This man will die of cancer because the Tories weakened the NHS. They might as well have killed him themselves

Back in March, This Site quoted oncologist Karol Sikora, writing in Mail Online, of all places, about fears that the diversion of NHS resources to Covid-19 would lead to the preventable death of cancer patients. The expert wrote: “Capacity within the healthcare system – in both the public and independent sectors – is going to be tested to the limit and perhaps beyond. “We are already seeing decisions in place to stop or reduce chemotherapy treatments. “It would be sad if young men with fully curable testicular cancer or adolescents with…

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As routine NHS care grinds to a halt, pray you don’t need tests for cancer

Here’s how you work out how badly the government’s Covid-19 strategy has failed the NHS and the people of the UK. The waiting list to be tested for conditions including cancer is now 16 times longer than it was before the crisis began. Here are the figures, courtesy of the Mirror: Patients waiting more than six weeks have increased from 30,000 to 469,000 as routine NHS care ground to a halt during the coronavirus crisis. Those waiting for lifesaving Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans to detect tumours throughout the body increased from 5,733…

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Tories text cancer, transplant and asthma patients to axe them from shielding list

What the actual blazes is the Tory government trying to do now? The apparently unilateral decision to axe people with serious medical conditions from the shielding list will undoubtedly have severe consequences. (Although This Writer’s own contact who is on the shielding list only ever received one food parcel, in any event. It came unheralded and unlabelled and he had no idea what it was at first.) People with cancer, liver disease or severe asthma have been dropped from the UK government’s coronavirus shielding list by text message before their…

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Coronavirus: are people with disabilities being left to starve – in breach of the Tory government’s pledge?

Claims that some people with disabilities could slip through a government safety net and be left to starve are understated. Where is the safety net? According to Disability News Service, the government announced that 1.5 million disabled people had been categorised as “extremely vulnerable” to the virus and would receive regular deliveries of basic groceries if they do not have their own support network of friends and family. The list includes those with severe respiratory conditions, many people on immunosuppression therapies, and those with certain cancers. DNS quoted a disabled Baptist minister who…

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Tory destruction of NHS means curable cancer patients may suffer due to coronavirus

Tory policies that have starved the National Health Service of vital funding and resources mean people with curable forms of cancer could die as efforts are diverted to the fight against coronavirus. That’s what This Writer takes from oncologist Karol Sikora’s article on Mail Online. He writes: In the next few weeks capacity within the healthcare system – in both the public and independent sectors – is going to be tested to the limit and perhaps beyond. We are already seeing decisions in place to stop or reduce chemotherapy treatments. It…

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When is a public health service NOT a public health service? When it’s run by TORIES

The Conservatives will swear blind that the National Health Service is still a publicly-owned, universal system because it is free at the point of use – falsely. It isn’t a universal system any more because, after some services were sold off to private firms, those firms have chosen not to provide them in certain parts of the country. And it isn’t free at the point of use any more – obviously – because patients who have been left high and dry by the privateers in the NHS have been forced…

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Should this Home Secretary be held responsible for asylum-seeker’s cancer death?

It seems the Tory-run home office isn’t happy with the misery it has caused with the Windrush scandal and its “hostile environment” policy – it has branched out into causing death by withholding healthcare. Kelemua Mulat died after the Home Office said she should be refused life-saving cancer treatment. The excuse was that there was confusion over whether she should be charged for the treatment. That is an administrative matter. The immediate concern should have been ensuring that she did receive treatment – not who pays for it. Perhaps we should…

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Like so many others, this latest DWP tragedy is heartbreaking – and preventable

Carol Jones was more than £2,000 in debt when she died of cancer, because the Department for Work and Pensions had stopped all of her benefits. Ms Jones, 65, who had been fighting liver cancer for two years, had been admitted to the Royal Stoke University Hospital in May and then a Leek care home before losing her fight for life last week. She had not received any of the DWP’s correspondence and had therefore been unable to respond to it. Fortunately her twin brother David Agar discovered the debt –…

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Typical DWP: How much cancer do you need to have before qualifying for benefits?

Katie Larn told the BBC she thinks the assessor who carried out a home visit to determine whether she qualified for PIP had decided she didn’t look sick enough. I wonder if the assessor worked for Capita? She’d had one session of chemotherapy then, had not yet lost her hair and steroids she was taking had not yet taken effect, making her put weight on. But of course, a visual assessment is known not to be worth anything at all. The worst of it is that the DWP would probably…

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Tributes after Jeremy Hardy – possibly the UK’s funniest political commentator – dies of cancer

This is a bitter blow. I never knew Jeremy Hardy personally. He performed here in Mid Wales several times (if I recall correctly) but I never got to see him due to my own poverty. I had other priorities and I think he would have sympathised with my choices. Instead, I had to make do with enjoying his many appearances on radio shows including I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue and The News Quiz, in which we were privileged to hear a man with an incisive mind cut through the propaganda of…

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