Hancock lied yet again: if anything, suicides have INCREASED during the Covid-19 pandemic

There was a time when lying to Parliament meant immediate expulsion but don’t expect to see deceitful health secretary Matt Hancock thrown out on his ear. When the whole government is corrupt, he is merely one liar among many. His latest attempt to mislead us is in the number of people committing suicide. He told the Commons that figures for England showed a decrease but this is not true. Here’s Full Fact: “Some cautiously positive news announced today ​by the Office for National Statistics shows that the number of suicides during the…

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PMQs: here’s how Badmouther Boris got from his exams failure to accusing Keir Starmer of IRA sympathy

Prime ministerial failure Boris Johnson showed us all he had no answers about the ‘A’ level results scandal when he wandered off in the middle of PMQs and started accusing Keir Starmer of sympathising with the IRA – by proxy. The Labour leader had asked a reasonable question – when did Johnson know that there was a problem with the algorithm used by Ofqual and the Department for Education to produce results, as exams hadn’t taken place? Johnson’s response was not only an insult to everybody whose results were tainted…

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Tories and ‘centrist’ hypocrites call for closure of fund to help Jeremy Corbyn fight legal battle

Fantasists who have spent years pretending Jeremy Corbyn was an anti-Semite are wailing in protest after a fund was set up to help him fight a legal battle. The broadcaster John Ware, who was responsible for last year’s risible Panorama ‘documentary’, Is Labour Antisemitic, is suing Corbyn over comments made by the former Labour leader and the official party line on the film at the time. In response – and after current Labour leader Keir Starmer went against legal advice provided to the party in order to reward former Labour apparatchiks who…

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Now Labour members must quit if they want to defend against anti-Semitism smears

The grounds on which the Labour Party wants to accuse people of anti-Semitism are getting more and more shaky. In this case, one of the accusations against Cllr Karen Sudan is that she has blocked Labour Against Anti-Semitism on Twitter. This is not an anti-Semitic act. Indeed, as LAAS is represented by extremely dodgy characters, Cllr Sudan should be praised for putting distance between herself and that group. It is the Labour Party that should be ashamed for supporting it. But then, Labour does have its blinkers on when choosing…

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Coronavirus: Tories endanger disabled people with homicidal choice between a rock and a hard place

What charmers these Tories are! They’re telling UK-based people with disabilities they have a choice between starving while waiting for their benefit claim to be honoured, and dying of Covid-19 because the Tory government is sending them back to work too soon: Disabled people and their carers are being put at risk of catching coronavirus by returning to the workplace after being missed off the government’s vulnerable list, the Guardian has learned. As Britain edges back to work, employers are understood to be denying some disabled people and carers paid…

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Family of man who starved to death after losing benefits launches lawsuit against DWP

Remember Errol Graham? He’s the man who starved to death after the Department for Work and Pensions cut off his ESA (Employment and Support Allowance). He had failed to attend a work capability assessment so the DWP cut him off without a penny. Assessors did not consider whether his mental health could have been the reason for his lack of response or whether termination of his benefits would put him at risk. When his body was discovered – by bailiffs trying to take possession of his home after his Housing Benefit…

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Suspend benefit cap to protect disabled people in coronavirus crisis? It’ll never happen under Tories!

It’s a good, solid, practical suggestion: with disabled people most at risk of financial loss during the coronavirus crisis, the government should suspend the penalties it has imposed on them in the last 10 years. These include the benefit cap and the “two-child policy” for benefits relating to children. Also suggested by the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) is conversion of the Universal Credit advance loan into a non-repayable grant. In fact, the DBC requests the suspension of all debt repayment deductions from UC. And the organisation calls on the government…

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Coronavirus: ‘Deluge’ of benefit claimants are about to learn what it’s like to deal with the DWP

This is going to be ugly. According to The Independent, the Department for Work and Pensions is bracing itself for a ‘deluge’ of benefit claims as businesses lay off workers in the face of the coronavirus crisis. Yes – people are losing their jobs, it seems, despite assurances from the government that it will pay up to 80 per cent of employees’ wages. It seems senior DWP officials have been told they will be sent to cover “frontline roles” to shore up services and deal with people who have lost their…

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Riley libel battle enters second year – and I need your help more than ever

It is hard to believe that it’s nearly a year since I received my first letter from Rachel Riley’s legal team, threatening me with a court trial for libel because I pointed out her hypocrisy. Ms Riley had complained that Channel 4 had to hire a bodyguard after her behaviour on Twitter prompted some people to make physical threats against her. I knew that her activities on that platform had also prompted her supporters to intimidate a teenage girl with mental health problems, causing her to fear for her life…

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It’s civil servants v Boris Johnson over Priti Patel’s bullying. Who’s going to believe the known liar?

Civil servants are now lining up to condemn Home Secretary Priti Patel, while she has support from liars like Boris Johnson and other former – disgraced – ministers like Liam Fox. A civil servant writing in The Guardian tells us: “Civil servants are supposed to silently get on with it while ministers take the flak… But this very British convention of public life… is now being shredded by an emboldened administration still flexing its muscular majority. “More colleagues are now coming forward with further allegations against Patel during her time as an employment minister in…

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