Margaret Thatcher defended a colleague accused of child abuse, MI5 files reveal

It’s not proof positive that the Conservative Party supports paedophilia; more like proof that the Tories are historically indifferent to child abuse by their colleagues. Mrs Thatcher has long been known to have enjoyed the company of at least one high-profile paedophile – Jimmy Savile – so this revelation about her is just more evidence supporting a trend. However: There are questions about the current Conservative Party; about members who have been convicted of child abuse offences yet have not been expelled. The issue is that the Conservatives simply don’t…

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Trial date for Cameron aide who allegedly made indecent images of children

Thanks to knowledgeable Vox Political readers, it is now possible to state that the trial of Patrick Rock will begin on May 31, 2016, following a pre-trial hearing on February 27. Here are the details: Judge Alistair McCreath, sitting at Southwark crown court, granted Patrick Rock bail until trial date in May. Rock was originally charged back in June 2014 with three counts of making an indecent photograph of a child in August 2013. He was also charged with possession of 59 indecent images of children. Mr Rock was one…

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Does anybody know the result of the Cameron aide child abuse court appearance?

Sometimes things get lost in the rush – especially if they’re hushed up. So Patrick Rock, the former aide of David Cameron who had to resign after being arrested and charged with possessing imagery of children being abused, appeared before a judge at Southwark Crown Court on October 16. This Blog warned last month that the case would fade into obscurity again unless somebody attended that court on the day and was able to publicise the date to which it was adjourned. Obviously This Writer could not attend as Southwark…

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Court appearance for Cameron aide on child abuse charges

At long last, Patrick Rock – the former deputy head of 10 Downing Street’s policy unit and aide to David Cameron – is to appear on court to answer charges that he possessed imagery of children being abused. He will appear at Southwark Crown Court for legal argument on October 16 – more than 20 months after his original arrest. This information was obtained by a member of the public, in spite of protracted attempts by the Cabinet Office to claim that it had no information about what was going…

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Labour pledges to tackle child abuse

Labour has announced its new policies to deal with child abuse, including tougher powers for the police to stop abusers and a new child protection delivery unit to work across Government and drive progress in preventing abuse and exploitation. According to Labour, these new measures are being announced alongside new data showing that police forces are struggling to keep up with the big increase in cases coming forward at the same time as they face major staffing cuts. Although there has been a big increase in child protection conferences (organised…

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Is the Telegraph withholding emails that could help the inquiry into child abuse?

Thanks today go to Vox Political commenter concernedkev, who brought this writer’s attention to a piece by Labour MP Tom Watson. It’s self-explanatory so here it is: I have had cause to write to [the Telegraph] about a disturbing allegation shared with me by Chris Bryant MP. They just ignored me. My letter was prompted by a conversation I had with Chris. He told me that he’d had lunch at the Quirinale restaurant with Telegraph political correspondent Matthew Holehouse. [We won’t quote this part because there is a direct quote from Mr…

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Don’t believe the critics – Labour’s plans are good for Britain

What do you think of the Labour Party conference this year? It’s a loaded question and one that is bound to elicit loaded answers. The propaganda machines of the other parties have been working overtime to discredit Her Majesty’s Opposition, with Scottish people who wanted independence (the minority, let’s remember) claiming Labour lied to them, UKIP supporters adamant that the party is full of child abusers (based on a BNP propaganda website, which should tell anyone with a brain all they need to know), and of course the Tories doing…

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Butler-Sloss quits child abuse inquiry – under pressure from SOCIAL media?

Would anybody argue with the suggestion that the social media – including blogs like Vox Political – played the largest part in the removal of Baroness Butler-Sloss from the government’s inquiry into historical child sex abuse investigations? Until yesterday, Lady Butler-Sloss was adamant that there was no reason she could not head up the inquiry, even though her past associations with people she might have to investigate included her own brother, the late Sir Michael Havers, who was attorney general in the 1980s. It was the social media that found…

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The security services are already snooping on us – why aren’t we out in the streets about it?

No matter what Nick Clegg might say, the Coalition government will be reintroducing – and rushing into effect – Theresa May’s long-cherished Snooper’s Charter on Monday. This is her plan to ride roughshod over your right to privacy by requiring telecommunications companies to keep a complete record of all of your telephone and Internet communications. While the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill does not include the content of the calls or messages, it does include the location of the people called, the date and time of the call and the…

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Cameron aide charged over child abuse images – at long last

Patrick Rock, a former aide of David Cameron and protege of Margaret Thatcher, has been charged with three counts of making an indecent photograph of a child, and with possession of 59 indecent images of children – more than four months after he was arrested on suspicion of child pornography offences. Crown Prosecution Service lawyers assessed the images as Level C, meaning they showed sexual activity between adults and children. This is the man who, as deputy head of 10 Downing Street’s policy unit, had been working on policies that…

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