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Here’s why all the Brexit focus is on Labour: the Tories are fighting a silent civil war

Theresa May at Policy Exchange, wondering which policies she can exchange for peace within her own political party.

This Site has mentioned the Tory problem with Brexit before, I think – but let’s make it clear: Any announcement Theresa Maybe makes will trigger division among her own party.

Conservative backbenchers were at each other’s throats over the EU before the referendum and they will be again. So will Mrs May’s cabinet, as it contains both Remainers and Quitters.

The longer she delays any policy announcements, the more she manufactures vacuous soundbites like “Brexit means Brexit”, or “Red, white and blue Brexit”, the worse it is likely to be for her and her party in the end.

The Conservative Party is, in fact, far more divided over Brexit than Labour ever could be; divisions or contradictions in Labour have to be manufactured by right-wing journalists, as we have seen today (January 10).

Perhaps those journalists would be better-employed demanding no more delay from Mrs May. Let the Tory blood-letting commence.

The reason why Theresa May is so silent on her Brexit plans is because, as soon as she comes off the fence, the Tory party civil war on Europe will flare up again in public.

The divisions between those who consider it vital that Britain continues to participate in the single market and those who are determined to wrench Britain away from any connection to Europe run deep.

On the one hand, people like Michael Gove say:

We don’t want or need to be in the single market (…) We don’t want to be bound by being members of the customs union. Outside we can negotiate new trade deals with emerging economies. Inside we’re trapped.

On the other hand Tory grandee and former chancellor Ken Clarke argues that “you cannot leave a market of 500 million people without making yourself poorer than you otherwise would be” and Anna Soubry, former business minister, has called on her leader to “show she’s prepared to stand up to the hardline, fall-off-a-cliff Brexiteers and say, ‘no, we’re not going to do it your way’”.

Within the Tory party, anyone who calls for a more specific definition than ‘Brexit means Brexit’ is dubbed one of the ‘new bastards.’

Source: The Tory civil war will re-ignite – Richard Corbett

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Want to know who we’ll be asked to fight in a few years? Find out who’s buying our weapons now!

There is an easy way to stop wars with foreign countries: Stop selling them weapons!

There is an easy way to stop wars with foreign countries: Stop selling them weapons!

If there’s one thing that all politicians believe, it seems, it is that history will teach us nothing.

That’s the only explanation possible for Vince Cable selling the ingredients to make chemical weapons to Syria, 10 months into that country’s civil war.

Does he not remember how the United States gave money, weapons and training to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war – then launched its own war against Iraq after that country got too big for its boots and invaded Kuwait? Does he not remember the 16 British firms that suppled weapons to that country?

The sale of weapons to foreign countries is always a bad move. Look at the Iran-Contra affair – again involving our good buddies the United States. Weapons were sold to Iran – so America was funding both sides of the Iran-Iraq war – and the proceeds used to fund the Contras in Nicaragua – another war!

Now we have a Tory-led Coalition government that wanted to get into that morally-dodgy but lucrative weapons-selling action, it seems.

So in January 2012, 10 months after violence erupted in Syria, Vince Cable licensed the exporting of potassium fluoride and sodium fluoride to the Syrian government – both chemicals being ingredients of nerve gas.

The chemicals were sold under licences that specified they should be used for making aluminium structures like window frames – but the government has refused to identify the licence holders. Dodgy!

Sarin, the gas thought to have been used in an attack last month that killed nearly 1,500 people, can be made from such ingredients.

This means that, in the same way as the United States with Iraq, it is entirely possible that the Coalition government wanted British troops to attack Syria in response to a situation that the Coalition government created!

And then, when Labour – along with Tory and Liberal Democrat rebels – actually put a stop to this insanity, some of these people actually had the front to try to steal the moral high ground, accusing them of perpetuating a war that was killing children!

Remember when Vox Political published an article last November, about David Cameron selling arms and aircraft to countries in the Middle East? It seems this is what comes of that sort of thing.

On that occasion, he was selling Typhoon jet fighters to Middle East nations. How long before we’re told we have to go and shoot down however many of them he managed to sell?