Why are we even discussing this? the CBI really IS scaremongering over Labour’s nationalisation plans

The Confederation of British Industry has started its usual pre-election campaign against the Labour Party – with the usual nonsense claims about Labour nationalisation policies. It seems we are being asked to believe that bringing national utilities, the railways and the Royal Mail back into public ownership will cost the Treasury £196 billion, with no concurrent benefits to the economy. I have to agree with Labour on this; it is nothing but scaremongering – and not very clever scaremongering, at that. For a start, most of the utilities and railway…

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Opposition to Labour’s plan for business is a real shot in the foot for the UK’s economy

You’ve got to hand it to Britain’s business leaders – they really know how to de-motivate the workforce and undermine the economy. Labour’s John McDonnell announced a policy that would hand workers an interest in their employers’ success – and an average dividence of £500 a year – and what did the bosses do? They announced that they would do everything in their power to sabotage such a plan. How savage. How selfish. How sickening. I heard it on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme just after 6am, as I was taking Mrs…

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Yet another U-turn from Tory Theresa, so now firms won’t have to have workers on their boards

This seems less a policy change and more a flat-out lie to make Theresa May more electable, back in July. She never meant to publish plans for workers and consumers to be represented on company boards by the end of the year. Her U-turn certainly shows that she doesn’t care for workers as much as it does for company bosses. So the whole fabric of “one nation” or “caring” Conservatism is now in tatters and Mrs May’s Tories are revealed to be the creatures of naked greed that they always were.…

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If banks want regulation costs cut, they should be more trustworthy

Banks and other financial organisations want the Conservative government to slash the cost of complying with new regulations, according to the Confederation of British Industry. Doesn’t your heart just bleed for them? Thse are the organisations that sucked the UK into the global financial crisis and allowed the Conservatives to form a government after the 2010 election (they didn’t win it) with a false claim that Labour overspent. Now they want the regulations that prevent them from causing another crisis to be eased. Considering the banks’ record, it would be madness…

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Employers should never be allowed to dictate the minimum wage

Here’s an interesting development: Ed Miliband announced today that a Labour government would link the minimum wage to average earnings, after the Low Pay Commission proved itself woefully inadequate for the job. Employers’ organisation the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) immediately leapt up to scream that politicians should not set wages, completely missing the point that, under Miliband’s plan, politicians wouldn’t. CBI chief policy director Katja Hall gave verbal evidence of her inability to understand a simple issue when she told Radio 4’s Today programme: “The system we have at…

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Sleepwalking out of the EU – the gap between rhetoric and reality

The British people’s support for staying in the European Union is “wafer thin”, David Cameron told the CBI yesterday. Labour’s Ed Balls warned that the UK could “sleepwalk” away from its biggest trading partner at the same meeting. Why? Is it because most people don’t understand our relationship with the European economic area? Is it because they have been infected with propaganda from the right-wing press? Is it because there really is a plan to make the UK a third-world country, and withdrawal from the EU is necessary to remove…

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