Image of #Whitty confronting #Johnson over #Covid19 goes viral. What WAS he saying?

Remember the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? It seems the above image of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty tearing Boris Johnson a new one has merited many thousands more: So how come this photo of Whitty confronting Johnson and his idiots, went public? — AndyY #FBPE #rejoin #FightOn (@peakajy) September 18, 2020 Why on earth did they put this picture out? This looks less like a prime minister at work than a dishevelled sex offender being confronted by the Westminster CID. — Tim…

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In the biggest crisis of our time, why has the government’s emergency committee not met since MAY?

Is this the reason all the Johnson government’s attempts to handle Covid-19 have fallen apart? The committee convened by the prime minister to tackle emergencies facing the UK – known as COBRA after its location (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A) – has not met since May 10. That shocking fact was revealed, not by Boris Johnson, but by London Mayor Sadiq Khan during a phone-in on James O’Brien’s LBC radio talk show. He said it seemed the Tories in the government don’t like to be challenged: Sadiq Khan tells LBC…

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Why are asymptomatic #Eton pupils getting #Covid tests that the rest of us can’t have?

It seems the timing of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s comments about “carping” over Covid-19 tests has turned the issue into a farce. As reported on This Site earlier, complaints have been rising because people have been sent miles – sometimes hundreds of miles – out of their way for tests. This Site reported a few days ago that the government seems to have ordered some testing centres to shut, even though they still had usable tests. Meanwhile, Covid-19 infections are soaring across the UK, with nearly 4,000 new cases announced on September…

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Worried that you can’t get a #Covid19 test? ‘Stop carping’ says #JacobReesMogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks we should “stop carping” about his government’s failure to set up a Covid-19 testing system worthy of even the most technologically-backward banana republic. Complaints have been rising because people have been sent miles – sometimes hundreds of miles – out of their way for tests. This Site reported a few days ago that the government seems to have ordered some testing centres to shut, even though they still had usable tests. Apparently the only way to be sure of a test in Rees-Mogg’s Tory UK is to…

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Daily #Covid19 infections are now nearly 4,000, with more than 1,000 schools infected. Do you feel safe?

The coronavirus has reached a height not seen since May 10, with nearly 4,000 people found to be infected in a single day, while more than 1,000 schools have now suffered outbreaks. 3,991 cases of CV19 in the UK today. Our highest in 130 days No ifs or buts, opening schools has been a disaster. A disaster Keir Starmer & Boris Johnson must share the blame for. — Tory Fibs (@ToryFibs) September 16, 2020 1,011 UK Schools with confirmed coronavirus infections among school population resulting from a CV19 test. —…

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#DavidCameron says austerity made us better-prepared to tackle #Covid19. Phew, what a loony!

Can somebody please put David Cameron back in his box? He turned up out of nowhere to criticise Boris Johnson for planning to break international law – something that Cameron himself did on a regular basis – and now he seems to think he can run around pronouncing judgements on all and sundry as if he still matters. He wants us to think that his austerity policies made us better-prepared to tackle Covid-19, when in fact they crippled the UK’s response. Worse still, he personally presided over the dismantling of all…

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Is Starmer self-isolating because one of his children has Covid symptoms? Oh, the irony!

Labour leader Keir Starmer has announced that he is self-isolating because a member of his household has developed symptoms in line with those of Covid-19. He’s being very coy about the identity of the person with the symptoms – because it is potentially highly embarrassing for him. Is he referring to one of his children? They are, I’m told, 10 and eight years old and will have returned to school at the beginning of the month – as Starmer himself demanded. Yes and all Sir Licksbootsalot offered was👇I am beginning…

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Covid-19: more than 3,000 new cases for third day in a row; 726 schools infected

It’s safe to say that Boris Johnson’s anti-Covid strategy has collapsed. If we see any reports of success in reversing the rise of the disease, it will be despite his government’s restrictions, not because of them. Here’s The Independent: There were 3,330 confirmed new cases of coronavirus, according to government data published on Sunday, compared with 3,497 a day earlier. The overall tally has now risen to 368,504 infections. A further five new deaths were also reported, bringing the national total to 41,628 – the highest in Europe. Separate figures published…

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Covid-19 latest: it’s rising uncontrollably across the UK

Here’s the bad news: 3,500 infections now daily, 620 schools infected with Coronavirus. No ifs, or buts, this is a moral crime committed by those MPs who voted to send kids back to school with no protections in place while voting social distancing for MPs until November. You are 100% responsible. — Tory Fibs (@ToryFibs) September 12, 2020 Incidentally, that was at 1.46pm. Here’s the situation at 5.59pm: 643 UK Schools now hit by Coronavirus infections. — Tory Fibs (@ToryFibs) September 12, 2020 That’s right – in four hourse, 23…

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Is this the real reason people haven’t been able to get Covid-19 tests?

You must have seen stories lately, saying people wanting Covid-19 tests for themsselves or (more likely) their children have been redirected hundreds of miles because centres have run out. Well, it seems there may be a reason for that, which is nothing to do with a lack of testing kits. My suspicions were aroused when I saw this story… A vulnerable Chesterfield mum has been left ‘stressed and anxious’ after being unable to book a Covid-19 test for her poorly daughter. Louise Hull-Bailey’s nine-year-old daughter Aimee, a pupil at Brimington…

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