The Conservatives are using Facebook to recruit racists

Can there be any other interpretation of this Tory campaign to build support in constituencies where the Labour MP has only a small majority? They have been using Facebook’s facility to provide targeted – and therefore under-the-radar – advertising to attract voters in 19 Labour marginals. And the line they have taken is hatred of foreigners. We should not be surprised. It comes from the party that gave us racist vans telling people of foreign descent to “go home” in 2013, and followed it up with the Windrush scandal that…

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‘Red Wall’ communities to be hit harder by coronavirus recession than the South

Everybody in the former ‘Red Wall’ constituencies must be feeling properly humiliated now. What a bunch of chumps. They voted Tory because they wanted to “Get Brexit Done” and now they find that the only things being “done” are they themselves. Perhaps they’ll console themselves by thinking that even a Labour government would not have been able to stop Covid-19 ravaging the UK – but that’s only because the Tories, who they helped vote back into government, had failed to make the proper preparations in good time. Whichever way you look…

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More than half Tory candidates in NE England live hundreds of miles from their constituencies

Aren’t candidates in general elections supposed to live in – or at least near the constituencies they want to represent? According to Pride’s Purge, many of the Conservative candidates in North East England live hundreds of miles away, in the south. They are strangers who have no idea of the issues facing people in the North East – placeholders put there to do Boris Johnson’s bidding instead. So why would anybody vote for them? The article states: “The Tories … are probably hoping no-one has noticed that more than half of their candidates –…

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Nigel Farage admits he was offered a peerage 48 hours before Brexit U-turn

This is revealing: Nigel Farage claimed he was offered a peerage 48 hours before blinking first in his Brexit stand off with Boris Johnson. The Brexit Party chief was forced to scrap plans to stand candidates in hundreds of seats amid mounting warnings he risked scuppering EU withdrawal. He claimed he was offered a peerage on Friday night – just two days before his screeching U-turn boosted the Prime Minister. Mr Farage says it had no effect on his decision: But he denied the Christmas bauble was behind his decision –…

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Good riddance to Louise Ellman and her lies about Corbyn and anti-Semitism

Former Labour MP Louise Ellman has quit the party ahead of a ‘trigger’ vote on whether she should remain the party’s candidate in the Liverpool Riverside constituency. It seems clear that she knew she couldn’t win. Why? Perhaps it is because people in her Constituency Labour Party (CLP) are sick of her constant lies about leader Jeremy Corbyn being an anti-Semite (he isn’t) and her false allegations about localised anti-Semitism. An example of the latter was raised in the roundly-debunked Panorama documentary Is Labour Antisemitic?, broadcast in July. Ben Westerman, who was…

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Trigger ballots to decide if Phillips has to fight to remain an MP

Labour Party members in the Birmingham Yardley constituency are to vote on the future of MP Jess Phillips. She is facing a ‘trigger’ vote to decide whether she should face a challenge to her right to be their Parliamentary candidate in the next general election. According to Skwawkbox, “Yardley reportedly only has some five hundred Labour members… Ms Phillips is said to have been working hard trying to cultivate their favour. “Phillips’ neighbour, Roger Godsiff, was ‘triggered‘ earlier this week, with Barking MP Margaret Hodge suffering the same result the week before.” Ms Phillips…

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MPs’ ‘fury’ at local Labour party’s decision to expel former chief whip displays hypocrisy of witch-hunters

The tide is turning against the fakers who claimed the Labour Party was being overrun by anti-Semites – so it’s no wonder they don’t like it. North West Durham Constituency Labour Party members knew that their decision, to vote for former chief whip Hilary Armstrong to be expelled, means very little in practical terms. It was an expression of discontent with the attitude she was promoting – her claim that Jeremy Corbyn has failed to act properly as leader, in response to the allegations of anti-Semitism in the party. The…

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Labour members are calling ‘time’ on Tom Watson

When will backwards Blairite Tom Watson be ousted from his undeserved position as deputy leader of Labour? Sooner, rather than later, if party members have their way. A model motion is set to sweep Constituency Labour Parties, demanding Mr Watson’s removal. The wording – calling for him to resign or submit himself for re-election – has been published by Skwawkbox. It lists as reasons Mr Watson’s attempt to get MPs who raise complaints about anti-Semitism to forward them to him in flagrant disregard for data protection laws, and his decision to…

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New plan means local Labour members will have a chance to choose election candidates

This is interesting, from Skwawkbox: [A Labour] NEC source has told the SKWAWKBOX that the NEC has made a statement of intent – and of the party’s preparedness for a new general election – by authorising Labour general secretary Jennie Formby to prepare a plan to ensure that CLPs have the opportunity to call a selection process if they so wish, even if Theresa May calls a new ‘snap’, short-campaign general election. On the face of it, this is excellent news. It means constituency Labour Party members will be able to end…

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Nottingham East CLP passes vote of no confidence in anti-Corbyn MP Chris Leslie

Chris Leslie is an outspoken critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and has been said to be threatening to leave the party, so it should be no surprise that he was next to feel the wrath of his constituents. The motion, brought by members of the Mapperly branch of Nottingham East, attacks the former shadow chancellor for his “disloyalty and deceit”, which it dubbed “a severe impediment to Labour Party electability”, which is “incompatible” with his continuing as the Labour candidate for Nottingham East. Nottingham North CLP have passed a motion of…

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