Heatwave exposes failures of Tory UK to cope with climate change

This Site received a strange response to the article on Tory class war yesterday (August 14), to the effect that I should be writing about climate change instead. In fact, the two are intertwined. The Conservatives don’t accept climate change because the changes that acceptance would require would bite into the profits of their donors – and therefore into their own funds. The recent/current heatwave has brought the issue into sharp focus. This Writer has been stewing, every day – and the nightly thunderstorms, while entertaining, didn’t make up for…

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Did Tory-run DWP change rules on cancelling benefits to avoid humiliation in court?

The Department for Work and Pensions has quietly changed its rules on stopping benefits of vulnerable claimants – after relatives of a man who died of starvation won the right to have a judicial review. Relatives of Errol Graham were granted permission for a judicial review of DWP policies after the department failed to review and revise them itself, following his death. The DWP ignored its own safeguarding advice to deprive Errol Graham of his benefits, This Site reported previously. Left with no income, Mr Graham starved to death. He…

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Floodgates open as 300+ disabled people issue court claim for Universal Credit cash

A landmark court ruling looks set to cost the Tory government a small fortune as people with disabilities line up to demand their lost cash. More than 300 people are involved in this initial claim – but solicitors Leigh Day reckon more than 13,000 could be owed lost income totalling £170 per month or more. Here are the details: More than 300 severely disabled people have issued a claim in the High Court for lost income under the universal credit system. The group, represented by Leigh Day solicitors, say they…

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Why aren’t Tory voters furious after their party u-turned on free school meals and all their other disastrous policies?

This Twitter user makes a very good point: Tory voters: you voted for hungry children, you demanded hungry children, and now the government you elected to produce the hungry children has let you down. You must be furious. You should write to your MPs and demand children be forced to go hungry, like you voted for. — simon maginn (@simonmaginn) June 16, 2020 Mr Maginn is absolutely right. If you voted Conservative, you voted for a party that would starve your children in the school holidays. Why aren’t you demanding…

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DWP faces legal action over lost benefit cash – from no fewer than 275 people with disabilities

It seems people with disabilities are seizing the opportunity granted them by a landmark court ruling – and taking legal action against the government over lost benefit income. Leigh Day solicitors have sent a pre-action protocol letter to Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey on behalf of no fewer than 275 former claimants of disability benefits who say changes forced on them by the government department deprived them of £170 per month – or more. They say they lost the cash because they were moved on to Universal Credit before January…

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Independent Group for Change’s financial records were destroyed

Remember Change UK, the company-pretending-to-be-a-political-party that went through multiple name-changes in its short life? Well, it seems the auditor handling the wind-up has discovered irregularities. Will anything come of it – prosecutions? Doubtful. Should prosecutions happen? Hard to tell. Politicians seem to get away with so much these days, it’s impossible to tell whether they’re innocent of wrongdoing or not. Staff at the Independent Group for Change, the disbanded party established by centrist MPs in 2019, “inappropriately destroyed” financial records, a report by its auditors has found. According to the…

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How we can use measures to tackle COVID-19 to beat climate change

A guest article by Harry Fenton. While governments across the world have responded swiftly to the COVID-19 pandemic with unprecedented lockdowns and restrictions, there has been no urgency by them or the global community to address climate change – which is a huge threat we have known about since the 1980s and have had plenty of time to do something about it. While COVID-19 is a short-term crisis causing many illnesses and deaths as well as temporary economic damage, climate change is a long-term threat to humanity and the planet…

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How many people died because the DWP tampered with their benefit applications?

We’ve made the claim before; now Scotland’s Daily Record says it has proof. The Tories have tampered with benefit claims to starve us of cash. Think about that. Think about all the people who have died after being denied benefits – either after being driven to despair and suicide, or by the worsening of their illnesses and disabilities, or by starvation. How many of those happened because the Tories changed their benefit claims – lied about them? See for yourself: We lifted the lid on the practice over a year ago…

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Trump’s ‘prophets of doom’ speech suggests the UK should NOT enter trade deal with him

If the UK enters a trade deal with Donald Trump, won’t it be joining an ‘axis of doom’ with one of the world’s principle climate crisis deniers? That’s the message from his speech at Davos, where the US president made clear that he was not planning to change his country’s high-carbon economy. The man who has absolute power to dominate, transform and control the lives of most people in the world decried climate protesters for demanding “absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives.” That’s a…

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This leading Tory just made a mockery of his party’s claims about the climate crisis

So much for green Conservatism. Matt Hancock has said he’s happy for the entire planet to burn, as long as businesspeople get to their meetings a bit quicker. Oh, and he’s the Health Secretary, by the way. Do you think that might be the reason the Tories have helped save the airline Flybe, when they couldn’t give a damn about retail firms like Mothercare (for example)? This Conservative government is a sick joke – and the laugh is on everybody who voted for it. The Tory Health Secretary has declared…

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