Tory corruption: why hide results of inquiry into NHS Covid-19 deaths?

Who will benefit from the decision to keep secret the findings of a government review of Covid-19 related deaths of NHS staff? The deceased won’t; they are beyond worrying about these things. Their families won’t; it’s in their interests to have any mistakes made public, to get justice for the deaths of their relatives. Other NHS staff won’t; it’s in their interests to have any mistakes made public, to ensure that they are not repeated, possibly harming them. No, the only people who will benefit from this decision are the decision-makers…

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Tory corruption: they gave their mate £150 million of OUR money – for USELESS face masks 

The worst part of this is it isn’t even the only example of Tories using the Covid-19 crisis to line their mates’ pockets rather than help. It seems your Tory government – voted into power against last December with a massive majority because the UK electorate thought its MPs were the most trustworthy – has been handing your cash to its mates again. The Tories spent £150 million of your money on 50 million face masks for the NHS – that can’t be used. Three months after they were bought,…

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We knew the Tories’ inquiry into court challenges of their decisions would be corrupt; this just proves it

Typical Tories – they won’t keep their promise to test people in care homes, but they will keep one to stop us making a fuss about it. I refer to the promise on page 48 of the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto. You know the one: “We will ensure that judicial review is available to protect the rights of the individuals against an overbearing state, while ensuring that it is not abused to conduct politics by another means or to create needless delays.” It seems reasonable but actually means: We will impose a…

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Jenrick faces more pressure to resign for conspiring to deny the ‘Marxists’ loads of ‘doe’

Pressure is building for housing minister Robert Jenrick to resign after it was alleged he rush-approved a £1bn planning application to prevent a left-wing council from receiving money. Documents released amid pressure on the minister show civil servants in the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government believed Jenrick wanted to rush the approval so developer Richard Desmond would not have to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to Tower Hamlets Council – thereby saving £45 million. Text messages between Desmond and Jenrick show the former Express newspaper owner and pornographer pressured the…

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The Labour leak made a big fuss of the 2017 election – why aren’t we talking about last year’s?

We’ve all heard the claims from the leaked Labour report into factionalism in the party that interfered with anti-Semitism investigations – it also stopped the party winning the 2017 election. Nothing was done about the right-wing faction that was said to be sabotaging Labour’s election hopes. While some of the faces changed, we may take it as read that the same attitudes prevailed in Labour HQ – even after last year’s Panorama documentary, Is Labour Antisemitic?, revealed the rot at the heart of the party (although the perpetrators were claiming to be…

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Are landlords trying to force Labour-voting tenants to support the Tories?

I find this tweet extremely disturbing: Our landlord came by the house and got really angry at the Labour placard in front of our house. Everyone who actually lives in the house is voting Labour. He wants us to take it down. Somehow this all feels very symbolic. #VoteLabour votelabour2019 — Grace Krause 🌹🍞 🐗 💻 (@TheGraceK) November 27, 2019 When I first moved to Mid Wales, I was told that it had been a common event for Conservative-voting landlords to visit their Labour-supporting tenants during a general election and…

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Guest post: Why are politicians determined to honour a corrupted referendum?

This is a question that has bothered me considerably so I am delighted to host Tony O’Malley’s article asking why our political parties are determined to ignore the “lies, misrepresentations, cheating, illegality and probably criminality” of the 2016 EU referendum. He says he understands left-wing members of the Labour Party have advocated that it is time to “move on”. The problem is that we can’t. The whole of the UK is in stalemate over the issue. Perhaps the reason for that is the insistence that we accept a corrupted result…

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Conservative corruption: Theresa May tries to cement herself in as leader by BRIBING MPs

How utterly repellent. Weakling prime minister Theresa May knows she cannot expect her MPs to support her leadership – because she is a failure – so she is trying to bribe powerful Tories into propping her up. She has given honours to half the ruling board of the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee – the organisation that represents backbench Tory MPs. Two of them get knighthoods, while a third is made a dame. Notably, all three are Brexiters. But then, none of the ruling committee support remaining in the European Union…

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Who says the Tories’ anti-democratic changes to Parliament are legal? We need a judicial review

Let’s have a judicial review on the minority Tory government’s decisions to give itself the power to alter primary legislation without votes in Parliament, and to stuff public bill committees with Conservatives in order to control the debates. Remember when the Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Act 2013, which retrospectively legalised the Tory/Liberal Democrat Coalition’s actions in forcing benefit claimants to do unpaid work, was ruled illegal after a judicial review? That legislation had been passed after the rules forcing claimants to stack shelves for companies like Poundland had been ruled…

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If the DUP is supporting the Tories, why do they need to rig committee membership?

We should not be surprised that the far-right DUP is supporting Theresa May’s bid to stuff committees set up to oversee Parliamentary Bills full of Tories. They’ll do anything the Tories say, if it gives them the balance of power and keeps that £1 billion (or is it £1.5 billion) bung coming – legal or not. But everybody should be aware that there really is no justification for it at all. The Tories really are trying to rig Parliament, after they lost their majority in the general election. Democracy demands…

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