Harry and Meghan step down as senior Royals – because of bad press?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex – that’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (still) to most of us – have announced their intention to step back as senior members of the UK Royal Family and work to become financially independent, while still fully supporting the Queen. It seems they are unhappy with certain aspects of the job – one of which appears to be the way their activities are reported in the press. In that respect, This Writer thinks they’re right up with the rest of us. Complaints and criticism…

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Do not believe Theresa May’s claim about her religious beliefs. She worships corporate money, not God

It was horrifying to read UK prime minister Theresa May’s claim that she is guided by her belief in God. The only god she has is Mammon – the Biblical false deity associated with wealth. You cannot serve God and money at the same time, according to the Bible (Matthew 6:24) – but whenever Theresa May’s announced policies clash with the wishes of the wealthy, she changes her mind. Look at the way she changed her plan to cut childhood obesity after the food manufacturing giants leaned on her to…

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Tories and Lib Dems collaborate to help corporations sue countries

Did you think the Budget was the only important thing that happened yesterday (July 8)? Think again. The European Parliament had its first-ever vote on the controversial TTIP trade deal between the EU and the United States – and, thanks to British Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, it went against the will of the people. Millions of us, across Europe, have demanded the removal of part of the proposed partnership agreement that allows corporations to take legal action against national governments if they pass laws that inhibit the firms’ profit-making ability. But a…

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At last someone in the Labour Party is speaking up on political issues

… and it’s John Healey! Who’d have thought it? His article in yesterday’s Guardian makes a lot of sense (although obviously he doesn’t go far enough in his suggestions. Labour never does, these days). At least he’s making the right noises – pointing out that the Conservative Government’s plan to cut social security by £12 billion will harm people who are trapped by failing markets for housing and jobs. Think about it – cutting social security means people will be more insecure. That’s probably why Tories prefer to call it…

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Greece could break Austerity – if Tsipras has the courage

The point of Austerity in Greece was never to help that country pay off its debts; it was to create a permanent debt that Greece would never be able to pay off. Under a submissive government, this was feasible – as it has been in many countries in what is laughably called the Developing World – but now Syriza has taken control and Alexis Tsipras could have the Troika (European Central Bank, IMF and the European Union – the three organisations that have been lending money to the Greek government)…

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Who voted to put fatcat energy bosses before their constituents? Here’s the list

The Coalition Government has vetoed a proposal by the Labour Party to put people before profit and give the energy regulator for Great Britain a statutory duty to ensure that energy suppliers pass on price cuts to consumers when wholesale costs fall – if those suppliers fail to act. The proposal was put to the House of Commons by Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint, and was dismissed with 305 votes against and 228 for – a difference of 77. Of course, that wasn’t the point of the exercise. The point was…

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Economy slowing as growth is revised down: So what?

The BBC is reporting that the UK economy has grown by 2.6 per cent in the last year – less than the 3 per cent originally thought. In the third quarter of 2014 the increase was 0.6 per cent. “So what?” you’re probably asking. “Isn’t 2.6 per cent enough?” Well, it’s certainly much better than the limbo days of 2011-13 when the economy was in and out of the red and Ed Balls’ claim that it had “flatlined” was literally true. The lower growth has been attributed to smaller government…

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National interest? Cameron governs in his own – and that of the rich

We were discussing David Cameron and the respect due to him for his record in government. You may recall that the phrase used most often when the Coalition was formed (publicly, at least) in May 2010 was “in the national interest“. This week, his government’s work has included extending the amount of time new claimants will have to wait for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) from three days to seven days. This will be music to the ears of payday lender companies like Conservative Party donor Wonga.com, whose…

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Cameron has shown that protecting the NHS from corporate rape is the last of his concerns

Remember the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? Also known as TTIP? The proposed agreement between the EU and USA that – in its current form – would lock future UK governments into a legal framework that protects the privatisation of health services in this country? A part of the agreement called the Investor-State Dispute Settlement would allow any commercial organisation the ability to sue governments that acted in an anti-commercial way such as – for example – re-nationalising health services that the Conservative-led Coalition has sold off to firms in…

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History is made as Vox Political agrees with David Cameron

  Believe it or not, David Cameron was right to oppose the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission. If Private Eye is to be believed, Juncker has a record of wreaking fiscal havoc across the continent, thanks to his behaviour embracing corporate tax dodgers as finance minister and prime minister of Luxembourg. Anti-EU readers will be interested to note that he was chair of the EU’s council of economic and financial affairs, in which role he played a key part in shaping the economic and monetary…

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