BBC covers up Johnson’s broken coronavirus testing promises; viewers switch to social media

It is any wonder that TV journalists are among the least-trusted in the UK in discussions of the coronavirus. Today, in a segment on the arrival of the deadline for the government to meet its target of 100,000 coronavirus tests per day, the BBC broadcast part of an interview from six weeks ago in which Boris Johnson promised to reach 25,000 tests a day. Nothing was said of his original promise, which was 250,000 tests a day – 10 times as many and two-and-a-half times the current target, which is…

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More on the Madness election song – check out what they’ve done with the artwork!

Even the cover of the new Madness song, Bullingdon Boys, is a jab at Boris Johnson and his colleagues – including former PM David Cameron. Mr Cameron is depicted in the mask worn by serial killer Michael Myers in the Halloween movies. And Mr Johnson’s face is replaced by that of Porky Pig. Other club members are depicted as a red-eyed reptile, the Devil, and an S&M fetishist (as far as I can tell). According to NME, the song is the first Madness have released in three years, and is described as a “barbed…

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Why are people turning the Tory sexual harassment allegations into a joke?

“Yes, that’s right,” said Mrs Mike. “Everybody’s making a big joke about it – and that is what allows it to continue.” I had just pointed out the cover of the latest issue of Private Eye to her. Here it is: Is it funny? If you think so, ask yourself: Would you feel the same if you were a victim of the (alleged) monsters who have inflicted themselves on unwilling victims and forced them to stay silent? That is what has happened in some of the cases on the Tory sex…

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BBC responds to complaints about anti-austerity demo – with a form letter

Vox Political readers forcemajeure007 and Sarah Ledsom have been in touch to forward the responses they have received from the BBC to their complaints about the non-coverage of the People’s Assembly anti-austerity demonstration on Saturday. Like the (lack of) coverage itself, it is extremely disappointing. Both commenters received exactly the same response, with the only change in wording at the top – their own names. The remainder reads as follows: “Thanks for contacting us about coverage of the People’s Assembly anti-austerity demonstration on 21 June. “We understand you feel there…

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Ask the BBC why it didn’t cover the anti-austerity demo – here’s what you can expect!

This is what happened when a friend of Vox Political, going by the monicker Sick Britain, contacted the BBC to ask why there has been no coverage of today’s (June 21) anti-austerity demonstration in London, which was attended by more than 50,000 people. The BBC has mentioned the demonstration – as a pretext for a discussion of government austerity policies on Any Questions and Any Answers (both on Radio 4) but the national public service broadcaster’s news bulletins were mysteriously silent about it throughout the day of the event itself.…

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