Did Boris Johnson delay social gathering clampdown so that St Leger horse races can take place?

Is it really a coincidence that Boris Johnson’s new clampdown on social gatherings involving more than six people is to be imposed on Monday, allowing the St Leger horse racing festival to take place first? Is it a coincidence that the St Leger is organised by the Jockey Club, which counts among its directors Dido Harding – who also happens to be in charge of the Serco (not NHS) Test and Trace fiasco? Would it be more accurate to say that Ms Harding’s priority is the racing track, rather than Track…

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Gavin Williamson’s bigotry has endangered the futures of thousands of people – and the UK as a whole

What a fiasco – and all to create an artificial impression that privately-educated school pupils are better than those in the state system. We all knew that school pupils taken their GCSE and ‘A’ level exams have been seriously disrupted this year, with schools being closed from late March. This meant it was impossible for their exams to go ahead in the normal way, with knock-on effects for the future of candidates as they apply to move into a career or further education. There are ways to make fairly accurate…

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Tory corruption? Party supporters get £180m of OUR money to supply PPE. But will they?

You’d think the Tories would have learned their lesson after Liz Truss was caught handing £150 million to a Board of Trade crony for face masks that don’t work. But no – the UK’s corrupt-to-the-core Tory government won’t learn because it will never face any consequences. So Tory ministers have handed a further £180 million of our cash to supporters of their political party, on the grounds that it is paying for more PPE (personal protective equipment) that will be used to help treat people with Covid-19. Will it arrive?…

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Is Keir Starmer re-installing corruption into the Labour Party, with the wealth of private donors?

There is nothing to praise in the way Keir Starmer has managed to replace a small subscriptions by a large amount of people with large donations by a small number of wealthy benefactors. No matter how The Guardian dresses it up, it signals a return to the bad days of New Labour, when the party’s direction was dictated by a small number of wealthy donors – for their own gain – rather than by its members for the good of the UK as a whole. Look at this, from the Guardian‘s article:…

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Johnson’s new lords: BLATANT corruption?

Boris Johnson has started packing the House of Lords with his cronies in what seems an example of blatant political corruption. First, look at the number of new peerages he has announced – 36 – at a time when all the debate has been about reducing numbers in the Upper House of Parliament. Every lord receives an allowance of £305 per day, simply for attending debates – which is why so much television coverage seems to show decrepit members of the gentry snoring on their red benches rather than doing any…

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Is Robert Jenrick safe from the sack because Boris Johnson is implicated in Westferry corruption scandal?

Here’s an interesting kink on the Westferry planning scandal: Boris Johnson can’t sack Robert Jenrick for taking a decision if – big if – he told him to take it… https://t.co/8hjbzbN5Zn — Henry Mance (@henrymance) June 26, 2020 Let’s assume there’s something in what John Stevens – and Henry Mance – are saying and that Richard Desmond, the man behind the Westferry development plan, had a considerable amount of contact with Boris Johnson. That would create cause for concern, and we would certainly be justified in wanting to know the…

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Planning corruption: it seems Jenrick isn’t the only Tory accused of breaking the rules

The evidence is mounting against planning minister Robert Jenrick in the scandal over the Westferry development – and interest in the controversy has revealed further potential corruption. It seems Robert Jenrick was induced to overturn the refusal of the Westferry planning application after property developer Richard Desmond showed him a promotional video for the £1bn development. Here’s The Guardian: “What I did was I showed him the video,” Desmond told the Sunday Times, adding that Jenrick had watched it for “three or four minutes”, and adding: “It’s quite long, so he…

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Westferry development scandal grows as Jenrick admits he knew he was saving tycoon millions

Calls for Robert Jenrick to be removed from his role as a housing minister are escalated after he admitted he knew he was saving tycoon Richard Desmond between £30m and £50m by approving plans for a £1 billion development at Westferry, London – in defiance of planning rules. Desmond subsequently gave the Conservative Party a £12,000 donation, raising questions about this being a “cash-for-favours” scandal. According to the Mail: He insisted ‘all the rules were followed’ over the 1,500-home development in east London. But he told MPs he knew that the timing…

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Housing minister Jenrick faces ‘resign’ demands after approving donor’s £1bn scheme

The news seems to be full of stories alleging corruption by Tory minister. Does the Covid crisis mean they have nothing better to do? Housing secretary Robert Jenrick is facing calls to resign after he admitted “unlawfully” signing off a 1,500-home development that saved a Tory Party donor millions of pounds. The £1bn project on the former Westferry Printworks site on London’s Isle of Dogs was approved in January by Jenrick – a last-minute reprieve after the council and then the independent Planning Inspectorate both deciding it should be refused. They…

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Did £100K in donations influence Newmarket MP Hancock to let horse racing restart?

Newmarket is a big equestrian centre and its MP is Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who is deeply involved in the Tory government’s strategy to handle the Covid-19 crisis. Hancock himself is a lover of horse-racing and once considered a career as a jockey, it seems. He is said to have received £100,000 or more from horse racing businesses in the last year alone. It is easy enough to check this so I am happy to assume that Carole Cadwalladr (among others) has done so: Thanks to the MP for Newmarket…

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