Should we have any sympathy for Leave-voting farmers facing bankruptcy after ‘No Deal’ Brexit?

A former chief economist for the National Farmers’ Union has said one in three farms could be driven out of business within five years if Brexit continues without a trade deal with the EU. According to Farmers Weekly: Sean Rickard said half of all farms were already unprofitable – and would be even less so after the government phased out direct payments to growers and livestock producers. The situation would deteriorate further with no deal, he added. Didn’t these people all vote for Brexit? This Writer remembers attending pre-referendum meetings here…

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‘No deal’ Brexit looking more likely as UK negotiator rattles his sabre at the EU

If the UK government is not “scared” of leaving the EU without a trade deal, then it is because the interests of UK government ministers will not be harmed. Reading between the lines of the BBC’s story, perhaps they expect the taxpayer to fund any businesses in which they have an interest? The downside is that UK negotiator David Frost is saying your Tory government couldn’t care less if your business crashes to dust as a result of high tariffs that will be imposed by the EU nations in January. Both…

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Sunak threatens tax raid in yet another Tory u-turn

This won’t play well with the Tory backbenchers: after u-turn after u-turn over Covid-19 and schools, their government is promising yet another u-turn – over tax. Tories pride themselves on being a tax-cutting party. But Rishi Sunak is said to be threatening not just one but several tax hikes: The Tories promising a tonne of tax increases after winning an election pledging the precise opposite. It’s like the early 90s again (except without the gdp growth, historic deficits and impending climate catastrophe). — Aaron Bastani (@AaronBastani) August 29, 2020 And…

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The list of Tory donors to boycott is growing. If you really want to beat them, starve them of cash

The response to my article calling for people to stop buying products provided by firms that donate to the Conservative Party had a great response. Originally I intended to update that article with new additions to the list of Tory donor firms, but it occurs to me that this may not attract as many readers as regular (or semi-regular) updates, so I’m taking the latter route. I am aware that some respondents have expressed scepticism about the idea. It won’t produce results overnight, that’s for sure – but then, we’re…

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If you want to stop the Tory class war, boycott the businesses that help them

In a previous article I called for anyone harmed by Tory policies – like students whose ‘A’ level results were downgraded at random by the Department of Education, relatives of people who have died of Covid-19 and so on – to do what they can to stop the Johnson government at a grassroots level. This means starving it of cash. The way to do that is to boycott businesses that are run by Tories or that donate to the Tory Party; if you run a business, deny employment to graduates…

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Tory donor who supported Johnson bets AGAINST UK firms post-Brexit

What a charmer this Crispin Odey is! After backing Boris Johnson to win the Conservative Party leadership contest, he has gone on to bet against at least 16 UK companies. He reckons their share prices will plummet post-Brexit. We may safely (I think) conclude that he is making this prediction on the back of Mr Johnson’s win. So he thought BoJob would be bad for the UK – and backed him to win in order to make money betting on British businesses crashing as a result. And the Conservative Party is…

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Did you know that the Tories are seducing English GPs into an American-style health system – RIGHT NOW?

I’ve only just found out about this and it is scandalous. The Conservative government is pushing a new “GP contract” on local medical practices in England, demanding that your family doctor should sign up to the creation of “Primary Care Networks” based on a US-style model of “integrated care”. The traditional doctor/patient relationship will end. You will lose the right to see your GP. Continuity of care will end. Your GP may think they are signing up for something better, as doctors are being promised more money and more nursing…

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Labour would halt RBS privatisation – in return for investment

  This looks like Labour’s plan for a national investment bank, writ smaller. A Labour government would halt privatisation because it would not profit the state. This makes perfect sense – far more than the current Tory plan to sell to the rich at a loss for the poor. But the offer is only to delay continued privatisation of RBS – and only if the bank commits itself to lending money to the regions, and to small businesses. For This Writer, it is not enough. RBS played a large part…

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£80m for Nissan to invest in the UK but Brexit put a stop to it – leaving exposed Tory liars in its wake

“There’s no cheque book. I don’t have a cheque book,” said Business Secretary Greg Clark on the BBC’s Question Time in 2016, after he was asked if he had done a “sweetheart” deal to keep Nissan in the UK. He lied. He had offered a secret package of state aid to Nissan that could have been worth up to £80 million, if the car manufacturer had gone ahead with its plan to make the new X-Trail in Sunderland. When a state aid package was formally awarded to Nissan last year, it…

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Crazy: Theresa May thinks she can hold us to ransom over Brexit

The latest stage of the slow-motion Brexit train crash has unfolded in Parliament, with Theresa May promising the Earth if only MPs will support her abysmal “deal”. If her plan passes Parliament, she tells us, she will involve MPs, business groups and unions in the next phase of negotiations. Not only that, but she has guaranteed to strengthen workers’ rights and environmental protections post-Brexit. Oh, and she’ll do something about the Northern Irish backstop – but it seems clear that she has no idea what that will be. She hasn’t…

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