Leaked report warns of Covid-Brexit “horror show” – remember THIS IS WHAT BORIS JOHNSON WANTS

A Cabinet Office “reasonable worst-case” report on the effects of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit combining with another wave of Covid-19 has laid out exactly what Boris Johnson wanted for the UK when he became PM. Johnson, you’ll remember, did not want any trade deals with the European Union after the UK leaves that bloc. It was widely believed that this is because the hedge fund managers who supported his bid to be Tory leader have bet heavily on the UK going into recession, with many big-name firms going out of business.…

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Court threat for Matt Hancock over whether ‘test and trace’ system keeps your personal information safe

Health Secretary Matt Hancock could be dragged into court after the Tory government failed to show that its Covid-19 ‘test and trace’ system protects people’s personal information. More than 150,000 people have had their personal information handled by the scheme since it was rushed into service on May 28, but the government has failed to conduct a risk assessment showing how these details will be protected from falling into the wrong hands. This is required in accordance with a law that the Conservative government passed. Now Matt Hancock has until…

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Doctor launches court case against Tories over Covid-19 care home death of her dad

This is what happens when government policy on Covid-19 cases causes the death of someone related to a doctor. Cathy Gardner launched a high court claim on Friday (June 12) after her father, Michael Gibson, a retired superintendent of births, marriages and deaths, died in an Oxfordshire care home in early April. He became infected after a patient who tested positive for the virus was discharged from hospital into the home. It was Tory policy to send infected care home residents back to their homes, where they would be able…

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Leaked Labour report shows Riley libel case is based on a falsehood

This is not a good look for Rachel Riley: And of course Rachel Riley is supporting her pet lawyer: pic.twitter.com/TvC0i1eZVJ — Free Speech 3.5% ☮ (@FreeSpeech_0) April 14, 2020 Her tweet refers to a threat by her lawyer, Mark Lewis, to sue people publicising the leaked Labour Party report on how its officers handled (or rather, didn’t) accusations of anti-Semitism by members. The substantive revelation is that Labour’s leadership – especially Jeremy Corbyn – was not at fault in its attempts to handle the issue; it was hampered by right-wing…

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Don’t expect the papers to report Riley libel trial straight

I finally got round to reading the Daily Mail‘s report of the court hearing in the Rachel Riley libel case on December 11 – and all I can say is: how disappointing! The result of the hearing was that the judge rejected most of Ms Riley’s claims about the meaning of my article, and the members of her legal team were told to go away and rethink their charges against me. So why did the author of the Mail report lead on a claim that Ms Riley had been wrongly accused of being…

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Target set to fund next hearing in Riley libel fightback

The legal team advising me on my defence against Rachel Riley’s libel claim need another £6,684. That will provide enough to fund our submissions at the preliminary hearing on December 11. The hearing will establish the meaning of the words Ms Riley claims are libellous, and whether they are fact or honest opinion. It is crucial to the case. And it’s needed by the end of November. So I have to beg your collective indulgence yet again, as I must rely on your generosity to pay for my defence. Please:…

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This reader’s video of support for Mike’s libel fight against Rachel Riley is humbling

I haven’t been keeping up with Twitter as much as I should recently. I know, it’s remiss of me, but when one is under attack by people who are constantly lying, it can be a little wearing. Sadly, it means I may have been missing some incredibly strong messages of support as well. I’ve never met Cornish Damo, except online, where I have enjoyed his contributions to This Site and to Twitter. I had no idea of the effect my articles have had on him until I saw what follows.…

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Little things can make a huge difference – especially in Mike’s libel case

The CrowdJustice campaign raising funds to fight libel claims against me (Mike Sivier) by Rachel Riley and Tracy Ann Oberman has reached – and passed – its stretch target of £25,000. Thanks and well done, everyone!​ Sadly Ms Riley has filed court proceedings individually and this means I need at least £10,000 more, in order to mount a successful initial defence. I may need much more later, if this celebrity persists in trying to prove that she has enough money to silence me. (Because, let’s face it, she doesn’t have a case.…

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Mrs Mike’s emotional support for Vox Political writer against Riley lawsuit

Those of you who follow my Vox Political website will be aware that I am a carer for a person with a long term illness and disabilities – and I have to report that she isn’t happy. I don’t think there’s much to say beyond her own words, so here she is: “Woke up bad after Mike got his letter saying Rachel Riley is taking him to court for standing up for a teenage girl she bullied. “All I was thinking was what if he loses, what’s going to happen to us,…

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Riley’s followers try to ‘dogpile’ Mike over CrowdJustice page

In my previous update, I drew your attention to the fact that Rachel Riley’s solicitor reckons my CrowdJustice page is an “aggravating” factor in the libel she reckons I have committed against her. This information comes in a letter that doesn’t actually assert that any of my claims about her are untrue. Apparently my mention of the facts of the case here means the upset and harm caused to her was “greatly exacerbated”. It’s nice to know this page is so popular (and it certainly does seem to be, as…

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