abuse Louise Sharp, of Whitley Bay, for not wearing a mask when she needs to have…

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If May is being bullied by Boris Johnson, why should she ever stand down?

We stand up to bullies, here in the UK, don’t we? Oh, sorry, did I miss a memo? Theresa May is supposed to stand aside because Boris Johnson is bullying her? The man who said Sirte in Libya would be a brilliant tourist destination after they “cleared away” all the dead bodies? The man who repeated a colonial poem by Kipling in a Myanmar temple, only to be told it was “not appropriate” by his own ambassador? The man who was told by Tory grandee Kenneth Clarke that he needed to…

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Jobseekers told to do more to find (non-existent) work

WARNING: This article has been edited using the ‘Guide to DWP euphemisms’ published by Richard Hutton, and with inspiration from it. New rules coming into force at the end of the month mean jobseekers will have to do more to find work – even though there are currently five of them for every job available – the Department for Work and Pensions has announced. Simply ‘signing-on’ for benefits will be a thing of the past under the draconian and repressive new rules. Employment Minister and double-standards queen Esther McVey has…

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Private company given contract to harass the long-term sick

The Department for Work and Pensions is setting up a new “service” offering “advice” to people who are off work with an illness for more than four weeks. No reference is made to improving people’s health. It should also be noted that sickness absence in the UK is among the lowest in Europe, and has halved over the past decade. The announcement was made on the BBC News website shortly after midnight. Nothing has appeared on the Government’s own website so it seems the Corporation has gone back to being…

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Will the government really penalise GPs whose patients opt out of data sharing?

It seems the government has found a way to dissuade GPs from letting patients opt out of having their medical records sold to private firms – the threat of penalties or even an investigation into the way they run their practice. Vox Political revealed earlier this month that the government is planning to make a profit from selling the private records of NHS patients in England to healthcare and pharmaceutical firms. The records are said to be ‘anonymised’, but in fact anyone buying your details will be able to identify…

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