In the biggest crisis of our time, why has the government’s emergency committee not met since MAY?

Is this the reason all the Johnson government’s attempts to handle Covid-19 have fallen apart? The committee convened by the prime minister to tackle emergencies facing the UK – known as COBRA after its location (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A) – has not met since May 10. That shocking fact was revealed, not by Boris Johnson, but by London Mayor Sadiq Khan during a phone-in on James O’Brien’s LBC radio talk show. He said it seemed the Tories in the government don’t like to be challenged: Sadiq Khan tells LBC…

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Did Grayling quit intelligence committee because he really WAS Johnson’s stooge?

Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling has quit Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee after failing (he does that a lot) to be named as chair a few weeks ago. He was prevented from taking that position – despite being Boris Johnson’s nomination for the role – when opposition MPs combined their votes with that of Julian Lewis to install him instead. Mr Lewis subsequently lost the Tory whip, on grounds that he had been “working with Labour and other opposition MPs for his own advantage”. But it was widely believed that it was Johnson…

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Floundering Johnson outflanked over publication of ‘Russia Report’

Any hope Boris Johnson may have had that he could further delay or hide the revelations in the so-called ‘Russia Report’ on interference by that country in UK politics must now be gone. And that’s a good thing for British democracy! A panicking Johnson furiously threw Julian Lewis out of the Parliamentary Conservative Party after he joined Labour and SNP members of the new Intelligence and Security committee to get himself elected as its chair instead of Johnson’s choice, the incompetent Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling. And it seems Johnson is considering…

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Russia report: new intelligence committee chair loses Tory whip but gains respect

This is very funny indeed – but we may all have cause to be grateful for what has happened. You will recall that concerns were raised when Boris Johnson nominated Chris “Failing” Grayling – widely held to be one of the stupidest individuals ever to be voted into office – as the chair of Parliament’s important Intelligence and Security Committee. This is the group that would be responsible for publication of the so-called “Russia Report” on interference by that country in UK politics. The concern was that Grayling would mess…

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Beyond satire: has Boris Johnson found another way to delay release of the ‘Russia Report’?

We are being asked to believe that the long-awaited report on Russian influence in UK politics could soon be released after Boris Johnson announced his nominations for the Parliamentary committee responsible for it. But how can Parliament approve those nominations when he has nominated legendary dunderhead Chris Grayling to chair the committee? Grayling is quite possibly the stupidest human being ever to infest the Palace of Westminster. His blunders are legendary and installing him as chair of a committee with the word “intelligence” in its title would be a contradiction…

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Do you believe Downing Street’s story that the Russia report may soon be published?

Parliament’s committee responsible for publishing the report on Russian interference in UK politics may be reconvened “imminently” – according to Downing Street sources. Do you believe that? Or do you think that, even if it happens, it’s only because Boris Johnson has found another way to delay the report – or hide what it says? According to the BBC, the government is denying that Johnson has stalled the process: A source close to the process has told me they are hopeful the committee will be confirmed by Downing Street “imminently”.…

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Johnson is feeling the pressure to publish report on Russian interference in UK affairs

Boris Johnson and his government are facing mounting pressure to publish a long-delayed report on Russia’s influence in UK politics. The report was finalised by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee last October – but Boris Johnson refused to sign it off before the general election. The committee itself was dissolved in advance of that poll, but has not been reconvened since – because Mr Johnson has not approved the Conservative Party’s nominations of members. Here’s the BBC’s Nick Eardsley: Ultimately, members are appointed by the prime minister. But political parties…

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MPs from all parties say failure to release Russia report is ‘affront to democracy’

If a week in politics is a long time, how would you describe eight months? An eternity? That’s the length of time Boris Johnson has been sitting on the report into Russian interference in UK democracy. He says it cannot be released because the UK’s Intelligence and Security Committee has not been reconvened since it was dissolved for the December 2019 general election and has no members. But this is a feeble excuse when one realises that the only reason for this is, Boris Johnson nominates everybody on this committee…

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As Russia donates hugely to Tories, there’s still no sign of report on that country’s political interference in UK

Wow. These Tories are coining it very nicely, courtesy of these Russian donors, aren’t they? Is it because Boris Johnson vetoed a report on Russian interference in UK politics so many months ago, and has been stubbornly refusing to allow its release ever since? It has just been revealed that Lubov Chernukhin, who is married to former Russian finance minister Vladimir Chernukhin, donated £325,000 to the Conservative party in the first quarter of 2020, according to the latest Electoral Commission data. In total, Chernukhin has donated £1.6 million to the party…

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Grayling put in charge of intelligence committee – we live in an age of Orwellian doublespeak

This announcement makes it extremely unlikely that we’ll ever see the so-called ‘Russia report’ on interference by that country’s government in UK politics: Chris Grayling has been named as Downing Street’s choice to head the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), that is responsible for publishing the report. It’s further proof that the Conservative government has adopted George Orwell’s concept of “doublethink” – the acceptance of two diametrically-opposed concepts at the same time. Why else would they put a dimwit of Grayling’s magnitude in charge of an intelligence committee? The Russian…

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