Court date for Mike – but look what Rachel Riley’s doing in the meantime

After considerable discussion, the High Court has decided the next hearing in Rachel Riley’s libel case against me will happen on November 6. If you think the only fireworks that week will be the night before – or the night after – you may be surprised. This will be the hearing on Rachel Riley’s bid to strike out all – or part – of my defence, that she was desperate to force into a courtroom before the end of July. So, what’s she planning to do with all the spare…

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Haste for hearing on Riley libel application – to drain Mike of all his funds?

The High Court has suggested that an application by Rachel Riley to strike out part of my defence against her libel claim should be heard before the end of July – despite the fact that this will create a huge strain on my funds.​ There is absolutely no urgency for this application to be heard and there is likely to be no shortage of urgent cases that could take priority over this one – and there is no date before the end of July on which both my solicitor and…

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Newspapers distort libel case to make it seem that Rachel Riley is winning. She isn’t

How sad to see that the London Evening Standard (oh, and Mail Online, although this is less surprising) is incapable of reporting a simple judgment in an ongoing libel case properly! The High Court, in the case of Rachel Riley and Tracy-Ann Oberman v Jane Heybroek, has reached a judgment with regard to the meaning of the words that are at issue, and whether they are statements of fact or expressions of opinion. And the Standard‘s interpretation of this judgment is arse-backwards. “Rachel Riley and Tracy-Ann Oberman win first round of libel battle” trumpets…

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If you think Rachel Riley has stopped persecuting innocent people, think again

The gossip-magazine and showbiz-column stories about Rachel Riley and her new baby are all very pleasant but they mask an unpleasant fact: she is still pursuing innocent people like This Writer and Jane Heybroek through the courts, for daring to point out her own bad behaviour. Ms Heybroek is being sued for libel, because she retweeted a link to an article criticising Ms Riley for attacking a teenage girl – with anxiety problems – who dared to question the celebrity’s accusations of anti-Semitism against others. Ms Heybroek’s case is on…

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Riley libel case: You’ll be amazed at what Countdown co-host doesn’t want you to know

This Writer’s legal team has been putting together our defence against Rachel Riley’s claims that I libelled her – and it is full of information she won’t want the public to see.​ I’m not referring simply to what we know of her behaviour already – the many ill-informed attacks on Jeremy Corbyn (including an incitement to violence against him) and Noam Chomsky, her own anti-Semitic claim that she didn’t look like a “typical Jew”, likening the Durham Miners’ Gala band to the Ku Klux Klan, defaming a Labour candidate in…

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Riley troll tries scaremongering to stop you supporting CrowdJustice campaign

A desperate Twitter troll tried to claim people supporting my CrowdJustice campaign would be liable to pay any costs if I lose. It was a desperate attempt to undermine the huge amount of public support I have received, with nearly £35,000 provided for the campaign. As is now well-known, celebrity game-player Rachel Riley is taking This Writer to court, claiming that I libelled her over her ill-treatment of a teenage girl with mental health issues. It seems she wanted to bully me into paying her thousands of pounds, by threatening…

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This phase of Mike’s anti-libel crowdfunding ends soon. Donate now!

It seems my CrowdJustice site, that has been running for the last few months, is finally set to close.​ With it ends the first phase of my campaign to raise cash to pay the legal eagles I need to beat the false claims against me – in or out of court. The initial aim was to demonstrate to Rachel Riley, Tracy Ann Oberman and their solicitors that there was no truth in their claim that I had libelled them, and that there was no point in trying to take it…

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A nasty reminder of why I’m fighting a false libel claim

This Writer’s fight against false libel claims by Rachel Riley isn’t just about her, but also about defending myself against her cronies who think that bullying young people  – and using vile language to intimidate anybody – is acceptable behaviour. I’m referring to the kind of people who sent death threats to a teenage girl with anxiety issues, making her afraid to leave her house after Ms Riley referred to her in some very unwise tweets. I was reminded of their ways earlier today, after the celebrity David Schneider tweeted…

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Help fund Chris Williamson’s legal case against Labour

This may seem counter-productive as I am currently crowd-funding for a court case I have to fight later this year – but we need to stand together. Chris Williamson MP’s membership of the Labour Party has been re-suspended over accusations of anti-Semitism, in a move that he claims breaches party rules. The trumped-up claim against him is very similar to the nonsense that was said about a teenage girl by Rachel Riley, about which I wrote an article that induced Ms Riley to sue me for libel. I don’t take…

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Thanks sent to Rachel Riley after she inadvertently saved The Canary

The irony is strong in this one. You may remember an article on This Site last Sunday (August 4), stating that a shady organisation calling itself “Stop Funding Fake News” had persuaded enough advertisers to boycott The Canary that editor-in-chief Kerry-Anne Mendoza had been forced to seek an alternative way of financing the site. (In fact, it seems this was an oversimplification. Changes to Google and Facebook algorhythms had cut traffic to the site and advertising income was falling, along with the attack by people who opposed the site’s politics.) Ms…

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