Sunak threatens tax raid in yet another Tory u-turn

This won’t play well with the Tory backbenchers: after u-turn after u-turn over Covid-19 and schools, their government is promising yet another u-turn – over tax. Tories pride themselves on being a tax-cutting party. But Rishi Sunak is said to be threatening not just one but several tax hikes: The Tories promising a tonne of tax increases after winning an election pledging the precise opposite. It’s like the early 90s again (except without the gdp growth, historic deficits and impending climate catastrophe). — Aaron Bastani (@AaronBastani) August 29, 2020 And…

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Nurses excluded from public sector pay rise – because of impending NHS sell-off?

The Tories have denied nurses a pay rise that they have granted to other public sector workers including teachers and doctors. It seems that, while these other professions are to get a raise “recognising their efforts on the frontline during the battle against COVID-19”, nurses – after many of their colleagues died on the Covid-19 “frontline” – are to be ignored. The Tories say nurses are already benefiting from a series of pay hikes imposed in 2017 – but nursing representatives say this is blurring the line between professional progression and…

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Does money matter more than your life? Corporations prepare lawsuits against countries over Covid-19 protections

Remember the fuss over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)? No? Let me tell you a story. Back when the UK was part of the European Union, there was a move to create a trading partnership with the United States, allowing goods to flow between the two power blocs, practically tax free. But problems arose over a so-called ‘Investor-State Dispute Settlement’ system that would have allowed corporations to prosecute individual nations if they passed laws that – for example – protected citizens from having to buy inferior goods that…

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Theresa May’s husband works for a firm that didn’t pay tax for eight years. Has it started yet?

A row over the amount of tax paid by the firm that employs the prime minister’s husband has been revived – just in time for Christmas. It was reported last year that the investment firm that employs UK prime minister Theresa May’s husband, Philip, had not paid any Corporation Tax since 2009. The tax is paid only on profits, and it seems Capital International Ltd had managed to make a loss of £125 million over the eight-year period between 2009 and 2017. It did, however, have a turnover of £467…

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Where is the POLITICAL will to stop us all ‘Drowning in Plastic’?

The BBC broadcast a horrifying documentary yesterday on October 1, showing the extent to which waste plastic is clogging up our rivers and seas and the appalling harm being done to both plant and animal life as a result. It represents a shocking dereliction of duty on the part of the organisations around the world that are charged with handling this material responsibly – and are ignoring that responsibility on a global scale. I wrote a few words on Facebook and they seem to have enjoyed some popularity so I…

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It is time for a publicly-owned digital information and entertainment organisation

I wouldn’t mind being a part of a publicly-owned digital information and entertainment provider. It ought to be the BBC but that organisation has been inundated with stooges for the Conservative Party and private business. As for a publicly-owned Facebook… there are already other platforms, run by socially-minded people. Perhaps it would be better to nationalise one of these – as it would be established already? Jeremy Corbyn has proposed establishing a British corporation that would commission online TV, offer easy access to archive material held by public sector institutions…

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Car manufacturers rebel against Tories over Brexit ‘unpreparedness’

The Tories were keen to show car firms’ keenness to stay in the UK as proof that they had faith in the UK, post-Brexit. Now that faith is fading away, due to Theresa May’s foolishness. The Government faces a growing revolt from carmakers in Britain unhappy at the slow pace of clarity over post-Brexit customs arrangements crucial to their business model. Sky News has been shown internal industry memos, circulating at the Frankfurt Motor Show, expressing exasperation at the state of preparedness for changes to customs – which could come…

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The ‘Repeal Bill’ will put profit over people in a double-whammy for the Tories

If you were wondering why the Tories have quietly dropped their dodgy ‘Bill of Rights’, it’s because they don’t need it any more – they can achieve the same aims, with far less fuss, in their so-called ‘Repeal Bill’. The Bill will be the most dishonest piece of legislation to go through Parliament in decades – starting with its title. It will repeal nothing. The stated aim is to enshrine European laws that the UK observes (without having passed them as our own) into UK law, to ensure a smoother…

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Our Mayfly prime minister’s #Brexit speech should get her squashed like the bloodsucking bug she is

Theresa May seems determined to make as many mistakes as she possibly can. If she continues with this bid to be one of the shortest-lasting prime ministers in UK history, we’ll be calling her Theresa Mayfly. In fact, let’s start now. The gist of today’s (January 16) Guardian story appears to be that she is threatening the EU with the possibility that the UK will take its trade to the US, under a new agreement. What, like the now-defunct Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)? That project would have been…

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Do not believe Theresa May’s claim about her religious beliefs. She worships corporate money, not God

It was horrifying to read UK prime minister Theresa May’s claim that she is guided by her belief in God. The only god she has is Mammon – the Biblical false deity associated with wealth. You cannot serve God and money at the same time, according to the Bible (Matthew 6:24) – but whenever Theresa May’s announced policies clash with the wishes of the wealthy, she changes her mind. Look at the way she changed her plan to cut childhood obesity after the food manufacturing giants leaned on her to…

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