Heatwave exposes failures of Tory UK to cope with climate change

This Site received a strange response to the article on Tory class war yesterday (August 14), to the effect that I should be writing about climate change instead. In fact, the two are intertwined. The Conservatives don’t accept climate change because the changes that acceptance would require would bite into the profits of their donors – and therefore into their own funds. The recent/current heatwave has brought the issue into sharp focus. This Writer has been stewing, every day – and the nightly thunderstorms, while entertaining, didn’t make up for…

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How we can use measures to tackle COVID-19 to beat climate change

A guest article by Harry Fenton. While governments across the world have responded swiftly to the COVID-19 pandemic with unprecedented lockdowns and restrictions, there has been no urgency by them or the global community to address climate change – which is a huge threat we have known about since the 1980s and have had plenty of time to do something about it. While COVID-19 is a short-term crisis causing many illnesses and deaths as well as temporary economic damage, climate change is a long-term threat to humanity and the planet…

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Trump’s ‘prophets of doom’ speech suggests the UK should NOT enter trade deal with him

If the UK enters a trade deal with Donald Trump, won’t it be joining an ‘axis of doom’ with one of the world’s principle climate crisis deniers? That’s the message from his speech at Davos, where the US president made clear that he was not planning to change his country’s high-carbon economy. The man who has absolute power to dominate, transform and control the lives of most people in the world decried climate protesters for demanding “absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives.” That’s a…

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This leading Tory just made a mockery of his party’s claims about the climate crisis

So much for green Conservatism. Matt Hancock has said he’s happy for the entire planet to burn, as long as businesspeople get to their meetings a bit quicker. Oh, and he’s the Health Secretary, by the way. Do you think that might be the reason the Tories have helped save the airline Flybe, when they couldn’t give a damn about retail firms like Mothercare (for example)? This Conservative government is a sick joke – and the laugh is on everybody who voted for it. The Tory Health Secretary has declared…

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Tory candidates banned from pledges on NHS or climate – so BOTH are in danger

Doesn’t this say everything about the two-faced Tories? While they tell us they will protect our National Health Service and fight climate change, the Conservative Party leadership has told its candidates not to make any promises about either of them. The message is clear: The Tories will sell our NHS. And they will pursue policies that will harm the environment beyond the point of no return. There is only one way to stop this insanity: A Labour government. Conservative candidates in the general election will be told not to sign up to specific…

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Activists fighting climate change have won cast-iron support – from the Terminator himself

Even the Terminator can see that Greta Thunberg and the activism against climate change that she promotes deserve support – or at least the actor and former politician playing him can. Arnold Schwartzenegger, former Republican governor of California, has spoken out in support of Ms Thunberg’s environmental activism. It’s good to see the movement getting such high-profile support. Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed his support for environmental activist Greta Thunberg, after he offered to lend her an electric car so she could get around the US. The actor is currently doing…

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Worried about climate change? Then DON’T VOTE TORY!

Conservative MPs are more likely to vote for damage to the environment that causes climate change than against it, despite what they may say, according to this analysis by The Guardian. They also take gifts from polluters, it claims. Among the worst offenders was Tory prime minister Boris Johnson, who was among several dozen MPs – mostly Conservatives – to record the worst possible score of zero. He was also among 10 ministers who received donations or gifts from oil companies, airports, petrostates, climate sceptics or thinktanks identified as spreading information against…

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Messages cut into grass for Donald Trump show everything that’s WRONG with political discourse

How do you explain to the world’s most powerful man that he’s making a mistake? You don’t do it like this: But it is a symptom of the extreme levels to which political discourse has been pushed that people think it appropriate to carve an image of a penis into the landscape on Donald Trump’s approach to the UK as a message to him. It’s the same thinking that has people labelling supporters of the Brexit Party in the recent European Parliament elections as “fascists”. Or, indeed, labelling critics of…

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Dismal Euro election result hides underlying causes for hope

Take heart, Britain! All is not as bad as the European election results make it seem! Yes, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party won 28 of the UK’s 73 seats, indicating an alarming shift to the political hard-right. But that doesn’t mean a hard-right election win. The Brexit Party didn’t even get a majority in the UK. Also, the simple fact is that anti-EU parties led by Nigel Farage don’t actually do anything in the European Parliament, other than fart around making speeches that annoy the serious politicians. They certainly don’t take…

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Typical: After the Extinction Rebellion protests, Jeremy Corbyn is the only leader who listened

It turns out Michael Gove didn’t “get the message” after all. The nation’s Environment Secretary has done nothing to respond to the environmental catastrophe highlighted by the Extinction Rebellion protests in London over the last two weeks. Instead it has fallen to Jeremy Corbyn – much-maligned by dimwits – to bring the matter to Parliament for a vote. I was talking about this issue with a friend last week, and he said that people here in the United Kingdom think they are insulated from climate crisis – that we live…

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