The Conservatives are using Facebook to recruit racists

Can there be any other interpretation of this Tory campaign to build support in constituencies where the Labour MP has only a small majority? They have been using Facebook’s facility to provide targeted – and therefore under-the-radar – advertising to attract voters in 19 Labour marginals. And the line they have taken is hatred of foreigners. We should not be surprised. It comes from the party that gave us racist vans telling people of foreign descent to “go home” in 2013, and followed it up with the Windrush scandal that…

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‘Red Wall’ communities to be hit harder by coronavirus recession than the South

Everybody in the former ‘Red Wall’ constituencies must be feeling properly humiliated now. What a bunch of chumps. They voted Tory because they wanted to “Get Brexit Done” and now they find that the only things being “done” are they themselves. Perhaps they’ll console themselves by thinking that even a Labour government would not have been able to stop Covid-19 ravaging the UK – but that’s only because the Tories, who they helped vote back into government, had failed to make the proper preparations in good time. Whichever way you look…

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Good news: plan to gerrymander constituency borders for Tories is scrapped

Boris Johnson’s government has given up a plan to cut the number of MPs in the House of Commons. The Tories have been trying to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 since David Cameron slithered into Downing Street in 2010. The aim was to change constituency borders in order to deliver Conservative-voting majorities to most UK Parliamentary seats for the foreseeable future. That plan was hatched when the Conservatives were unable to achieve a majority by themselves; Cameron’s first ministry was a coalition government with the Liberal…

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More than half Tory candidates in NE England live hundreds of miles from their constituencies

Aren’t candidates in general elections supposed to live in – or at least near the constituencies they want to represent? According to Pride’s Purge, many of the Conservative candidates in North East England live hundreds of miles away, in the south. They are strangers who have no idea of the issues facing people in the North East – placeholders put there to do Boris Johnson’s bidding instead. So why would anybody vote for them? The article states: “The Tories … are probably hoping no-one has noticed that more than half of their candidates –…

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Tacky Tories send ‘begging letter’ alongside postal votes in marginal constituencies

  Postal voters in marginal constituencies have been infuriated after they received a “begging letter” from the Conservatives with their ballot packs. It is illegal to send out such material in postal ballot packs – they must only contain a ballot paper, postal voting statement and instructions. It would seem to This Writer that the Tories have simply struck lucky in the timing of their appeal to postal voters, as political parties often time the delivery of their leaflets to arrive concurrently. But it is disturbing that this phenomenon –…

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Nigel Farage admits he was offered a peerage 48 hours before Brexit U-turn

This is revealing: Nigel Farage claimed he was offered a peerage 48 hours before blinking first in his Brexit stand off with Boris Johnson. The Brexit Party chief was forced to scrap plans to stand candidates in hundreds of seats amid mounting warnings he risked scuppering EU withdrawal. He claimed he was offered a peerage on Friday night – just two days before his screeching U-turn boosted the Prime Minister. Mr Farage says it had no effect on his decision: But he denied the Christmas bauble was behind his decision –…

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These stupid Tories thought we wouldn’t know they’ve fiddled the Universal Credit rollout to help their electoral chances

Another Tory lie: They told us they wouldn’t pause the rollout of Universal Credit until it was fixed but in fact they have – in their own constituencies. It seems the rest of the country can suffer, but people living in areas that voted for Theresa May, David Gauke and Iain Duncan Smith are to be cushioned from the worst effects of the Tory persecution of the poor. This is attempted election-rigging, of course. By giving preferential treatment to people in their own constituencies, Theresa May, David Gauke, Iain Duncan…

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Lobbying Bill rethink – another Tory ‘bait-and-switch’?

It seems we have all been victims of a Parliamentary stitch-up. Everyone who was getting hot under the collar last week, because the Transparency of Lobbying, non-Party Campaigning, and Trade Union Administration Bill seemed to be attacking the fair and proper work of charities and other organisations, probably breathed a sigh of relief when the government announced it would scrap plans to change the way campaign spending is defined. The Bill would have restricted any charitable campaigning which “enhances the standing of parties or candidates”, in the full year before…

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Britain’s worst idlers – the MPs who wrote Britannia Unchained

I have been saddened to learn of two events that will take place in the near future: The death of The Dandy, and the publication of Britannia Unchained. The first needs little introduction to British readers; it’s the UK’s longest-running children’s humour comic, which will cease publication (in print form) towards the end of this year, on its 75th anniversary. The second appears to be an odious political tract scribbled by a cabal of ambitious right-wing Tory MPs, desperate to make a name for themselves by tarring British workers as…

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