If both Jewish and Muslim representatives have condemned this MPs contact with the far right – why has he not been censured?

Both the Muslim Council of Britain and the Board of Deputies of British Jews have condemned Daniel Kawczynski for attending a conference with far-right European leaders. But the Conservative government has said nothing. What does that say about the politics of your cuddly, lovable, bumbling ol’ Boris Johnson? Doesn’t it suggest that his own leanings are a little further to the right than we have been led to believe? (That’s for readers who aren’t on benefits, of course. They all know the score.) A Tory MP has defended his decision…

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The Conservative conference has been a disaster – for Boris Johnson

Cards on the table: I couldn’t be bothered to cover the Tory conference this year. I figured it would be days of the unbearable addressing the unspeakable – and the following clips suggest I was right. Biggest loser is clearly Boris Johnson. Consider this: Here’s everything the Tories don’t want you to know about Tory Party conference in 30 seconds. #CPC19 pic.twitter.com/RU1oFdZ7iC — 🌹 Liz McInnes 🌈 (@LizMcInnes60) October 2, 2019 If you think that’s bad, look at this: This does NOT look good! 😐#Racism https://t.co/wzjTnGf0Py — Kav (@LeftWingKav) October…

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Share Jeremy Corbyn’s policy promises in this quick video

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced a series of policy promises in his speech to the party conference – but you may have blinked and missed them on the mainstream media news programmes. So you have Dev Raval to thank for this handy – and easily-shareable – video that lists them all. I note the BBC1 6pm News couldn't be bothered to give the major policy announcements by Jeremy Corbyn more than a sentence. They were too busy with sarcasm and repeating attack lines sent from No.10.So here's a little summary…

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Confusion over sign removed from outside Labour conference. Was it anti-Semitic? If so, why?

Police have removed a sign depicting Jeremy Corbyn being attacked with “defamation” missiles by Benjamin Netanyahu, while the Labour leader speaks on Palestinian rights. Mr Corbyn himself had complained that it is anti-Semitic but members of the public seem confused about his reasons. The Mirror reported: An “anti-Semitic” poster from outside the Labour Party conference has been removed. The Labour leader said he was “disgusted” that the poster had been put up outside the conference centre. He said: “We asked the police to remove it and I’m glad they did. “This…

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This ‘fit for work’ death story SHOULD move you to tears – because it’s years old and nothing has changed

The story of how the death of Jodey Whiting while the DWP insisted she was ‘fit for work’ stunned delegates at the Labour Conference moved This Writer – but not in the way the author of the Mirror piece quoted below might think. Jodey Whiting took her own life – in what we must consider to be despair at the DWP’s refusal to acknowledge the illnesses that made her eligible for state benefits. She had missed a work capability assessment because she had been in hospital undergoing treatment for a brain…

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Here are a few highlights we can expect from the Labour conference

This weekend, Labour Party members and supporters meet for their annual conference. What can we expect to hear announced at that event? Here are just a few possibles that have been trailed in advance: 1. A Labour government may scrap the hated Universal Credit altogether. “Labour is poised to back scrapping Universal Credit as part of a major shift over the Tories’ notorious six-in-one benefit. It comes after a year-long review by Labour found the UC brand is “toxic” and needs “transformative change”. Labour’s previous position was to “reform” UC… But multiple…

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These hypocrites: Lib Dems took £9K from students. See what they want to do next

The Liberal Democrats are saying they want to give people £9,000 to fund learning, nine years after they reneged on their promise to end university tuition fees and increased them to £9,000 instead. Does Jo Swinson think we have forgotten? It was the fundamental betrayal that set the tone of the so-called ConDem coalition for the next five years. Here’s the Mirror to explain the idea: A motion at this weekend’s party conference will see Vince Cable push a £1.5 billion plan for a universal Education and Skills Account which would…

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As Conservatives lose hundreds of council seats, Welsh Tory asks May: “Why don’t you resign?”

Theresa May had not one but two nasty experiences on the morning after the 2019 local government elections. Not only did the predictions come true, with the Conservatives losing nearly 600 council seats (at the time of writing) – but she was heckled when she stood up to give a keynote speech at the Welsh Conservative Party conference in Llangollen. The incident was caught on camera: This is truly embarrassing. Theresa May gets heckled by a man shouting "why don't you resign" at Welsh Tory Conference – followed by others clapping…

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Teen climate activist shames the world – but the Tories are trying to expand fracking across the UK

Climate change “negotiators” got a hard lesson in their own shortcomings – from a minor. Greta Thunberg is only 15, but she packed more maturity into her three-minute speech than we’ve seen in decades of mealy-mouthed “negotiations” between representatives of national and international economic interests. The Swedish activist shamed her elders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP24, where representatives eventually managed to reach a weak agreement over how to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. But everybody there knew they weren’t doing nearly enough to achieve that…

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Why are the media so quiet about genuine anti-Semitism in the Conservative Party?

See the gang of buffoons in the picture directly above these words? Much has been made of the slogans this group of young Conservatives from the University of Plymouth daubed on themselves – particularly “F*** the NHS” and the Hitler-style moustache on the man at the far left. Owen Jones commented on it… Oh wow. Several of these Tory activists have "🔯 JUDE" scrawled on their skin. This is straightforward vile anti-Semitism. @theresa_may has to condemn this, now, or everything she's said about anti-Semitism means nothing. (ht @tommundaycs) — Owen…

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