More working people than ever are struggling to survive

Terrifying new information from the Trade Union Congress has shown that millions of working people are struggling to survive due to poverty. The TUC poll suggests 20 per cent of working people – one-fifth of the more-than-30-million-strong working population – skip meals because they can’t afford the food. One in five workers go without heating during cold weather. One in 10 fall into rent or mortgage arrears because they can’t pay on time. And one in five have pawned or sold belongings because they needed the money. Asked how they would…

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Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the TUC New Deal rally

He said all the right things – didn’t he? Let’s have your opinions. The sound on the following video is really good until around 10 minutes in – then it drops out, but can still be heard (just about). See how you get on with it. Vox Political needs your help! If you want to support this site (but don’t want to give your money to advertisers) you can make a one-off donation here: Here are four ways to be sure you’re among the first to know what’s going on.…

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VIDEO: Thousands (upon thousands) converge on London to demand a new deal for workers

Trade unionists and workers from across the UK have converged on London in their thousands to demand a “new deal” for working people. The TUC (Trade Union Congress) says real wages are still lower than before the crash in 2008; three million workers are stuck on zero hour contracts, in agency work and in low paid self-employment; hard-working public servants haven’t had a proper pay rise for eight years; our NHS is at breaking point; and years of cuts have led to poverty, homelessness and despair for too many. This Writer agrees…

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It looks like the General Strike This Site proposed is well on the way to becoming a reality

Isn’t it interesting, how Tory promises – such as their claim to be ending the one-per-cent pay cap on public sector workers’ wages – seem worthwhile when first announced and then turn into the verbal equivalent of a steaming pile of horse manure when you get into the detail? That’s certainly the case here, and prison officers are right to reject the derisory, below-inflation pay offer being flung at them by the minority Conservative government. It is still – effectively – a pay cut! Why would anybody in their right mind…

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Voting with the Tories on ‘welfare’ will end any credibility Labour has left

What an amazing piece in The Guardian about George Osborne’s call for “progressive” Labour MPs to support his entirely regressive changes to social security (the only people who call it “welfare” are Tories)! Will people believe this pack of lies? The article starts by saying he has urged “progressive” MPs in the Labour party to back his cuts in a major Commons vote today (Monday) on the Tories’ Welfare Reform and Work Bill. He wants Labour MPs – but more importantly, the electorate, to think that the plan to cut child tax credits…

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Gagging and blacklisting bill overcomes first Parliamentary hurdle

A Parliamentary Bill designed to prevent free speech by gagging political commentators, and to enable the ‘blacklisting’ of trade union members by having their names registered, has won the favour of Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs this evening. They voted to allow the inappropriately-titled ‘Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill’ to proceed to its committee stage after a debate today (Tuesday). That stage will last for only a few days, during which it will be examined by a ‘committee of the whole House’ – in other…

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Free speech is under threat as our unelected back-door government bids to rig future elections

You can tell the priorities of any administration by its programme for government. Look at the Coalition: Practically the first thing on its agenda is an attempt to ‘fix’ the next election by ensuring that anyone supporting opposing parties (or attacking the parties in power) is gagged. The ‘Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill’, if passed, would end free speech in the United Kingdom and usher in an era of propaganda-led “do as we say, not as we do” totalitarianism. It will not stop corporate control…

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Another Tory ‘bait-and-switch’ scam – shares-for-rights scheme is employers’ tax dodge

“This government is taking action domestically on [tax] avoidance and evasion,” wrote George Osborne in an article for The Observer, back in February. How right he was. The Tory-led Coalition has done everything in its power to facilitate tax avoidance and ignore evasion, it seems, including the latest wheeze, which is to link it with a feeble attempt to get working people to throw away their rights in exchange for a few shares. The BBC has reported that the new status of “employee shareholder” has come into force, allowing working…

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Who will (unofficially) sponsor David Cameron’s next Prime Ministerial statements?

Tobacco, fracking or private health companies seem the most likely choices. The Conservative-led Coalition has become an excellent practitioner of bait-and-switch fraud, it seems. First it ‘baits’ the general public by promising a new law, reforming part of society that is seen to have fallen below the standards expected here in the UK. Then it ‘switches’ the legislation into something else entirely. So it is with plans for a new law to end lobbying scandals. It won’t do anything of the sort. In fact, it is likely to lessen the…

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Iain Duncan Smith’s most shocking statistical lie yet: Child poverty

According to a TUC report, average wages have dropped by 7.5 per cent since the Coalition came into office. This has a direct impact on child poverty statistics, which the government has conveniently ignored in its latest, Iain Duncan Smith-endorsed, child poverty figures. Child poverty is calculated in relation to median incomes – the average income earned by people in the UK. If incomes drop, so does the number of children deemed to be in poverty, even though – in fact – more families are struggling to make ends meet…

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