Newspapers distort libel case to make it seem that Rachel Riley is winning. She isn’t

How sad to see that the London Evening Standard (oh, and Mail Online, although this is less surprising) is incapable of reporting a simple judgment in an ongoing libel case properly! The High Court, in the case of Rachel Riley and Tracy-Ann Oberman v Jane Heybroek, has reached a judgment with regard to the meaning of the words that are at issue, and whether they are statements of fact or expressions of opinion. And the Standard‘s interpretation of this judgment is arse-backwards. “Rachel Riley and Tracy-Ann Oberman win first round of libel battle” trumpets…

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SICKENING bullying of innocents shows Riley won’t stop until she is made to

Take a look at this: The “friend to Holocaust deniers” is, according to Ms Riley, the film director Ken Loach. But he is nothing of the sort and there is no evidence showing otherwise. You’re probably familiar with the story. Mr Loach, along with Jewish poet Michael Rosen, was chosen to judge a children’s competition run by the anti-racism charity Show Racism The Red Card. Ms Riley tweeted, and then deleted, this criticism, calling both “deniers/proponents of anti-Jewish racism”: — The Tall Beardy One 🌹#Rejoin (@Snegreid) February 6, 2020…

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If you think Rachel Riley has stopped persecuting innocent people, think again

The gossip-magazine and showbiz-column stories about Rachel Riley and her new baby are all very pleasant but they mask an unpleasant fact: she is still pursuing innocent people like This Writer and Jane Heybroek through the courts, for daring to point out her own bad behaviour. Ms Heybroek is being sued for libel, because she retweeted a link to an article criticising Ms Riley for attacking a teenage girl – with anxiety problems – who dared to question the celebrity’s accusations of anti-Semitism against others. Ms Heybroek’s case is on…

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Riley attacks Jewish poet Rosen as anti-Semite Holocaust denier – weeks after he published book on the Holocaust

Countdown co-host Rachel Riley is continuing her private little war against anyone she doesn’t like: now she has attacked poet (and former children’s laureate) Michael Rosen as a Holocaust denier, months after he published a book about the family he lost in it. Also attacked was film director Ken Loach – not for the first time. It arises from a tweet by anti-racism organisation Show Racism the Red Card: We’re really excited to have @MichaelRosenYes and Ken Loach @KenLoachSixteen on board as judges for our School Competition this year! Don’t…

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Removal of Katie Hopkins from Twitter shows my enemy’s enemy is NOT my friend

Some may say Rachel Riley has done the public a huge service by campaigning for – and achieving – the removal of Katie Hopkins from Twitter. This Writer finds Ms Hopkins, her politics and her behaviour unspeakable. Consequently I have refused to comment on them, often responding to comments about her by others with: “I don’t know who that is.” The last week Ms Riley, along with a representative from the Campaign to Counter Digital Hate (CCDH), visited Twitter bosses, demanded Ms Hopkins’ removal from Twitter, and got it. She’s…

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Riley libel case: You’ll be amazed at what Countdown co-host doesn’t want you to know

This Writer’s legal team has been putting together our defence against Rachel Riley’s claims that I libelled her – and it is full of information she won’t want the public to see.​ I’m not referring simply to what we know of her behaviour already – the many ill-informed attacks on Jeremy Corbyn (including an incitement to violence against him) and Noam Chomsky, her own anti-Semitic claim that she didn’t look like a “typical Jew”, likening the Durham Miners’ Gala band to the Ku Klux Klan, defaming a Labour candidate in…

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Was Rachel Riley among ‘our celebrities’ that so-called charity used to ‘slaughter’ Corbyn?

A video clip has come to light of a campaigner for a pressure group, praising “our spies and intel… our fab celebrities” after Labour and Jeremy Corbyn were “slaughtered” in the 2019 general election. Joe Glasman, leader of the so-called ‘political investigations team’ at the misnamed Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), made the claim in a video rant that was quickly set to ‘private’ – but you can see it here. The CAA was set up during a period of violence between Israel and Palestine in 2014, and has spent the time…

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Riley libel case: Is this how wealth is used to stifle justice?

I’ve been made aware of an interesting political angle to the libel case brought against me by Rachel Riley: It seems that right-wing sites on social media can say whatever they like, and their victims are expected to “take it on the chin”, whereas those attacking left-leaning sites are “only too happy to call in the lawyers to extract apologies – and of course money”. I refer to the right-wing Guido Fawkes blog, which mistakenly claimed that Labour leadership contender Rebecca Long-Bailey had misled the nation about her personal wealth,…

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Rachel Riley has launched court proceedings against someone else. What does this mean?

Some of you may be aware that Rachel Riley (and her partner-in-litigation threats, Tracy-Ann Oberman) has launched a court case against someone else on a matter connected with my own. But while I had written an article, all Jane Heybroek did was retweet a link to one (not mine; one of the articles on which my own piece was based). You can find details of the case on her own CrowdJustice site, here. And feel free to contribute to her funds if you can. The fact that Ms Riley is taking…

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Three days to go: this could be your last chance to support my libel fight

If you’ve been following the progress of Rachel Riley’s libel case against me, you’ll know there’s a TPI – that’s “Trial of Preliminary Issues” – in the Royal Courts of Justice on Wednesday (December 11). The issues under examination are what the words in my article that Ms Riley finds objectionable actually mean – and whether they constitute an expression of fact or a statement of opinion. So this could be your last chance to contribute to the CrowdJustice fund before we begin the big climb to the main trial.…

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