Coronavirus: Unpaid carers are working harder but ‘completely ignored’ by government

Family members who provide care for loved ones with only Carers’ Allowance as financial support are claiming that the coronavirus has “overwhelmed” them but the government is ignoring them. It’s absolutely no surprise to This Writer. I gave up my claim for Carers Allowance last year, after my income from Vox Political finally exceeded the amount you’re allowed to earn per week (which isn’t much at all). How anyone can survive on £67.25 a week alone is beyond me. For myself, the stress of being a carer and writing a website every…

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Mum’s court challenge against DWP demand for UC claimants to go into childcare debt

Why should the Department for Work and Pensions demand that parents on Universal Credit go into debt over childcare costs? Current rules say parents can get up to £646 per month for each child under 16, funding 85 per cent of their care costs – but they must pay those costs up-front and claim them back later, putting them in debt. Some end up thousands of pounds in the red. The DWP says this is to prevent fraud – but there are ways to do this that don’t push people…

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Four years of Brexit is costing more than 47 of EU membership. It is economic insanity

How is this good for the UK? By the time the transition period ends in December this year, Brexit will have cost the UK more than £200 billion in lost economic growth. That’s almost as much as the £215 billion the UK will have contributed to the EU in the 47 years of its membership (inflation-adjusted). The UK economy is three per cent smaller than it would have been if a majority of voters had not decided to leave the EU in the referendum. That’s equivalent to a three-year-long recession.…

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Council services to get best boost under Labour, says leading think tank

Labour is the only main political party that has allocated more than enough money to councils to meet rising costs and demands. That is the verdict of leading think tank the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Its briefing shows that the Conservative claim to be a low-tax party is a lie – at least in relation to public services. The money allocated by the Tories would not be enough to meet rising costs and demands over the next Parliament even if council tax were increased by four per cent every year,…

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Johnson’s falsehood about nurse numbers: it’s not good to launch a manifesto with a lie

Boris Johnson has finally launched the Conservative Party’s manifesto for the 2019 general election – with a huge, and all-too-obvious, lie. He promised 50,000 more nurses and the creation of 50 million more GP appointments. The Tories’ spending document says the additional nurses will cost £879 million. But fact checking organisation Full Fact says this is not true: “According to reports since the manifesto launch, the 50,000 figure includes 18,500 existing nurses who will be encouraged to remain, or attracted to rejoin after leaving.” So the Conservatives are really offering to…

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Target set to fund next hearing in Riley libel fightback

The legal team advising me on my defence against Rachel Riley’s libel claim need another £6,684. That will provide enough to fund our submissions at the preliminary hearing on December 11. The hearing will establish the meaning of the words Ms Riley claims are libellous, and whether they are fact or honest opinion. It is crucial to the case. And it’s needed by the end of November. So I have to beg your collective indulgence yet again, as I must rely on your generosity to pay for my defence. Please:…

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Boris Johnson’s big NHS meltdown

After their campaign on law and order dissolved into chaos, the Tories tried to take the moral high ground on health. It didn’t work. Most particularly, it didn’t work for Boris Johnson, who was challenged on the subject by prime minister-in-waiting Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions. Mr Corbyn was keen for Mr Johnson to explain why his government had held secret trade talks with US firms that would nearly triple the price of medicines bought by the NHS, creating serious pressure on the service at a time when it…

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Shock revelation: Liar Boris Johnson has been secretly selling out the NHS

Boris Johnson has been selling out the National Health Service in negotiations on a trade deal that would allow US companies to set drug prices, it has been claimed. The revelation about these secret talks could not come at a worse time for the Tory government, as it prepares to dissolve Parliament and launch a general election campaign. This is electoral poison for the Conservatives as Boris Johnson, health secretary Matt Hancock and international trade secretary Liz Truss have all insisted that the NHS is “off the table” in talks with the…

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Have Grayling’s failings finally caught up with him in row over no-ferry ferry firm’s costs?

Calamity-prone Chris Grayling has lied directly to Parliament, it seems, over the small fortune he spent on consultants in connection with Seaborne Freight, the ferry firm that had no ships. We all know the story by now: Grayling authorised a contract for post “no deal” Brexit freight ferry work with Seaborne, a company that had no ships, no trading history, and no previous experience running such a service. Not only that, but the firm’s internet page cut-and-pasted its terms and conditions from a takeaway website, its log-in portal was found…

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Now the Tories are trying to cover up the cost of stopping us from voting

The Conservative government is withholding the facts about the cost of its pointless “voter ID” checks. The scheme puts barriers in the way to prevent ordinary people from voting – at huge cost to the public purse. A pilot during the local government elections this year cost £1.7 million and resulted in an alleged 350 people being turned away from polling stations in five constituencies. The result was entirely disproportionate to the problem. There were only 21 cases of alleged in-person voter fraud in 2014, 44 in 2016, and 28 in…

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