Leaked report warns of Covid-Brexit “horror show” – remember THIS IS WHAT BORIS JOHNSON WANTS

A Cabinet Office “reasonable worst-case” report on the effects of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit combining with another wave of Covid-19 has laid out exactly what Boris Johnson wanted for the UK when he became PM. Johnson, you’ll remember, did not want any trade deals with the European Union after the UK leaves that bloc. It was widely believed that this is because the hedge fund managers who supported his bid to be Tory leader have bet heavily on the UK going into recession, with many big-name firms going out of business.…

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Cabinet Office inquiry expected to clear Patel of bullying. But what will the courts do?

Read this – it’s not a good thing: Priti Patel is expected to be cleared this week of bullying senior civil servants in three separate government departments, Whitehall sources have confirmed. The home secretary had been accused of breaching the ministerial code by mistreating staff at the Home Office, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Department for International Trade. Reports of her impending clearance have prompted condemnation of the Cabinet Office inquiry process, which is conducted in secret and offers no recourse for complainants. Boris Johnson has already…

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Outcry as Starmer promotes anti-Semite supporter Rachel Reeves into Shadow Cabinet

Keir Starmer seems to be sending mixed messages at the moment. After practically prostituting himself to the witch-hunters of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Community Security Trust, Jewish Labour Movement and so on – who are keen to see him expel previous leader Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party, he has made Rachel Reeves Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Ms Reeves is currently infamous for praising Nancy Astor who, besides being the first female MP, was a notorious anti-Semite. Unacceptable that Rachel Reeves has been given…

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Has hand-shaking Johnson taken his whole cabinet down with coronavirus?

Not only has Boris Johnson been found to have the coronavirus, but his Health Secretary Matt Hancock is self-isolating with symptoms too. How long until the rest of the Tory cabinet come down with it? They’ve all been in close contact with each other, especially in the days before the country was locked down. And Mr Johnson’s attitude to the disease was deplored as irresponsible, even after it was known to be in the UK. Remember when he said, “I can tell you that I am shaking hands continuously. I…

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Reshuffle resignation shames Johnson’s shambolic government

It says everything you need to know about Boris Johnson’s leadership that the big news today (February 13) hasn’t been his own cabinet reshuffle – but a resignation in protest against advisor Dominic Cummings. We’re being told that Sajid Javid has resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer in protest at being told to fire his team of special advisors. Apparently the prime minister’s office had told him to use SpAds from Number 10 instead, to “make it all one team”, but he had said no self-respecting minister would have accepted…

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Is Cleverly for the chop in coming Cabinet reshuffle – along with a lot of ladies?

It seems James Cleverly’s time at the top is finally running out – and it can’t end soon enough, in This Writer’s view. Mr Cleverly simply isn’t smart enough to hold a top job in government. Besides, with Boris Johnson as prime minister, we don’t need two idiots with their feet in their mouths at the same time. Apparently, some think this is harsh treatment after Cleverly presided over a heavy defeat for the Labour Party – but that had very little to do with him. It seems he’ll be…

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Tory incompetence: Cabinet Office publishes home addresses of Honours recipients

They really can’t complain. We can be sure most of the New Year Honours recipients voted for this kind of Tory ineptitude so they can’t make much of a fuss about having received it. Yes, the Tory-run Cabinet Office has managed to publish the home addresses of celebrities including Elton John and cricketer Ben Stokes, alongside those of police officers, politicians like Iain Duncan Smith and Ministry of Defence staff, and hundreds of “unsung” local heroes. The Tory government even made the details available in an easily-downloadable list – to…

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Johnson spits on democracy: he’s putting ousted MP Goldsmith in the Lords to keep him in the Cabinet

Remember that racist Tory? No, not Boris Johnson. The one who ran a despicable campaign to become Mayor of London by making racist comments about Labour candidate (and now Mayor) Sadiq Khan, who was labelled “the Muslim”. Remember him? His name was Zac Goldsmith. After his racist mayoral campaign failed, he went back to being Tory MP for Richmond – until he was removed from Parliament by the democratic vote of the people on Thursday, December 12. Apparently that’s not good enough for our prime mop-headed muppet Boris Johnson. He…

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Amber Rudd quits the cabinet and Conservative party – of her own accord. But who’ll replace her?

You know the situation in the Conservative government must be bad when Amber Rudd quits the cabinet – wihout being forced out. Ms Rudd famously resigned as Home Secretary in the midst of the Windrush Scandal to divert blame from Theresa May (who had been the Home Secretary most responsible for it but who was prime minister at the time the scandal hit). This time she has resigned from her role as Work and Pensions Secretary – and from the Conservative Party itself – because she thinks the Tories are…

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Caroline Lucas’s call for all-female, all-WHITE cabinet to fight no-deal Brexit attracts mockery

This was Green MP Caroline Lucas’s attempt to stop Jeremy Corbyn from forming a government after he wins a ‘no confidence’ vote in Boris Johnson’s government. It will be a relief for Corbyn supporters that her plan is so badly flawed that any of the other women she had suggested for it would be fools to support it. Here’s how The Guardian reported her plan: The Green MP, Caroline Lucas, has thrown down the gauntlet to 10 high-profile female politicians over blocking a no-deal Brexit, proposing a cabinet of national unity…

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